Reflexology For The Spirit

Spirituality of the Legs


Legs are very spiritual because they move us about in the world.  We use our legs to stand, walk, run, dance, and move in general.  As we move through life, our legs reflect our spiritual/emotional/physical state.

Sit in a public place for a while and watch people walk.  They all  have different gaits.  Do you observe someone walking confidently down a hall?  Is there someone taking uncertain steps?

When you observe the different gaits, ask yourself:

Is this person walking with an open or closed attitude?

Is a person moving in fear?

Is another person in pain?

Is there a purpose to a person’s stride?

Are the steps large or small?

Is someone stumbling?

As we move through life, our issues are reflected in our gait.

Relax comfortably for a few minutes.  Take time to appreciate your legs and all they do for your body and for your spiritual development.

In the quiet of the moment, massage your legs as you meditate on how much your legs actually do for you.

Now, take a few moments to evaluate how your legs feel to you.  Do they feel heavy, light, stuck, weak?  Or, do they feel free, confident, supportive?

Talk to your legs now as you release them from all their burdens.  Remove all negativity  from your legs:







As you massage your legs, focus on bringing warmth, positive feelings, and confidence to them.  Offer them recognition and gratitude for all they do for you daily.

Offer appreciation for your legs.

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Thurman Greco

Jennette Nearhood provided the artwork for today’s post.

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