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Healthy Blood Pressure – 6 Things You Can Do.

We all have a blood pressure.  We don’t see it.  We don’t  feel it.  Unless someone checks our blood pressure, we don’t  know we have it.  And, unless someone tells us our blood pressure is bad, we don’t even think about it.

That makes high blood pressure a quiet killer.  While we go about our lives unaware of the situation, hypertension damages our blood vessels, heart, and eyes.  High blood pressure is a set-up for heart disease, stroke, dementia, and kidney disease.

So, pay attention to your blood pressure.  When your blood pressure is high, your heart is working too much to do its job properly.  This stresses your arteries.

So, what can you do to get your blood pressure down to normal?

For starters, STAMP OUT YOUR CIGARETTES.  Smoking, whether cigarettes or pipes, is not good for your arteries.  When nicotine reaches your blood vessels, they constrict –  which is not good for you.

GET A PET – Statistically, people with pets have healthier blood pressure scores.  So, what is the best pet for you?  I, personally, love dogs and cats.  But you don’t have to get something that barks and meows.  Birds, fish, snakes, even a gold fish  make good pets.   The important thing is to get one that is good for your situation.

DO YOU HAVE A HOBBY? – Find something that you really enjoy and can get interested in.  Drawing, writing, skating, running, walking, and a thousand and one other things can be just what you need to calm your hypertension.

GET RID OF YOUR EXTRA WEIGHT.  –  When you lower your weight you’ll have better blood pressure scores, you will also feel better and look better.    And, this is a segway right into the next suggestion:

NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING – Some foods encourage a good blood pressure score.  Fruits and vegetables are good.  Some people feel oatmeal has magical qualities.  You’ll have better luck with this if you get several  sessions  with a nutritionist whose training aligns with your health needs.

EXERCISE HELPS, TOO!  Yoga is good.  But, so is anything else you do regularly.  This includes almost any physical activity you like.  The important thing is to move.

Not included in this list is pills.  I think they are important and have been taking my blood pressure medication daily for decades.    Just like everyone else I know, I objected to them for a long time.  Once I admitted that I needed them, life became better.  This is a decision for you to make, though.  Everyone I know who takes a hypertension medication, including myself, went through stages of resistance.

After all, it’s hard to face up to needing a medication for the rest of my life.  But, once I matured into this reality, my health improved and my attitude about myself certainly got better, too.

Thanks so much for reading this article.  There are many other posts in this blog which will help you lower your blood pressure.  I hope you get time to check out a few of them.

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Thurman Greco