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Stress Busting Starts Here!

Let’s face this right now.  Diets are stressful.

So is everything else when you’re dieting.

Even before you settle on the diet you’re going to adopt, find your stress busters.  .

The bottom line is this:  choose activities to do when you feel stressed.  You don’t want to eat to combat stress.

Choose your healthy coping mechanism from dancing, gardening, journaling, meditating, puzzles, reading, singing, volunteering.

If you are a member of the right gym, you’ll be able to take advantage of stress busting activities offered.  These may include yoga, zumba, spinning, and dozens of other activities.

Cultivate simple things you can do at home and at work to lift your spirits.  These can include midday walks and  playing relaxing music.

The idea is to have activities which don’t include munching on nuts and candies.

Walking 10,000 steps daily is a good stress reducing goal.

A weekly bodywork session can only be good for you and your diet success.  Of course, I recommend reflexology, reiki therapy, or mindfulness meditation.

Your options are in the hundreds.  Choose the most relaxing options for you and your lifestyle.

Two effective stress-reducing habits which can help you include keeping an appointment calendar and an ongoing to-do list.

Life is filled with small stressors which can be avoided with a calendar and a list.

For example, with a to-do list at the grocery store, you won’t leave out a key ingredient for a meal.  This seems like a small enough thing but if you’re stressed already, that missing item can be the one that complicates your life.

A calendar will make sure you don’t miss an appointment.   Your life can be streamlined and easier if you use it to help you shop, keep up with friends and relatives, make appointments.

In reality, you’ll lose less time because you forgot something or someone.

When you include a gym membership in the mix with the calendar and the to-do list, you’ll be much more organized.    You’ll be more physically fit.  Your new diet will be an easier experience.

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Thurman Greco