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Your Second Chakra – What it Means


They say your second chakra is all about creativity. This includes anything and everything you create in your life:  your sexual experiences, an invention, a project, service to others, and anything else you think up.

Have you ever thought a thought and didn’t know where it came from?  Chances are that whack on the side of the head idea had a second chakra boost.

My own personal opinion is that your sacral chakra is involved in everything you do in life.

Are you interested in co-creating?  To hone those co-creating skills, go right to your second chakra.

Even if you aren’t interested in co-creating, include your second chakra in every project you embark.

To bring more excitement and fun in your life, start with a list.

Include experiences in your life which bring you pleasure, offer fun, increase your endorphins, or make you smile.

Expand your list.  Include something every day.

Your goal is to increase your creativity.  You want to empower yourself to feel inspired and more alive!

Make no mistake, second chakra work includes your soul.

First chakra issues have a tendency to encourage a person to isolate or even go inward.  A first chakra goal is to learn to live with oneself.

Second chakra issues Include others in your journey.  Second chakra issues cause us to make our lives with others.  Second chakras communicate with other chakras.

The ultimate example of this is the process of giving birth to and raising a child or children.

While birth is considered a feminine event, the second chakra is about creating things from our hips or second chakra.  This applies to everyone.

Second chakra imbalances can manifest themselves as blocks which last for years.

If you experience a writer’s block,  have reproductive issues, or have problems with your career development, include sacral chakra therapy in the healing process.

Include extra reflexology, Reiki therapy, and chakra healing sessions.

Any issues involving your genitals, reproductive organs, pelvis, hips, or lower vertebrae, appendix and upper intestines, are affected by sacral blocks and imbalances.

Your second chakra will respond to essential oils such as

ylang ylang, rose, lemon.

Crystals include carnelian, amber, tangerine quartz.

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