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13 Things I Learned from Animals about Self-Care


For me, animals are all about self-care.

1.   Since learning animal communication in the 1990s, animals of all shapes and sizes, both as pets or as creatures living in the wild, have taught me they choose to be a part of our lives.

Whether a dog, cat, or squirrel in a tree, they present themselves to us in ways that attract our attention.

2.  They are here to care for us.  When I experience periods of difficulty and challenge, they see themselves as a caregiver during that time.

3.  Pets in your life hear, see, and understand everything that happens.  Cats, in particular, are tuned into conversations and daily activities.

4.   Animals are not colorblind.  They see things in color.  They do see things in a different way from how we as humans see them.  That’s to be expected.  After all, their eyes are located in different parts of their faces.  Their eyes are different sizes depending on the animal.

That means they see more things in more ways than humans.  Several animals have discussed auras with me.  One, a llama, used aura recognition daily.  If he didn’t like a person’s aura, he didn’t like the person.  End of subject.

For some, the colors have meanings.  It all depends on the animal.  These colors  may have spiritual value.  Or, they may be perceived as protection.

5.   Your pets also see orbs and other things invisible to our human eyes.  They see spirits in and around the house.  Some dogs bark at them.  Others do not.

6.  When you bring home a new puppy, he quickly decides what he needs to do to be a successful member of the household.  One breed, a bichon, seems to do this a little better than other breeds.

7.  Horses are very wise and beautiful creatures.  Our communication experiences  revealed intelligent, spiritual, creative beings who are conscious of the current conditions of the health of our planet.

8.  Dogs can be very aware of the human’s situation.  I’ve met several poodles who were in a traumatic household situation.  As the human became more stressed, the dog became more grounded.  This grounding was important to the successful outcome of a situation.

9.  I like to attune the animals when I am attuning a person at a Reiki class.  This is especially helpful if there is an ill person in the household.

When I do an attunement, I give an attunement to each pet in the household.  I do not charge extra for this.  I simply offer the attunement to encourage the healing process.

10.  Animals are not afraid of death.  When I discuss death with animals, I learn that they remember past lives.  They remember why they are in embodiment at this time.            

11.   Animals, for whatever reason, prefer truth.  They believe it.  They share it.

12.  Animals know about forgiveness.  They practice forgiveness.  They live forgiveness.  This knowledge and practice of forgiveness allows them to love their humans unconditionally.

13.  Goats are good communicators.  My experience with them has been they like to tell the truth – no matter what that is.

A goat named Tyler Too taught me to communicate.  After a few conversations, he communicated with me honestly that animal communication would not be my primary career path.  He told me that I was a healer.

And, of course, Tyler turned out to be correct.



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