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At One With the Earth – a First Chakra Grounding Meditation

I was inspired to share this meditation after an experience when I deeply understood the interconnectedness of all beings.  My goal in this meditation is for us all to be closer to the oneness we have with this planet.

Sometimes we don’t feel the connection.  And, I realize that some people never experience this oneness.

Use this meditation to connect with your place of inner peace and grounding.


Get comfortable on the floor, healing table, or other flat space.  Position your body  face up.

Breathe slowly and deeply.  With each breath, your body  relaxes  more.

You feel a greater sense of awareness; experience a very peaceful feeling.

You are filling your body with a feeling of lightness.

When this happens,you know you can come out of this experience any time you want by simply opening your eyes.


Release  your conscious thoughts, letting go of  “mental activity.”  You are in this place at this moment.

You feel so light now that you can lift up off the floor.  You feel yourself  gently floating.

A carpet appears at your side.  It is just big enough to hold you.

When you climb on, this carpet gently lifts you up.  You gradually move up – up  through the ceiling.

Riding on your carpet, you move up,  above the trees and the skyline.

Glancing down,  you see the treetops appearing gradually smaller and smaller.

Stretching out on your carpet, you drift up – right through a cloud.

You feel warm sunshine on your entire body.   Your body absorbs a beautiful pale red light.

You look down at the earth now and see it as a ball of light.


Your carpet begins to slowly descend to the earth.  Passing  through a billowy cloud,  you see the skyline, now familiar from the trip up.  You see the tree tops.

You peacefully return to the place where you began your journey.

You are grounded, and calm.  You feel safe and secure.

Know that you can return to this space any time you desire.

Take a couple deep breaths and sit up.  Continue your day now – energized,

rejuvenated, and rested.  You feel more grounded and calm.

Go in peace!

Thank you for reading this meditation.


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Some information in this post was sourced from “Healer’s Handbook”.  Further information regarding chakras and meditations may be found in prior blog posts and on “Let’s Live with Thurman Greco” YOUTUBE presentations.

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