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Thanks for Asking!

One important thing to know about reactions we experience in a reflexology session:  a client will not always experience the same reaction at every session.

After all, our bodies are different every day.  The most common reaction I experience during a reflexology session is sleep.  I slip off into a sleeplike state during most sessions.

Reactions vary with each session.  They are based on what your body needs on a cellular level at that particular time.

One thing consistent in a reflexology session is this:  reflexology encourages homeostasis:  the balance of all body systems.

Reflexology students ask questions about reactions to reflexology treatments.

The reactions your client experiences during a reflexology session are homeostasis in action.

It’s amazing what reflexology can do!

Because many healers read this blog, I don’t give  nearly enough blog time and energy to these  inquiries.  People ask, I answer, and then my focus moves on to other things.

Well, at last, I’m focusing some time and energy into sharing information.  After all, for every person who asks, others remain silent.

And, for those of us who practice reflexology either as a career or as a hobby, how often do we think about these important pieces of information?

My training is that there are more than a dozen different reactions to reflexology sessions.  Reactions listed in this article mostly happen during or soon after a session.

Other reactions happen several hours later.  They are all important.

A reaction is a sign to me that the reflexology session is working.

As a reflexologist, you and the session you give are a vital wellness link between a person experiencing a challenge and appropriate professional support.

INCREASED URINATION – Focus on urination becomes part of the session when it becomes obvious.  I have a client who simply cannot make it through a session without a trip to the ladies room.  For me, this is a good sign.  The session stimulates her urinary system!


Marge d’Urso taught us that fully 50% of our clients have digestive issues.  Unless a client brings up the subject, I don’t really ask. I prefer to hear about constipation  or other irritable bowel solutions when my client initiates the conversation.  I love it when a client reveals she no longer has issues.

Marge d’Urso taught, and I believe, that health begins and ends in the digestive system.




Skin changes are pretty common for my clients.  I love to ask my client to look in the mirror on her way out of the healing space after a session.  There is nothing like looking 10 years younger after a reflexology treatment.



Disrupted sleep patterns are personal with me.  I always sleep so much better after a reflexology session!  Occasionally, rarely this can be extreme.

One December, after receiving a reflexology session, I felt a strong need to rest about an hour after my appointment ended.  I returned home, got comfortable, dozed off, and woke up the next day.

When I recall this event, I’m not really surprised.  I was working too hard and my body, after its reflexology session,  demanded a time-out.


Reflexology sessions can modify and minimize dizziness, nausea, and pain experienced by cancer patients.

The first time I offered a reflexology session to a client cancer patient, I wasn’t prepared for how how dramatically she felt better after her appointment.

After seeing the changes she experienced, I studied more about reflexology and the cancer patient.  I took continuing education classes and even attended one at the prestigious Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York City.

It wasn’t too many more sessions that I began to use words such as pain reduction, improved quality of life, reduced fear of the future, better sleep, and reduced fatigue.




These symptoms often disappear during a session if not long after.  They can also be a reaction to a session.


Some feverishness and tearing can happen during a session.  A lot of this happens when the client feels safe in the healing space.  I keep boxes of tissues handy for tears.

Everyone needs to cry tears at one point or another.  Reflexology sessions can be a safe place for this.

Sometimes, reactions to a session can be subtle, even silent, for a short period of time after the end of the session.

Just because you don’t see any behavior or skin changes immediately, don’t assume that there aren’t any reactions.  Chat with your client for a few minutes after the session to be sure that everything is okay.

After all, you don’t want your client to leave your healing space and wander out into the parking lot, still a little vague about the session.

One time I received a scheduled session from a practitioner in New Paltz, New York, just a few miles away from my home in Woodstock.

It was a wonderful session.  I left her office a few minutes too soon, though.  It took me over an hour to get out of her area and on my way home.

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Thurman Greco

P.S. Much of the info in this article was shared from “Healer’s Handbook – Wellness for All” by Thurman Greco

Now, Try a 1-Evening, Digital Detox


My last blog post focused on having a mild detox – actually, a limited detox.  It focused on receiving three extra reflexology sessions and cutting out the inevitable junk food which greets us every day.

Now, I’m inviting you to enjoy something you may not have even thought of – or even dreamed of – in a long, long time:

A digital detox event one evening every month.

Several years ago, I signed up for a detox vacation.  I enrolled in a 7-day, supervised, fast.  This vacation included drinking special juices during the day.

I also drank 2 broths each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  This broth was a specially prepared soup of vegetables designed to rid my body of toxins.

Pure water was also part of the menu.  I drank glass after glass of glorious, pure water.

