Reflexology For The Spirit

But first, do the spiritual work.

You need spiritual work because  your weight loss diet brings change – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual change.

Success is easier when you speak to your inner self and ground your core in  the new goals you’ve set for your spiritual work.

Now is a good time to embark on this spiritual journey.  Choices, problems, challenges overwhelm us daily with information and current events.  Everywhere we turn, people,  animals, plants, air,  water, and the earth even,  cry out for help. We are drowning in all the needs for healing.

Spiritual work looms large.

To understand what is swirling around you, go to your spiritual center.  This is the source of your strength, grounding, and peace.  Here is where you’ll find your truth, your love and the core of your focus.   This is where you’ll find  weight loss success in your spiritual work.

This is where you’ll realize how much easier your life will be when your physical  body is no longer weighted down with extra pounds.  For some of us, there are pounds and pounds of protection to release.

Guided meditations can be a positive experience for you now.  I’ve relied on guided meditations for years.  My three favorite guided meditation books were edited several years ago by Larry Moen.  Entitled “Meditations for Awakening”,  “Meditations for Transformation”, and “Meditations for Healing”,  these books are  available on Amazon.

For me, these guided meditations offer a link between  feelings,  weight loss, and  wellbeing.

Forgiveness is helpful.   As forgiveness heals your soul, dieting will be easier  because  you won’t need to hoard  pounds.

When forgiveness happens, some of your protection pounds will evaporate into the ethers.

That doesn’t mean  you don’t need to change your eating habits and exercise  more.  But it does mean that  it’s easier  to accomplish a weight-loss  goal.

Forgiveness can be a path all its own.  Begin by forgiving  everything past, everything present, and everything future.

Forgive everything and everybody – including people and events you’ve forgotten.  Simply forgive everyone.  Forgive everyone who even possibly needs forgiveness.

The idea is to clear everything up between you and everyone, now and forever.

Release people to their own lives  – now and in peace.

And, last but not least, forgive yourself!

Write a daily forgiveness mantra.

You may find inspiration in some forgiveness prayers by Dr. Catherine Ponder.  I didn’t copy them here because I couldn’t find out for sure whether they are copyrighted.

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When you read them, some things  will resonate with you.  Others will not.  But, whether you  use some of the guidelines or none, one thing is for sure.  You will, day by day, leave the past behind.

Diets are not always easy.     But anything worthwhile can have its challenges.

Each of us, on  a diet or not, is on a spiritual journey.  Each of us is travelling separately.  But, we are all together.

It’s time to change old patterns,  seek  freedoms found in forgiveness, and  see beyond the past into an expanded  now.

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Thurman Greco