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Thank You! You Are Fabulous!


You cannot know how much I wish I don’t have to wear a mask.

I pray for a bright, joyful day for each and all of us.

Masks stifle joy.  I want this virus gone!

I’m in a tough spot.

If I see 10 people in town, 6 of you are likely vaccinated.

Four of you are not.  Two or 3 of you will be adults.  One or two will be children, who cannot get a vaccine.

These numbers mean if I throw away my masks I will put some of us (including children) at the risk of getting this deadly virus and passing it along.

Without a mask, it’s best for you not to be around me; no matter how much I love you.

This is painful to write, as it may be for you to read.

I’m sorry I’m not sure where we are on the pandemic scale.  Is it over?  Are we halfway through this disaster?  Is it all just a fantasy?  Or, do we have much more disease waiting for us?

I simply can’t guess.

Even if you disagree, please be kind.

Thank you.

Thurman Greco

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This article today was inspired by a large poster I saw on the window of SoCo Ice Cream Store in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  The words went straight to my heart and I could not let them go.  So I’m sharing them with you.

The SoCo Ice Cream Store has wonderful ice cream.  If you ever pass by that store on 5 Railroad Street in Great Barrington, please drop by and enjoy one of the delicious flavors.

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