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8 Ways to Heal Your Chakras


When you balance your chakras, you change your physical self.  This happens because your chakras affect all levels of your body – physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Balanced chakras facilitate homeostasis. A chakra  adjustment boosts healing and recovery from illness, emotional wounds, negative lifestyles and other physical and mental issues.


Wherever you are on your healing path, your foundation is your intention to heal, which guides your journey.

Keep it close throughout your travels because healing can often reach into your past.  Your health issues may have begun years, decades, even lifetimes ago.

Write your intention.  Meditate on your intention.  Stay with your intention.  It  leads your energy, telling it what to do.

Your intention has a second task:  it converts your healing goals into your new normal,  maintaining your good health and your spiritual wholeness.

Without this second task focusing on your good health goals, your body may revert to its previous state.

Your goal is to make strong and durable changes so you can become your new normal self.

This may be scary stuff.  After all, it’s much easier to “keep on keeping on”.

If you really seek healing, change the things you do.


The sense of smell is primal.

When you focus on grounding and safety,  aromatherapy is a good choice because these qualities rely on the sense of smell.  This is especially important for health issues affecting your root chakra.

Aromas work on the unconscious self and the physical body.

Smells have a frequency which reaches far back in time to heal  your chakras and energetic fields.

Smells reveal memories traveling instantly from the past – beyond this life even.

This time travel can balance chakras.  Essential oils can focus on a specific chakra.

I’ve listed various essential oils in previous blog posts.  I’ve also listed them in all editions of “Healer’s Handbook”.

If you want to own the fewest number of essential oils possible, lavender can be a good first choice.

Good essential oils for the root chakra include wood-related oils:  sandalwood, rosewood.

If you want to use essential oils to promote healing and balance, select only a few for the chakra you are focusing on.  Buy the best  quality, therapeutic grade oils you can find.  Store them in glass in a cool, dark place.

Once you select an essential oil, learn to use that particular oil.  Depending on the oil you choose, you may dilute it and then apply it topically.

You may also use the essential oil aromatically.

Finally, you may decide to ingest it.

However you decide to use the essential oil, learn the best way to use it before you begin your treatment.


Sound affects us all deeply and instantly.  Sound is powerful because it changes our vibration.  Going straight to our deepest core, sound alters vibrations of illness and disease.

When using sound to heal, choose those sounds which touch your heart,  your chakras and emotions.

You may decide to engage in formal sound healing sessions.  Or you may simply choose to pay more attention to the sounds in your life. What sounds  promote healing, calming, or balancing?  Which ones are disruptive and damaging?

Don’t underestimate the power of healing music.


A mantra is a word which is repeated for healing purposes.

Om is a universal mantra. The vibration of the repeated word is the power in the mantra.  Vibration, not the word itself, is the power in the singing bowls, tuning forks, chants, and mantras.

It’s not necessary to know the literal meaning of a word for it to work as a mantra.

Tools that create notes for chakra healing include Gregorian Chants, singing bowls, and tuning forks designed to heal chakras.

Singing bowls and tuning forks resonate to the energy of specific chakras.  Any word or sound carrying a positive resonance has a powerful, therapeutic effect.

Silence can be powerfully calming and healing.  If you are attracted to the vibration of silence, try to practice it a few minutes each day.


Yoga poses have been used for ages to boost and balance your chakras. The poses strengthen and stabilize your body.  They also activate your chakras.

Yoga poses open, strengthen, and balance different chakras based on their location.  There are many different yoga poses, each anatomically related to different chakras.


For me, crystals and stones live.  Each has a unique vibration which  communicates with our energetic fields.  This communication has the capacity to bring harmony and balance.

The best way to select a crystal or stone is to trust your body’s response.  When you hold a particular stone in your hand or place it on a chakra, how does it feel to you?  Does it feel bad?  Are you positively attracted to it?

If the response is good, you may be on the right track.

Selecting the crystal and gemstones is a personal decision.  It’s hard for someone else to choose your stone.

A good way is to select a stone in the same color as the chakra you’re trying to balance.

For example, if you are seeking a stone to balance your root chakra, choose from red stones because that chakra’s  color resonates with red.

Occasionally, a stone will call out to you.  This happened to me  recently.  Black tourmaline presented itself to me, uninvited.  I saw evidence of this stone everywhere I went.

When I opened books, a picture of this stone would be on the opened page.

When a colleague asked me about stones, she wanted information about black tourmaline.

I visited a tarot store in Great Barrington – and there sat a dish of them, right at eye level.

I simply couldn’t avoid them.

So, I finally gave in!

I bought a stone and silver chain at the Mower’s Meadow Flea Market from a booth there.

I’ve been wearing the black tourmaline for over a week now and I feel totally different than I felt a week ago.

I held out as long as I could and when I finally did what I should have done in the beginning – I felt good.



Meditations balance and heal on several different levels.

For me, meditations work because energy follows intent.  A guided meditation allows you to focus on your intentions in a relaxed state.

If you are looking to find a guided meditation suitable for your chakra balancing, maybe I can suggest a starting point for you. I’ve used several books for years.  Larry Moen wrote my three favorite books:  “Meditations for Awakening”, “Meditations for Healing”, “Meditations for Transformation”.

I’ve worn out several copies of these books and shared others.

I’ve also written some guided meditations.  You can find them in earlier posts of this blog.


Both reflexology and Reiki therapy balance your chakras.  I wrote about this in my book:  “Healer’s Handbook”.

When my chakras need attention, I always turn to reflexology and Reiki first.

While I definitely embrace different healing methods to balance my chakras, I refer to reflexology first.

A reflexology session is my first stop.


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