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That One Thing We All Share

When I do my weekly grocery shopping at my local Hannaford, I always get (or try to get) individual cups of plain yogurt.  I love the flavor and texture of the store brand.  The plain nonfat Greek variety is my favorite!  The texture, flavor and the ingredients are perfect.  This yogurt has no artificial ingredients.  There are no words in the ingredients list that I can’t pronounce or understand.

This product is healthy.  Yummy.  And, the price is right!

But, getting this yogurt is almost like going on a quest.  For starters, it’s on the very top shelf in the refrigerator section.  Often, I can’t even find it.  I know where it’s supposed to be but I’m not quite tall enough to see up there.

I begin by seeking out an employee who’s a few inches taller.  When I can’t find one, I look for a ladder or step stool.  Finally, my final option is to find something on a shelf, like a fly swatter, that I can use to push the yogurt I can’t see to the front of the shelf.

Then, finally, I push it out the front and grab the cups and put them in my grocery cart.

By this time, I’m so determined that I clean out the store.  I buy every cup of the plain Hannaford’s yogurt I can find.

For me, this situation is a challenge.  It’s not about my height.  But, it is about my height.

Life is all about limitations.  What I can and cannot do.  How much can I ignore?

Shopping at the Hannaford’s is especially all about limitations.

Getting to the heart of the matter, life is all about limitations.  This is one thing that is true for each and every one of us.

Shifted to the bottom line, limitations are all about acceptance.  This is not about being a victim.  It IS about doing whatever we need to do to get the job right.  Limitations are, literally, a means to an end.

It is also about acceptance.  I occupy a space on this planet in my body.  This space is mine and mine alone.

This limitation becomes, and is, a meditation.

This space and my body are mine.

Each day, I take a few moments to come back to this.

I pay attention to my breath.

I pay attention to my arms and my legs.

I pay attention to the temperature and smell and texture of the air around me.

I focus on this opportunity to realize that what I need is right in front of me if I’ll only recognize it and pay attention.

I am fully alive in this moment.

After this meditation, I return to the room around me, walk into the kitchen, and have a cup of my favorite Hannaford Yogurt.

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