Between drinking juices, broths, and waters, we went on walks around the area.  Some of us practiced yoga daily.  Others of us received massages.  Yet others listened to live guitar concerts.

I don’t have to tell you that I loved this whole experience.  The juices, the waters, the walks…everything.

We did one thing that really wasn’t on the brochure.  Nobody even whispered about it.  WE SLOWED DOWN.

Stress simply was not part of the reality.

As I recall this experience, I feel the absence of stress was probably the single most important positive portion of this whole event.

As the toxins left our bodies, they took the stress with them.  When our bodies realized that they were on vacation too, other things  happened:

We laughed more.

Our kidneys relaxed.

Blood pressure began to slowly, gradually, lower for some of us.

Intestinal problems took short holidays.

People commented about brain responses becoming a bit faster.

Most of us lost a few pounds.

Since that fasting vacation years ago, I’ve sought ways to replicate this experience in smaller, more intimate events when the seasons change.

I felt then, have felt since, and still feel now, that it is easier to do a good thing for my body more often.  An ongoing detox can pamper my body in ways that an occasional week-long fast cannot.

So, now, one evening a month, I go all out for a digital detox.

I give my ears, my eyes, my brain, and my hands a break from phone calls, emails, social media pages.

heart with wings

At first, it felt a little weird.  But, now I know that a technical vacation is less a luxury than a necessity.

One evening a month I turn everything off:  TV, phone, tablet, laptop, and everything else eletronic in my home.  I close these things up and put them away.

Imagine:  no little blue light!

I sit down in a comfortable chair and enjoy the evening.  This is my time to meditate for a few extra moments, read a book, have a conversation with a loved one.

When this break is over, I’m refreshed, grounded, and feeling positive.

Guess what.  I know something that a lot of people don’t yet know.  There is more to my life than the small screen and the little blue light.

Now, I’m inviting you to do something you may not even have thought of – or even dreamed of – in a long, long time.

Turn off everything that has a little blue light.  Everything.  Just for one short evening.  Silence your phone, computer, tablet, TV, and every other distracting electronic thing in your space.

A short break from technology can refresh you, ground you, and remind you there is more to life than a message from a small screen.

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Boost Your Energy With an Autumn Detox!

I love autumn and I love to celebrate the season with a detox.

When September rolls around, I know a detox will put sparkle in my eyes, and  boost my energy.

One reason I like an autumn detox is because I’m a reflexologist and I know that one of the things a reflexology session does best is encourage a mild detox.

So, I begin my autumn detox with three days of reflexology sessions right in a row.

My next step is to eliminate.  After all, that’s what a detox is all about.  My autumn detox is a little different from any other detox, though.  I’m not looking to eliminate everything – just the foods and drinks that weigh me down and make me feel sluggish.  That means I’m going to ditch the junk and processed foods.

Because of the foods I eliminate, this detox is different from all the other detoxes that I do.  Junk food and carbs top the list.

This season’s detox focuses on eating fruits for one day.  Use them to rebalance your system.  Because fruits always make me feel so good and energetic, I’ll probably stretch the one day out to two or three.

Each year, when I schedule my detox, I always schedule a few days of elimination when I cut out the junk foods, carbs, processed foods and the caffeine.  (If you smoke, this is a good time to offload the nicotine.)

It’s never more than a couple days before I notice that my body is energized.

While I’m getting rid of the toxins and replacing them with good nutrients, I feel lighter, cleaner, and more energetic.

That’s when I take time to walk, schedule a yoga session, or go for a swim.  The idea is to participate in activities which relax and rejuvenate your body.

An autumn detox is not  new in my life.  I remember autumn detox events dating back to my childhood in the South.

As the days grew cooler, a neighborhood mother prepared her special concoction and gave everyone a giant spoon full.  To this very day, I have no idea what was in it.

This I do know:  It tasted terrible!  And, our bodies smelled terrible for several days afterward.  If I ever smell that aroma again, I’m going to ask whoever is walking around with it to talk to me.  I want to know everything!

Another neighborhood mother put herbs in asperfidity bags which she personally prepared for us.  We wore them around our necks like necklaces.  The only thing I remember was garlic.  After that, my memory grows hazy.

Well, now is the 21st century and I prefer my autumn detox.  It’s practical and easy.  There are no smelly asperfidity bags to wear through the winter.

The power you will achieve by getting junk foods out of your life and your body encourages good things for you.

Several days worth of reflexology sessions bring bliss!

Adding exercises like walking, tai chi, or yoga are ideal for autumn rejuvenation and relaxation.

Complicated changes are not always necessary to promote wholistic health improvement and a longer life.

