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Meditation is Self-Care: 3 Ways to Improve Your Meditation Practice

Meditation is one of the best ways I know to deepen your intuition, reduce medical and psychiatric symptoms, and quiet your anxieties,

Three props to improve your meditation practice:

Create a quiet, soothing meditation area.  This is, for me, basic.

A bell or chime to open your meditation session is important.

Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind.

Using a timer to let you know that your session is coming to an end is helpful.  This timer can a quiet tone or beads which you hold in your hands.

Through the years, I’ve posted meditation articles on this blog. (Find them in the search section).

I’ve also recommended several books:

My favorites are three meditation books written by Larry Moen.  They are:

Meditations for Awakening

Meditations for Transformation

Meditations for Healing

Today, in this article, I share a new meditation which I’m calling “A Perfect Place”.  In this meditation, you create your own perfect place.

Begin with a few deep breaths to clear your mind.

Wait a moment and then imagine yourself in a perfect place, designed just for you.  Look around and ask yourself:

What is around you?  Are you inside or outside?

Do you see buildings, mountains, roadways, lakes, streams?

Or, do you see a room with a chair waiting for you?  Do you see a meeting hall?

What is the weather like outside?  Is it snowing, raining,  Or is the sun shining?

Do you see people?  Are they beside you?  Are they smiling or looking away?

Who are these people?  How many are they?  What are they doing?  Is someone coming over to join you?

Are there any animals?  Are they pets?  Are they wild animals?  How are you connected to them?

What are you doing now?  Are you walking along a path?  Are you sitting on a bench?  Are you in a seat in a theater?  Are you alone or with others – humans or animals?

Is this place familiar to you?  Do you feel you have ever been here before?  Is this space somewhere you have visited in the past?  Have you dreamed about it?

How do you feel in this space?

What are you wearing?

Sit for a few moments and let yourself become adjusted to your surroundings.  Breathe in the perfect air.  Enjoy this perfect place.

You may want to make some notes – or draw a quick sketch even.

Now, check in with yourself – your thoughts, your feelings.  What is happening with your inner self?

Now, take one long, last look around.  This is your place.  It will always be yours.  You know that you may return here any time you want.

After a short time, you know it is time to return to your space before your meditation.

You can return to this meditation whenever you want.

Now, take another deep breath and return.  Open your eyes gently and slowly and gently move and stretch.

Thank you for participating in this meditation.  If it is appropriate, please share it with friends and family.  Forward it to your preferred social media network.

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