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Healer’s Handbook – Wellness for All

This book is filled with all the wellness information I would have loved to have had when I was a young mother with two active, curious children.

I would love to have shared this information with my two daughters when they started their families.  Time turned this book into a resource for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to use as they go through life.

This book is your ticket to your healing adventures.  After all, wherever you go, if you are healing yourself or caring for someone else, you are on a journey.

The information took me decades to discover and organize.  I’ve presented it in practical and uncomplicated ways so you can use it in today’s hectic world.

This healing information has stood the test of time.  Medical training isn’t necessary to read and understand the words on these pages.

Information in this book does not diagnose or treat a disease.  I do not prescribe medications or treatments of any kind.  “A Healer’s Handbook – Wellness for All” is not a substitute for an X-ray or MRI.

This book adds a spiritual layer of personal care to every situation in your healing life.  The goal is to enlighten and empower you with information and  insight you can use on your healing journey.

If I’m successful, you will read things and then discuss them with your healthcare provider, your family, and other persons of importance in your life.

I hope you’ll see how  these suggestions and this information fit into your core values.

For thousands of years, reflexologists (for example) have successfully treated these health issues from common ailments to complex diseases. Because I’m a reflexologist, you’ll find references to this modality on many pages.

That doesn’t mean you need to be a reflexologist to use this knowledge.

It’s there to adapt to to your needs.  If you know nothing about reflexology, you can still benefit from its philosophy about health and healing.

Reflexology teaches:  Your body is different every day.

My healing practice teaches:  You are not just a physical body.  Your components are made up of physical, mental, emotional, and spirital aspects.

Your health changes continually.

If you are twenty years old, the information you read in this book will interest you in one way.

After fifty years, you’ll be focused on your health in different ways.

Children in your life will point you in yet another direction.

Use the information you find on these pages to see your health and its maintenance through the added dimension of a spiritual event or situation.  Doing this, you will enhance your well-being.

Part 1 of this book focuses on your health, healing, and wellness.  Good habits can be tough to start.  Most of us don’t pay attention to what we should be doing until its obvious.

This book gives you a boost to care for yourself and those important to you before problems develop or get serious.  The first part of this book answers and explains many questions.

You may find several listings repeated in many places.  Their impact has multiple implications.

Part 2 focuses on the spirituality of your body systems.  It’s much easier to care for yourself or someone else when you know how your body parts interact with one another.

Essential Foods are listed in each body system they support.

Personal care information is included.

Part 3 is your toolbox.  Information listed here lists ailments and their remedies alphabetically.  Each entry begins with spiritual qualities unique to the disease you are investigating.

I’ve listed essential oils for easy reference.  Each health issue listed has practical information specific to that disease.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in this book.

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