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Reiki for Transition – Reflexology for the Spirit

So, here we are, on the cusp of summer.

Only a few days away from the June equinox, we’re somewhere in transitions we’re all experiencing as we feel our way from the pandemic to the post pandemic reality.

Whether you feel the end of the pandemic is here or whether you feel there never was a pandemic or whether you fear the pandemic will never end:

This is a time to feel the earth underneath your feet.

This is a time to take a deep breath.

This is a time to balance your chakras and your body systems.

Now, more than ever before, we all need the homeostasis offered by Reiki.  We all need Reiki’s gentle healing.  We all need Reiki’s blessings.

Join together now and send Reiki to yourself, to your family members, to your neighbors, to the planet.

Whoever you choose to receive your Reiki, that person, place, or thing will  appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness.

This is a time to send Reiki to all living beings.


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Thurman Greco

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