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Allergies are a Spiritual Problem for Many of us

Spiritually, you (and all allergy sufferers) are having a power struggle experience.  You battle inflammation, a major cause of disease in humans.  Spiritual challenges plague you all year.

Work on accepting your world as safe and friendly.  Seek your spiritual peace.  You are annoyed and aggravated by other people and you worry about giving away your power.  This challenges  forgiveness when  you blame others for negativity.

Allergies present year-round spiritual challenges.  Many of your diseases can be food-based, but few allergies are food-based.  Most allergy sufferers experience asthma, hay fever, sinusitis.

Pollen, animal dander, dust mites, mold usually cause many of your allergies.  Even though few allergies are food-based, some foods commonly causing allergies include peanuts, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish, eggs, and milk.  You can have allergies to bee and wasp stings.  Sometimes these allergic reactions can be serious.  Finally, you can have an allergic reaction to medications.  A common medication causing an allergic reaction is penicillin.

Allergies are increasing.  Common culprits are said to be increased stressful lifestyles, overexposure to food additives, insecticides, and synthetic chemicals.

Children risk developing allergies.  Sometimes childhood allergies are outgrown.  Finally, if you have asthma, you risk developing allergies.

Congestion, runny nose, nasal itching, and sneezing are irritating and persistent.  To make matters worse, there is no real cure for allergies.  The  power struggle is yours.

Depending on the allergy, your symptoms may include hives (food or drug allergies).  Your lips and tongue may swell (food or drug allergies).  You may have a rash (drug, skin), or itching (hay fever, bug bite, drug allergies, skin allergy).  If you have allergies, visit a reflexologist weekly.  These sessions can also include Reiki and chakra healing.  Using reflexology sessions to successfully treat allergies requires a strong commitment, not just a few visits.  But, it’s no different with the reflexologist than with the allergist and the ENT specialist.

I received Reiki and reflexology sessions regularly for years and can vouch that going to the allergist and the ENT would never have been as successful without the regular reflexology and Reiki sessions to facilitate homeostasis.  These regular sessions offered me a minor detox, and helped me get rid of the mucus.  They helped manage my allergy side effects during treatment.

I’m convinced they both lessened and prevented sinus or hay fever attacks.

Regular reflexology and Reiki sessions prevent attack before they start.

If your allergies are still challenging with regular medication and reflexology, it’s time to visit an allergist.  Allergists desensitize your allergies with weekly injections.

I’ve experienced allergy shots four different times in my life and can vouch for their effectiveness and lasting protection.

What is the source of your allergy?  Get rid of it!

If you are sensitive to indoor allergens, use dust mite covers on mattresses and pillows.  Eliminating house dust is important.  Discard the curtains, stuffed animals, throw rugs.  Wash your human and pet bedding often.  Ditch the scented candles.

A good basic question is to ask:  “Do I really need these dusty curtains, stuffed animals, throw rugs?”

Pets are often a source of allergic reactions.  You shouldn’t have to give up your pets because you have allergies.  You can reduce the allergens.  It’s not as challenging as it seems.

Brush and bathe your pet weekly in hypoallergenic shampoo.’

Cats are easy to bathe too.  All you have to do is avoid letting your cat hear the splashing water.

If your dog is long coated, consider having the coat trimmed short.

Some dog breeds who should not be cut down:  collies, Labrador retrievers, shelties.

Regular visits to a professional groomer will help.  Let the groomer know about your allergies.  A good groomer will use special shampoos, special brushing and drying techniques to remove as much hair/coat dander as possible in a groom shop.

Better yet, find a groomer who comes to your home.  Van groomers drive up to your home, take your pet out to the groom shop in the van and return your pet an hour or so later minus the extra coat, allergens, and anything else causing your allergic reactions.

Vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture frequently.  Clean air filters regularly.  Roaches and mice must go.

Use only products on your home, pets, car, and workplace which you are not allergic to.  I clean my home, car, pets, and myself with Dr. Bronner’s soaps.  I even use Dr. Bronner’s soap in my washing machine.

In the end, my home and pets are cleaner with the special products I use.  I’m healthier because I have fewer respiratory problems.  My life is less stressful.

I’m  careful about shampoos and makeup.  And, frankly, I use minimal makeup.

You’ll save money in the long run by consulting with a capable otolaryngologist and an allergist.  Allergy shots are a natural method of desensitizing that can be effective for years.

I was eight years old the first time my mother took me to an allergist.  She took me to see Dr. Russell Guill in Kerrville, Texas.  Dr. Guill was a pediatrician who got his second speciailty  I got allergy shots for three years that time.  The desensitizing effects for this first round lasted for many years.

The last time I got a round of allergy shots, I was a Dr. Furst patient in Fairfax, Virginia.  His specialties were otolaryngology and allergy.  For me, this man was a near miracle worker.  The entire time I was his patient, I had no sinus infections and few allergy attacks.

Recently, I’ve begun to get allergy desensitization through dr. Korbutz in Red Hook.  Recently, I waited too long for this current round because I had two serious sinus infections that probably could have been prevented or diminished with weekly allergy injections.

After this second sinus infection which really was severe, I eagerly drive to Red Hook weekly for the shot.  Only, it isn’t one.  Every Tuesday afternoon I get two injections, one in each arm.

I’m grateful to every physician who gave me the shots throughout my life.  Taking allergy shots may seem like a lot to do to get rid of allergies.  But, over time, a better quality of life emerges.  You’ll spend less money on over-the-counter preparations and prescription medications.

If you’re groaning because of your dread of injections, don’t even bother.  The needles are so small, I never feel them.


Allergies are both fourth chakra imbalance.


respiratory system, immune system, sinuses, digestive system, endocrine system, liver and solar plexus


eucalyptus, German or Roman chamomile, lavender, peppermint, tea tree


Wash your shower curtain in hot water, Dr. Bronner’s soap and bleach monthly.  If this seems like too much work, change your curtain monthly and discard the old one.  Declutter your home by discarding anything you haven’t used in two or more years.  Things you haven’t used are sitting around collecting dust and mold which you don’t need.  Put a shelf by your front door and encourage everyone coming into your home to leave their shoes and boots outside.  This keeps mold and outside dust and dirt outside the door.


Apples, berries, black tea, garlic, fresh fruits, garlic, kefir, leafy greens, lemon balm, mackerel, onions, oregano, red grapes, rosemary, salmon, sardines, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, tuna, fresh vegetables, walnuts, wheat germ, yogurt


How can I create effective boundaries?  What makes me afraid?

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Thurman Greco

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