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Intention – A Road Map to Your Future

Put your future in motion!

And, how do you do that?

Your first step is to set your intention.  After all, you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’re headed.

Take a few minutes to write an affirmation that represents you once you’ve reached your goal.

Your second step is to open your journal and lay out the change you want to see in your life based on your intention.

A Reiki session honoring your intention and the change you want to see is appropriate here.

For example, if you want to get a new job, you may write an affirmation such as “I have the perfect job.”

Visualize what you will look like and how you will feel when that change happens.

Visualize changes you may experience as you move toward your goal.

Next, consider a few things you’re going to do to make that perfect job happen.

They may include:

write a winning resume

search online

network with people

contact prospective employers

follow-up after each interview

Once you have your list of things you’re going to do, it’s time to act on your to-do list.

Occasionally, it’s important to take a look at your notes and see what things have happened.  Are you progressing toward your goal?

You may want to include regular Reiki, reflexology, and meditation activities to stay connected with your intention and your journey.

Occasional questions will help:  How is the universe intervening in your behalf?  Do you need to adjust your intention?

As you begin to circulate your resumes and interview for your job, it’s helpful to remind yourself that you have a job when you have a start date, a specific place to report to work, and know the starting salary.

You may want to include these things in your adjusted intention.

As time passes and events occur, you may want to revisit your notes.  Did you reach your goal?  What twists and turns occurred along your path?

Finally, is it time to set a new wheel in motion as you adjust your intention.

Ask yourself this:  How has the universe moved in your behalf in conjunction with your efforts?

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