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Is your life overcrowded and cluttered? Add Self-Care!


Do you ever somehow find yourself in a place where you know you need to get back to your basic self.  Things remind you it’s time to return yourself to your heart.

These reminders may include fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, loneliness, burnout, or foggy thinking.

You wake up one day, or a moment in one day, realizing that you are spending 80% of your time scanning, scrolling, downloading, and editing.  And you’re spending only 20% of your time processing all those things you’ve been inputting.

Or maybe you are spending 80% of your time frantically chasing tasks which have no meaning for you but are on the “necessary list” anyway.

Alas, it’s the old 80-20 law at work again.  The essential  processing is getting 20% of your focus and the scanning and scrolling are getting 80%.

There ARE things you can do to help you find your heart.

Try self-care.  Self-care can be magical because it comes from inside yourself where you process important things better.

Suddenly, the 20% takes on renewed color and shape and form as it becomes the center-stage activity it should have been all along.

But, where do you begin?  Begin with intention.  Whatever you choose for your self-care therapy, if you begin with intention, inspiration will follow.

So, how do you start this new project?

Begin with trust.  Trust that your intuition will inspire you to know what is calling you. Your intuition will allow you to try different things and focus on what appeals to you.  Self-care can be many different things.  It can be one thing.

As you begin to explore self-care, allow yourself to respond to what appeals to you.  Let your heart guide you to what you need.

Let’s say that you are attracted to essential oils.  Or, maybe you always wanted to begin a meditation practice.  These two options can be followed one at a time or together.

The important thing is that you listen to what is calling to you.

Whatever self-care tools you explore and use, you  connect to your body to support your spiritual, mental, and emotional self.

One good beginning option is to create a daily movement ritual.  The options are many here:  dance, walking, massage, reflexology, Reiki, exercise, stretches.

When you choose a movement practice, you connect with your body and build a relationship with your power.

This daily movement ritual promotes gratitude.  It builds resilience and inspires your creativity.  You will set your endorphins free!  You will serve those around you better.

You will build a relationship with your power.  Joy and mood stability become part of the package.

But, whatever self-care journey you explore, there is no perfect way to explore the options.  Use what calls to you.  Maybe you seek something which feels comfortable to you.  Whatever calls to you, allow yourself to explore whatever feels natural to you.

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