I hope you’re planning to join me and take the autumn equinox detox challenge!

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September Brings a New Season.

September is a time to honor your health – your wellbeing.

Have fun with this!  Celebrate the season!

LOCAL FARMERS’ MARKETS offer a bounty of fresh and local fruits, vegetables, and artisanal products.

September’s markets bring my favorite foods.

Tomatoes, potatoes, squash, apples, melons, figs, and beets are in season this time of year  adding color to your plate and your soul.

Stick with these new fresh produce options throughout your Autumn and into Winter.  Two fruits which I make a point to buy and eat in September include pears and pumpkins.  I love both these foods and they taste best during September.

Find a farmers’ market and plan your meals around the seasonal produce you discover.  A bonus on this food is that you’ll boost your antioxidents when you eat fresh seasonal produce.

Cook up a soup or stew.

I think of my breakfast as a September food.  Every morning I have a serving of muesli topped with yogurt and blueberries or other seasonal fruit.

Visit your LOCAL HEALTH FOOD STORE for what you can’t find at the farmers’ market.

While you’re there, stock up on immune-boosting supplements.  Go for a multi-vitamin, calcium, D3, a protein, and probiotics.

Commit to staying hydrated with lots of water.

It’s sweater time!  Is your wardrobe ready for that extra layer you’re going to need?  Consider LOCAL THRIFT SHOPS AND YARD SALES.  Make eco-friendly options a priority.

Is someone in your house returning to school?  Check the backpacks and lunch boxes.  Are they in good condition?

SLEEP BETTER in this cooler weather.  When September rolls around, I enjoy renewing tranquility with soothing colors in my bedroom.

I look around the room and remove any and all electronic gadgets that have somehow sneaked in during the year.

September is the time of the year when I ban  TVs, computers, phones, and anything else with an electromagnetic field which can produce irritating attitudes and challenge my sleep.

My goal is to refresh my bedroom so that it’s a retreat where I escape from the noise of everyday life.  This sanctuary reminds me that meditation, rest, and contemplation are important for a renewed state of mind.

Nourish your mind and rejuvenate yourself for the coming winter months.

Go a step further and schedule a regular reflexology or reiki session.  Better yet, get one of each!

ENRICH YOUR LIFE a bit.  September is a good time to learn to play a musical instrument, visit a museum, investigate your family history, take a walk, or just daydream.


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Your Spiritual Journey

I really like this beach scene.  When you look closely, you’ll see foot prints in the sand.

I recently attuned a young man to first degree Reiki.  He’s at the beginning of his spiritual path.  I confess that I was impressed with him.  After all, to have just “opened the door” on his journey with a Reiki attunement can be  special.

The young traveler/Reiki student,  newly arrived on his path, seemed hesitant and almost fearful of where he was going.  He was trying to find his next steps.

To be young, and newly realizing you are on a spiritual path can raise issues of trust.

As I reflect on this young student, I wonder:  What would I have done if I had been introduced to Reiki when I was 18?

Youth is an important detail.  Sometimes that’s how a spiritual journey goes.

At other times, people discover Reiki after they’ve traveled on their path for awhile.  I also see questions in a new, middle aged Reiki practitioner.

For me, finding Reiki was a middle age event.  In my 50’s, my questions had to do with how I could experience more Reiki.

If you’re not careful, Reiki will surprise you in the middle of your spiritual journey.  This can be especially true if you don’t have enough room for your own journey’s details.

If you are middle aged, you may not want  to clutter up either your trip or the path with too many details.  After all, you’re the only one on your spiritual path. No one else will join you.

Maybe you’ve been on your path so long you feel like that’s just how you “roll”.

Through the years I’ve attuned people to Reiki 2 who received a Reiki 1 attunement many  years before.  These travelers had questions also.  Was trust the issue then?  Or was it fear of failure?

I never asked.  Now, having met Mark, I know there is more to hesitancy than readiness.

A teacher is a vital link between a student experiencing a challenge and the professional practitioner.

That’s where we return to the journey.

Wherever you are, take what you can use and leave the rest for a traveler coming up behind you, the one you may never meet.

Select what you need.  Pack what you can use.

Look around you.  Is there any space left?  Maybe you have room for a few more things to use further down the road.

Remember, it’s okay to carry a few extra things – just in case.

The first thing to pack in your spiritual journey bag is positive feelings.

Can you use joy?  What about gratitude or kindness?  Patience and laughter may come in handy.  Finally, courage and self-love will fit in somewhere.

What are some things you might be cultivating?

As you focus on your inner life, how important are rest and sleep?

.What are some activities which will help?

