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Your Spiritual Journey

I really like this beach scene.  When you look closely, you’ll see foot prints in the sand.

I recently attuned a young man to first degree Reiki.  He’s at the beginning of his spiritual path.  I confess that I was impressed with him.  After all, to have just “opened the door” on his journey with a Reiki attunement can be  special.

The young traveler/Reiki student,  newly arrived on his path, seemed hesitant and almost fearful of where he was going.  He was trying to find his next steps.

To be young, and newly realizing you are on a spiritual path can raise issues of trust.

As I reflect on this young student, I wonder:  What would I have done if I had been introduced to Reiki when I was 18?

Youth is an important detail.  Sometimes that’s how a spiritual journey goes.

At other times, people discover Reiki after they’ve traveled on their path for awhile.  I also see questions in a new, middle aged Reiki practitioner.

For me, finding Reiki was a middle age event.  In my 50’s, my questions had to do with how I could experience more Reiki.

If you’re not careful, Reiki will surprise you in the middle of your spiritual journey.  This can be especially true if you don’t have enough room for your own journey’s details.

If you are middle aged, you may not want  to clutter up either your trip or the path with too many details.  After all, you’re the only one on your spiritual path. No one else will join you.

Maybe you’ve been on your path so long you feel like that’s just how you “roll”.

Through the years I’ve attuned people to Reiki 2 who received a Reiki 1 attunement many  years before.  These travelers had questions also.  Was trust the issue then?  Or was it fear of failure?

I never asked.  Now, having met Mark, I know there is more to hesitancy than readiness.

A teacher is a vital link between a student experiencing a challenge and the professional practitioner.

That’s where we return to the journey.

Wherever you are, take what you can use and leave the rest for a traveler coming up behind you, the one you may never meet.

Select what you need.  Pack what you can use.

Look around you.  Is there any space left?  Maybe you have room for a few more things to use further down the road.

Remember, it’s okay to carry a few extra things – just in case.

The first thing to pack in your spiritual journey bag is positive feelings.

Can you use joy?  What about gratitude or kindness?  Patience and laughter may come in handy.  Finally, courage and self-love will fit in somewhere.

What are some things you might be cultivating?

As you focus on your inner life, how important are rest and sleep?

.What are some activities which will help?

Positive  feelings are the foundation for how you engage with these elements.  Being calm and focused is basic.

Then, you can work on your vision, values, and your goals.

You’ll need them when you develop healthy relationships.

Throughout your journey, look for meaning, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment.

Wherever you are, the single most important skill (for me, anyway) is intention.

An important piece of your spiritual journey is the opportunity to learn about yourself.  What fun!  This is where you get to make discoveries and seek laughter.

This is also where you get to like yourself!

As you discover yourself, you get to choose the type of person you’ll be.  This is where you drop things that are no longer important.  You can choose  what’s important, and what you stand for.

You can examine how far you’ve traveled.

And, discover the true meaning of gratitude.  This is where you see your achievements for what they are and how important your journey is to mankind.

As you clean your spiritual closet, your pilgrimage smoothes out the bumps and gets easier.

You’ll learn how unimportant comparison really is.

Find ways to be gentle with yourself.

See all these things you’re learning as if they are lovely flowers blooming along the path on your spiritual journey.

And, finally, go at YOUR pace and in the direction that’s right for YOU.


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