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The Spirituality of the Lymphatic System


The Lymphatic System is a fascinating series of nodes or masses of tissue found throughout the body:




The lymphatic system keeps our internal systems clean by collecting toxins and getting rid of them.  Lymph moves through the body when we move.  Unlike the circulatory system which has a pump (the heart), the lymphatic system depends on our physical movements to be able to do its job.

Our lymphatic system works best when we create a positive, loving environment for ourselves.   Ideally,  we need to lead lives where we can appreciate and support ourselves as well as have a healthy sense of self-esteem.

When we are in situations where we are frightened, rejected, unloved, we feel vulnerable.  This vulnerability makes it very hard for the lymphatic system to do its job.

The lymphatic system is proof positive that there is a relationship between what happens in your life,  (feelings and thoughts), and your body.

Over the next week pay close attention to how you physically respond to different situations:

What happens when you recall a past event?  Do you feel relaxed, stressed, frightened, sad?

What happens when you are irritated or frustrated?  What happens to your breathing, back, shoulders, stomach?

What happens when you become angry?  Where do you put these emotions in your body?   Do you clench your fists?  Do you get a headache?  Do you suffer with constipation?

The message here is not  what happens to us because we all have things happen to us.  What is important is how we respond to these things called life.  We are responsible for our attitudes and feelings.

After you have spent a few days becoming aware of your attitudes, feelings, and reactions, spend a few minutes in a quiet place.

Get comfortable.  Turn on some calming music, feel safe, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Continue to breathe deeply and calmly for a minute or 2.

Now, breathe deeply as you reflect on ways your body supports you and how you respond to this support.

Then, thank your body for the times when you are able to feel calm, positive, loving, comfortable, courageous, supportive, generous.

Thank your body for the times when you are able to experience a sense of positive self-esteem, offer leadership.

Continue to breathe deeply as you thank your body for the good health it offers  you.

Thank your spiritual body for all it does for you.

As you are able to be deeply appreciative, end this meditation by  moving slowly and gently.

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Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco

Artwork provided by Jennette Nearhood