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Third Eye Chakra Meditation

A third eye chakra meditation helps you connect with your 7th chakra to access the wisdom it holds for you.

Go to a place where you feel safe.  Get comfortable.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Continue to breathe slowly and deeply.

As you breathe, let each exhale release tensions and tightness.  As you continue breathing, feel warm relaxation flowing throughout your body.

Enjoy this feeling of relaxation and comfort.  Now, visit your senses on a spiritual level.

For a moment, bring to mind a sunrise, a sunset, a tree shading a meadow beneath it.  See your favorite flower.

Listen to the rain on a window.  Hear a dog barking in the distance. Hear a car honking.

Smell a freshly baked cookie.  Experience a cup of freshly brewed coffee.  Freshly mown grass.

Continue now, to choose your own selection of sensory experiences which you rely on to assist you as you experience your world spiritually.

After a few more sensory experiences, you are in a calmer state.

Ask your third eye chakra what it needs now.

While waiting for a response from your chakra, take a few more calming and relaxing breaths.

You may receive your desired feedback now.  It may come as a word, a sound, a color, a song, an animal, or a feeling of awareness..

If you receive this feedback now, think about what came to you.  How do you feel about this information?

What is a good thing to do to act on this information?  (if, indeed, you need to act)  It may be that this is simply something for you to know.

If you do not receive feedback now, don’t worry!  It will come to you when the time is right.

It is now time to return to your space in an awake, aware state.  Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and gently open your eyes.

If you have time, this is a good opportunity to reflect on your experience.

Return to this meditation whenever you feel comfortable doing so.

Drink fresh, cool water to keep yourself hydrated.


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