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The Spirituality of the Brain


The brain is, of course, very spiritual.

The brain is like a computer with a lot of  storage.  Now, about the mind:  no one really knows how the mind works…certainly not I.  A question often asked is this:  do thoughts come from within or without?  I think thoughts come from both within and without.

There’s a strong connection between what happens in our spiritual lives, our emotional lives and our bodies.  The roles played by our brain and mind are extremely important to our overall health.  The connection between what happens in our daily lives and our bodies is intimate, strong.  These parts (mind, body, brain, spirit, emotion) all respond to one another.

Our spiritual lives and our emotional lives offer information to our brains and bodies.   This information subsequently becomes reality.  Thoughts  and feelings have their own energy.

When I write about the brain, it’s impossible to omit the abdominal brain.  The brain receives more messages from the intestines then it sends to the intestines.  For me, this increases the importance of the abdominal brain.  (I will be expanding on abdominal brain information in future posts.)

Negative thoughts, worries, anger, feelings, stress are mental static.  Sit quietly in a private space and bring up  negativity, worries, stress.  Tune them out.  Focus on eliminating  all negative events and activities from your life.

After this exercise, get yourself a glass jar with a lid, a piece of paper, and a pencil or pen.  List all negative worries, stresses, depressing events/thoughts, boredom, patterns, memories on the paper.  Remove the lid from the glass jar and put the paper in the jar.  Replace the lid on the jar and screw it closed.  Put the jar in the trash.  Discard the trash.

In the next day or so, return to this quiet, private space and focus on healing and regeneration of  self.  Encourage your body to build health, vitality.  Begin incorporating the following words in your vocabulary:




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Thurman Greco

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