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Calluses and Corns Can Be Troublesome and Represent Spiritual Challenges

The impact  calluses and corns have on your client partner depends on where they’re located on the foot or toes.

For many, they’re protective armor and a defense mechanism representing the soul crying out for protection from unbearable outside events.  For example, a callus in the heart area of the foot deals with protection from problems of the heart that have become difficult.  Calluses and/or corns on the throat area of the foot represent problems relating to communication.  And, calluses on the heel area connect with core beliefs.

There’s a relevant place for Reflexology for the Spirit when dealing with these spiritual issues.  If you have a client partner coming to you regularly with calluses and/or corns, please refer him/her to a podiatrist to treat the medical aspects.  People shouldn’t self treat these conditions because they can end up with worse problems than they began with.  And, if your client partner is diabetic, it’s even more important to seek medical help.

Several trips to the chiropractor are in order here if your client partner’s gait is being impacted upon.  A properly aligned spinal column helps overall health.

After that, it’s up to you, the practitioner to facilitate the spiritual and emotional healing which accompanies regular sessions.

Your client partner should be able to move forward as issues resolve.


ESSENTIAL OILS:  tea tree, lavender, Roman or German chamomile.

Thank you for reading this post.  Please contact me with whatever questions you may have.

Our next post addresses  an issue experienced by many people:  Constipation.

Peace and food for all

Thurman Greco