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Spirituality of the Hips

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The hips offer balance and grounding as they connect the upper and lower parts of the body.

The bones of the hips are heavier and stronger than other bones because of all the activities performed in this part of the body:

give birth,

make love,



eliminate no longer needed food.

All of these actions revolve around security, survival, relationships.   Very often, with issues around the hips, the person is wrestling with core beliefs.

When focusing on issues with the hips, we realize  we are holding onto negativity  from the past.  Sometimes, we feel  unable to stand on our own and unable to release problems of the past.  The thing to do is let go of these issues.

So, get comfortable in a quiet place.  Choose a place where you can feel safe, quiet, to be undisturbed for a short time.

Breathe into your hip area for a few minutes to ground yourself.

Hold your hands about 2-3 inches above your body as you slowly move your hands over your hip area .  When you feel stuck energy or negativity,  move your fingers in a counter clockwise direction over the stagnant energy.

The movement you want  is that of opening a jar.  When you move your hands in this direction you will release this energy from your body.

Encourage this negative energy to leave your hips so you can have a lighter, more positive environment for your spirituality to develop.

Repeat this exercise several times and then move on to another part of your hip area where the energy is stuck or stagnant.

When you feel as if you have discovered enough stagnant or stuck places on your hip area, begin to breathe in and breathe out into the now cleansed area.

Continue to breathe in and breathe out into your hip area for a couple of minutes more.

Now, rest quietly for a few moments until  you are ready to continue with your day or take a nap.

It may be necessary to repeat this exercise several times before you feel you have cleansed all the stuck, stagnant energy from your hips.

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Photograph donated by Renee Ruwe

Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco