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The Spirituality of Blood


Blood is very exciting stuff.

For one thing, we can’t live without it.  If we’re in an accident, and lose too much blood, we will die.

Blood tells the whole story.  Often, when we visit the physician, a blood test is ordered.  The  story is here:  our past, our present, our future.

In the womb, we shared our mother’s blood, who shared her mother’s blood, who shared her mother’s blood, and on and on and on to the beginning of time.

That being said, each person’s blood is unique.  Like fingerprints, no 2 blood profiles are the same.  And,  blood changes with life events, nutrition, age.  Because of this, there are many issues with blood:

high or low pressure,






varicose vein,


If you find yourself dealing with one of the above diseases, you are dealing with a spiritual disease.  That doesn’t mean you forget the professional  medical practitioner.  It does mean that you do what that practitioner tells you to do and you deal with the spirituality issues in other ways.

When I think of the spirituality of blood, questions come to mind:

Have you recently found or lost a loved one?

Are you depressed?

Where are the conflicts in your life?

Are you nourishing yourself sufficiently?

Are you under a lot of pressure?

Are you angry?

Is someone or something threatening you?

Are you rigid with yourself and others?

Do you need to become gentler with yourself and others?

Are you afraid?

Are your life patterns stuck?

Does your lifestyle go against your beliefs?

Is  too much going on in your life?

Are there too many people in your life?

What, if anything, is draining your energy?

Now might be a good time to try to deal with these questions one-by-one.

In order to develop the spirituality of your blood, proper diet is extremely important.  Don’t just go to the grocery or the pharmacy and buy vitamins and minerals haphazardly.  Find a nutritional consultant and get what you need.

No one diet  fits all.  Find the diet best for you…makes you feel better, helps maintain your weight, results in better blood test results.   Your goal is to live a life bringing strength, vitality, purity to your blood.

Guided meditations can be instrumental for spiritual healing.

If you are a Reiki practitioner, give yourself sessions in which you offer an intent to heal and regenerate your blood to its optimum state.  If you are not a Reiki practitioner, now is a good time to find one.  This might even be a good time to learn Reiki therapy for yourself.

As your blood begins to experience this optimum state, you’ll  invite joy, free expression, creativity, balance in your life.

Reflexology for the Spirit sessions are appropriate here.  Homeostasis is necessary for the blood and for life in general.  Reiki and reflexology work hand-in-hand here to help achieve the spiritual health our bodies need….no, crave.

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Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco

Renee Ruwe offered the photograph for today’s article.