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Interested in Self-Care? Try Self-Forgiveness

Let me start this article this way:  Self-forgiveness is never easy.

I’ve written about self-forgiveness before.  It’s a theme for me – even though I didn’t realize it when I began writing.  It’s definitely a part of my books and essays on wellness and hunger.

I have forgiveness chapters in all of my books.  My two favorite chapters are in “The Ketchup Sandwiches Chronicles” beginning on page 103 and 145.

These two chapters focus on two real people and the voyages they traveled while  seeking self-forgiveness.

Begin self-care with a few questions:

Who am I in this community?  In this country?  On this planet?

Remember:  My community, my country, and my planet have value.  I believe the value is greater than the sum of all of us combined.

Self-care means joining the community of the planet.  Everyone, without exception, has value and a role to play.

No one, not even the least of us, is irrelevant.  No one, not even the greatest of us, is above it all.  Being rich or poor simply isn’t part of the equation.

Self-forgiveness in the context of self-care is a journey where we become a part of something greater.  We don’t write off people and situations.  We challenge, encourage, love.

Self-forgiveness allows us to not always be at our best.

Self-forgiveness includes renewal and support.

Self-forgiveness can be a calling.

When you sign onto the journey of self-forgiveness, you’ll travel to places you’ve never been before.  You may find yourself involved in activities and events for which you may not be quite prepared.

You can’t complete a self-forgiveness journey with an isolated incident like you would complete a puzzle or word game.  It is a part of a process.

Forgiveness is always a challenge.  Everyone seeks forgiveness and self-forgiveness is the hardest part.

How does it work?  Well, do what you can with what you have.  Work where you are.  A good starting point is to sketch your community.

Really, what you’re doing is muddling through.  Frankly, I think that’s how self-forgiveness works.  This journey is not going to be perfect.  At times, it may seem overwhelming.  Other times, it may seem simply like a blank page.  Self-forgiveness comes with very few maps.  Certainly, there is no GPS.

Forgiveness is a journey with its own timetable.  There may be surprise stops along the way.  That’s because forgiveness has its own messages and meaning.

A bottom line is this:  Forgiveness is for you and you alone.  When you forgive someone, you are not forgiving them for them.  You are forgiving them for you.

And, that’s what self-care is all about:  YOU.

Self-forgiveness happens when you move beyond your  thoughts and memories  to a new place.  At that moment, you see things differently.  Sometimes this new place can be a sort of miracle.

This happens when you see your open heart and embrace new hopes and blessings.  After a few moments, you may also hear things in a new way.

This is true change.  True change, and self-forgiveness, happens when you face the same condition that caused you to behave in a way unacceptable to yourself and now you see things differently.

You break out of your past.

You’ve changed.  You are a different person.

You wake up and claim your self-forgiven reality.


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When traveling on your self-forgiveness journey, I recommend you include regular reflexology and Reiki sessions.  Spiritual journeys include physical, mental, and emotional changes as well.  Your feet are a command center of your body.  They need consideration and attention during this time.

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