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Now, Try a 1-Evening, Digital Detox


My last blog post focused on having a mild detox – actually, a limited detox.  It focused on receiving three extra reflexology sessions and cutting out the inevitable junk food which greets us every day.

Now, I’m inviting you to enjoy something you may not have even thought of – or even dreamed of – in a long, long time:

A digital detox event one evening every month.

Several years ago, I signed up for a detox vacation.  I enrolled in a 7-day, supervised, fast.  This vacation included drinking special juices during the day.

I also drank 2 broths each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This broth was a specially prepared soup of vegetables designed to rid my body of toxins.

Pure water was also part of the menu.  I drank glass after glass of glorious, pure water.

Between drinking juices, broths, and waters, we went on walks around the area.  Some of us practiced yoga daily.  Others of us received massages.  Yet others listened to live guitar concerts.

I don’t have to tell you that I loved this whole experience.  The juices, the waters, the walks…everything.

We did one thing that really wasn’t on the brochure.  Nobody even whispered about it.  WE SLOWED DOWN.

Stress simply was not part of the reality.

As I recall this experience, I feel the absence of stress was probably the single most important positive portion of this whole event.

As the toxins left our bodies, they took the stress with them.  When our bodies realized that they were on vacation too, other things  happened:

We laughed more.

Our kidneys relaxed.

Blood pressure began to slowly, gradually, lower for some of us.

Intestinal problems took short holidays.

People commented about brain responses becoming a bit faster.

Most of us lost a few pounds.

Since that fasting vacation years ago, I’ve sought ways to replicate this experience in smaller, more intimate events when the seasons change.

I felt then, have felt since, and still feel now, that it is easier to do a good thing for my body more often.  An ongoing detox can pamper my body in ways that an occasional week-long fast cannot.

So, now, one evening a month, I go all out for a digital detox.

I give my ears, my eyes, my brain, and my hands a break from phone calls, emails, social media pages.

heart with wings

At first, it felt a little weird.  But, now I know that a technical vacation is less a luxury than a necessity.

One evening a month I turn everything off:  TV, phone, tablet, laptop, and everything else eletronic in my home.  I close these things up and put them away.

Imagine:  no little blue light!

I sit down in a comfortable chair and enjoy the evening.  This is my time to meditate for a few extra moments, read a book, have a conversation with a loved one.

When this break is over, I’m refreshed, grounded, and feeling positive.

Guess what.  I know something that a lot of people don’t yet know.  There is more to my life than the small screen and the little blue light.

Now, I’m inviting you to do something you may not even have thought of – or even dreamed of – in a long, long time.

Turn off everything that has a little blue light.  Everything.  Just for one short evening.  Silence your phone, computer, tablet, TV, and every other distracting electronic thing in your space.

A short break from technology can refresh you, ground you, and remind you there is more to life than a message from a small screen.

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