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How About a New Year Detox?

This year, my daughter and I gave my spouse an iPad for a holiday gift.  We were all excited.  Barry is now going to get to enjoy connecting with the world while sitting in his recliner with his feet up.

This piece of modern technology is a win for all of us.  He’s enjoying the world and I’m enjoying seeing his feet elevated!

Technology makes so much of his daily experience:  he is constantly on the phone, checking emails and social media pages, typing reports and filling out forms.

He is also continually absorbing electromagnetic waves from his electronic equipment.

Now, by the end of the day, he appears bleary-eyed.  His skin looks pale.  I’m willing to bet that his mind is on overload also.   From the looks of things, his new iPad has a down side as well as an upside.

We finally all agreed with him that things were not necessarily what we hoped for.  Having his feet elevated while entertaining himself was a goal but he was paying a price for all this fun.

He finally decided to schedule periodic brakes and time-outs.  He scheduled detox brakes.

So, now, at a certain point in the day, he turns off his phone, iPad, laptop and all other electronic equipment.  He removes his equipment from his area.

Now, instead, he takes time to visit with us, review his day, or reads a book or the New York Times.

This break refreshes him.  He feels that he’s grounded and he realizes that there is more to his life than the contents of a screen or speaker.

A periodic digital detox works for us all in different ways.  For example, if you’re working from home, it’s important to take detox breaks throughout the day to maintain your work production.

Actually, whatever project you may have going throughout the day will benefit from a digital detox break.  If nothing else, leave your project for a few minutes and have a glass of water.  Water has energizing effects which we all need throughout the day.

Beginning and ending your activities with a 10-minute Reiki or reflexology session will improve your project results.  Even a short break is good to promote homeostasis, something our bodies all need.

Reflexology sessions relax, balance, and heal the whole body.

Everything always goes better with reflexology!

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