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An Asphidity Bag is a Self-Care Health Boost we all Need


When I’m at the weekend Mower’s Meadow Flea Market in Woodstock, I always take a short walk around the grounds to see what treasures and goodies are available.  Last weekend, I found several handmade asphidity bags in the back corner booth.

They were just sitting there on a table among the Western Boots, Turquoise jewelry,  pre-owned furs, and pillbox hats.

WOW! – I haven’t seen one of these in years.  No, I correct myself.  It’s been decades. I immediately bought three.  I’ll fill them with herbs and spices and give them to my daughters this coming December.

Actually, I shouldn’t wait until December.  Summers are really hard on everyone.  Maybe I should give these bags to them now.  After all, today’s challenges are very real and December’s worries aren’t yet on the horizon.

When I was growing up – a long, long time ago – my grandmother had an asphidity bag.  She filled it with herbs and spices which she changed to meet the needs of the season, or the situation.  She kept her bag tied to her underclothes.

Fasting forward to today, my daughters are having trouble sleeping this year.    An asphidity bag can be created just for this situation.

Do you have trouble sleeping?  Well, make an asphidity bag just for yourself and your situation.  Here’s how:

Begin by describing exactly what a perfect night’s sleep means to you.  How long do you want to sleep?  How deeply do you want your sleep night to be?  What do you want to dream about?  How do you want to feel when you wake up?

In Step 2, you select the herbs which smell fragrant and calming.  For me, these herbs include lavender, chamomile, rose petals.  I also include  peppermint and lemon in this list. Your list may be different.  (That’s the beauty of the asphidity bag).

Now, make a cloth square measuring about 5 inches.

When your square is cut, place your herbs in the center of the square.  Using a ribbon, tie the herbs as well as your good intentions in this bag.  Visualize all the good things you need for a successful night’s sleep.  Draw these elements toward your sleep as you tie them in your asfidity bag along with your herbs.

Place your asfidity bag inside your pillowcase.  Or keep it in a pocket in your clothes.  Wherever you keep your bag, when you go to bed at night, close your eyes and visualize the details you’ve gathered for your best sleep.  Focus on your breath and the scent of your asfidity bag to launch you into your intentional sleep.

Finally, embrace your sleep!

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P.S.  Whenever I use an aspifidity bag, whether it’s for sleep or combating an infection or offering solace to my intestinal system, I schedule reflexology and reiki sessions.

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