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5 Physical Self-Care Boosts for Your Diet – and Your Life


There comes a time in everyone’s diet routine when it’s time to get physical.  You’re doing good things to lose weight but you need something else to offer a boost.

But what?

Move those muscles, that’s what!

But there’s a secret to this success.  It’s called planning.

If you don’t plan to schedule exercise,  it won’t be a part of your life.

First:  Start off super simple.  Plan to meet a friend for a workout session of something…a brisk walk,  a tennis game, a swim at your local Y.

Make it a weekly event.

What’s important is that you get out your calendar and schedule regular  sessions with friends.  When you schedule regular dates with friends, they’ll probably happen.

There are only  a few details you need to work out:

Where will you exercise?  Home, Park, Gym?

What will you do:  Walk?  Aerobics?  Feldenkrais? Pilates?  Golf?

When will you meet?  Before work?  Lunch hour?  Weekends?   After work?

Second:  Use your watch to track your steps.  My first fitness watch was a Garmin.  My second, a FitBit.  My third love is a Samsung.  Each of these watches  overperformed.  My Samsung even takes phone calls.

But, don’t get distracted by all the wonderful things this wrist jewelry does.  Use the treats which attract you.  For me, it’s the magic number I check throughout the day which tells me how many steps I’ve taken.

Your fitness watch is a step counter.  Mine tracks my steps throughout the day.  My goal is 10,000 steps a day.  I don’t worry about whether the intensity is low, moderate, or high.  I’m concerned with the total.  My goal is to enjoy myself when I know I’ve reached the magic number:  10,000.

Whether you have a Garmin, a Fitbit, a Samsung, or a simple pedometer,  when you count your steps, you have a constant coach who travels with you and supports you in your health goals.

Third:  While you’re at it, go for some strength training.  This is not the same thing as exercising with a friend.

Strength training happens when you work all your muscles under the direction of a trainer.  Whether you call it resistance training, weight training, or muscle training, you’re giving your body a bonus class once a week. Strength training is not painful.

The idea is to improve your bone density, firm and trim your body, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase your self-esteem, and prevent falls.  WOW

Find a qualified teacher and schedule a weekly class  on a different day from exercising with a buddy.  This is the training where you’ll start slow and set no upper limits for yourself.  The sky is the limit.

Remember:  strong is healthy.

Fourth:  Join a yoga class.  Yoga is therapeutic.  It’s uplifting.  It’s fun.  It’s also an exercise where you compete only with yourself.  There are many, many kinds of yoga and every teacher is different. Shop around.

I, personally, prefer restorative yoga.  My current teacher, Carolyn Abedor, teaches Iyengar yoga.  I love every minute I’m in her class.  When you join the right yoga class for you, you’ll feel the same way about your teacher.

Fifth:  Give yourself the gift of a regular reflexology session.  Your feet are the command center of your body.  A reflexology session honors you – physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  Each reflexology session brings homeostasis to your whole body.  Go for it!


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