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It’s Spring. Discover One Completely New Thing

Trying something new can be daunting.  I get out of my comfort zone every April.  I know when the Forsythia starts to bloom, it’s time to dust off my learning skills and experience something new.  It doesn’t matter what it really is.  The important thing is I’m enjoying discovery and adventure.

Living in upstate New York, I live the four seasons.  Coming from the south, I thought I lived the four seasons.  And, actually, I don’t think I really did.  Then, living in Venezuela, I learned about living with 2 seasons:  rainy and dry.

Because I chose to live where I live, I look forward to each season.  I see Spring as a new energy.  I experience Spring as an opportunity to try something completely new.  It doesn’t really matter what it is.  The important thing is I’m enjoying discovery and adventure

One thing I expect is this:  not getting it right.  I get to enjoy being a learner again.  I might not like what I learned but that’s okay.

My friend Karen is a professional learner – every time I visit her, she’s got something new in her life:  this spring she’s learning how to play a concertina!

Karen has learned to take the pressure off her days.  She’s leaving the stress at the door and she’s simply enjoying a new activity.

I never know how long she’ll stay with the concertina or whatever magical thing she is learning.  And, it doesn’t matter.  When she learns something new, she makes her world bigger and newer.

May we all be a little like Karen!


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I’ve known about this book since 2015 when I sat down with a Tarot Reader in the Washington Square Park late one summer afternoon.  He was reading my cards and suddenly, we were the only two people in the park.  He read my cards and confirmed that one day I would write a book which would bring me joy.

His reading was spot on.  I did.  “”A Healer’s Tarot Memoir” is the book.

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