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Take a Break From the World. Seriously.

Sometimes things happen at such a fast pace that life becomes confusing and overwhelming.  Being alone with yourself for a short time may be the only way to find answers.

Take a break to figure things out.  Step away so you can discover a better, clearer perspective.  When you step back, you have a chance to figure things out.  You may even get to know yourself better.

Instead of being part of everything, when you step away you can discover a better, clearer perspective.  How?  How can you do this when everything is moving at such a fast pace?

Go on a mini-sabbatical.  Take the day off from it all.

No internet, TV, phone, email, social media.

Spend your sabbatical silently as you go on a short internal journey resting, reading, and meditating.

A good question to ask yourself is:  What do I need in my life right now?

Being alone, you can look inward and discover truths about yourself.  When you unplug from everything, you may find a spiritual guide of some kind.

Going within uninterrupted, you may find a path to pursue your own way.  You may even light up your true self.

After your one-day sabbatical, notice how much calmer you are and how clear your thinking is.

Ask yourself this:  How can I fit stillness into my daily life?

Can you find a few minutes each day for silence to discover yourself?

Or, you may think of your sabbatical as therapy and set aside an hour or two a week to discover your true self.  Over time, these weekly sessions may reveal mysteries for you to experience.

But, whether you choose a one-day event or weekly therapy sabbaticals, enlightenment is possible.  These moments alone clear the path for a new you to emerge.

(This may be a good time for a self-Reiki session, if you’ve been trained.  Reiki sessions don’t all have to be an hour.  Ten or fifteen minutes can be strong healing moments.)

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