Reflexology For The Spirit

The Spirituality of the Liver



The liver reflects how we feel about what is happening in our lives on both an . emotional and spiritual level.

The liver is the largest organ in the body and performs many functions.  Fats are converted into energy, nutrients become usable, bile is produced.  Stresses in the diet are felt in the liver first.

When our lives are out of balance, the liver reflects this condition with

Bad digestion,



Poor appetite.

Because the liver is a primary detoxing organ, it can suffer as it works to deal with what is ingested.  Anger, bitterness, depression, resentment are  major toxins for the liver.

Often, anger, bitterness, depression, resentment are the result of struggles experienced as we seek to connect with meaning and purpose in life.

If the anger is unacknowledged or unexpressed, the situation is only worse.

The goal is a life path encouraging a healthy liver which in turn encourages  creativity, enthusiasm, strength.

Place your hands on your liver as you visualize detoxing it.  As you hold your hands on your liver, think of ways to

destress your life,

release anger created by situations in your daily life,

remove anger causing situations from your life.

As you hold your hands on your liver, think of ways to

encourage harmony

increase your levels of peace as you go about your daily activities

become aware of the perfection in your life.

End this session now as you breathe  deeply into your liver for a few minutes.  When you breathe into your liver,  honor the healing and regenerating that is occurring in your body at this moment.

When you breathe into your liver, appreciate that your liver can and will regenerate itself as you bring positive actions and thoughts into your life.

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Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco

Renee Ruwe donated the photograph for this post.








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