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4 Things to Do for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is crucial for your good health.  Sleep brings self-care.  It repairs and restores your body.


Schedule a healing bodywork session weekly. 

I prefer reflexology or Reiki. There are hundreds of different modalities to choose from.  If a weekly session is beyond your budget, learn Reiki.   Then, you can offer a session to yourself weekly OR you can do regular exchanges with another Reiki practitioner.

Explore and sample herbs and teas.

Cut back on coffee or caffeinated drinks in the afternoons.  Substitute decaffeinated beverages.  There are so many options that you’ll be able to spend several weeks sampling different teas and drinks. Enjoy!

Create a happy and peaceful place for sleep.

During the coming week, do everything you can to create a quiet and cozy atmosphere.  Your goal is a minimal decor with dim lighting, subdued colors and a comfortable bed with soft sheets and blankets.  Relocate anything which induces irritability.  This includes computers, televisions, and anything that generates electromagnetic fields and positive ions.

Stretch Yourself to Sleep + a Snack 

About 30 or so minutes before you go to sleep, focus on unwinding and relaxing tensions.  Prepare yourself to sleep:

Breathe deeply and rotate your head gently from side to side.

Slowly raise your arms above your head and stretch them to the sky.

Rotate your spine in different directions while gently moving your head and arms in opposing directions.

Give yourself a few extra minutes to relax.

Have a cup of yogurt for a snooze snack.

You can discover more information on sleep in older posts of this blog.

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