Positive  feelings are the foundation for how you engage with these elements.  Being calm and focused is basic.

Then, you can work on your vision, values, and your goals.

You’ll need them when you develop healthy relationships.

Throughout your journey, look for meaning, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment.

Wherever you are, the single most important skill (for me, anyway) is intention.

An important piece of your spiritual journey is the opportunity to learn about yourself.  What fun!  This is where you get to make discoveries and seek laughter.

This is also where you get to like yourself!

As you discover yourself, you get to choose the type of person you’ll be.  This is where you drop things that are no longer important.  You can choose  what’s important, and what you stand for.

You can examine how far you’ve traveled.

And, discover the true meaning of gratitude.  This is where you see your achievements for what they are and how important your journey is to mankind.

As you clean your spiritual closet, your pilgrimage smoothes out the bumps and gets easier.

You’ll learn how unimportant comparison really is.

Find ways to be gentle with yourself.

See all these things you’re learning as if they are lovely flowers blooming along the path on your spiritual journey.

And, finally, go at YOUR pace and in the direction that’s right for YOU.


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Thurman Greco


What is Hope?

Hope is a feeling.  It is also a skill.

Hope is honest.  You can pretend to be happy but it’s pretty much impossible to  pretend to have Hope.

Hope can be learned.  How do you do this?  Practice being Hopeful.  Your first step is to make space in your life for Hope.  This is also a good strategy for boosting your sense of well-being.

You don’t have to be positive to learn about Hope.  I learned about Hope recently when I experienced some dark days. In the midst of these  negative and painful feelings I discovered I felt Hopeful.

Hope just popped up and said “hi”.

When this happened, I felt I suddenly weighed several pounds less.  I felt like I could smile even.

I think this happened because I refused to gloss things over.  I decided  I could try to change my situation.  I felt strong enough to cope with the eventual outcome.

I was ready to try, anyway.

I wanted to do everything possible I could to make things better.

I was finally willing to even ask others for help.

I realized I needed to sleep and rest each day.  For me, sleep and rest are holy.

One thing I was not ready to do was give up.

Once I dug my heels in, I felt inspired.  I was through just sitting on the sidelines watching things go in the wrong direction.

Suddenly, Hope boosted me to take action!  It was time to make things happen.  Perfection was not in my situation but momentum and Hope were.

I soon learned that Hope covers many ills.  I began to see what could happen because I had faith in things moving in the right direction.

Hope taught me, once again, that with a belief in the strength of a higher power and  a faith in the universe, things can’t go wrong.  I stumbled onto the wisdom of universally higher power.

We can all tap into universal wisdom.  All we have to do is see it for what it is.

Sometimes, with Hope we have to reach out to others for help, answers, and direction.

I did this.  I reached out to those around me.  I didn’t stop with just one or two people.  I asked everyone I could find for help, inspiration.   I heated up the phone (and email) lines, as my grandmother would have said.

The result was not necessarily what I envisioned.  It was, however, far better than what I saw as a good outcome.  A lot of my reaching out resulted in “no” or “not now” or “I don’t know”.  Even these negatives were encouraging.

All it took was Hope..

I knew what I needed to do was “go it alone”.  I arrived at the TV studio with a basket from Karen  filled with donations to put on the altar:  stones, feathers, a singing bowl, an alter cloth, herbs, fruit, empty bottles, bread, rocks.

The first presentation of HOPE on the Road went out on Channel 23  this week.    Ellen knew how to arrange the altar pieces.

You’ll find  HOPE on the Road on YOUTUBE in early September.

Because I reached out to others, the outcome was beautiful.

Will you participate in HOPE on the Road?

Do you practice Reiki?  Can you  host your own HOPE on the Road?

You don’t practice Reiki?.  That’s not a problem.  Invite a Reiki practitioner to facilitate a HOPE on the Road presentation for you.  Encourage people to enjoy your HOPE on the Road event.

A HOPE on the Road event includes a guided meditation opening followed by a group Reiki session.  A hand blessing closes the experience.  A HOPE on the Road event only takes an hour.

The Reiki practitioner is a vital link between a person experiencing a challenge and appropriate support.

Does that not seem right for you?  Give me a call.  Send me an email.  I’m ready, willing, and able.

I’ll offer HOPE on the Road through Zoom or on the porch of a building, or in a garden somewhere. I can work with social distancing.

Don’t overlook your neighborhood library.

The important thing is that we share HOPE on the road.

What we all need now is HOPE.

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Thanks for joining HOPE on the Road!

Thurman Greco



HOPE – a Guided Meditation

Hope focuses on renewal, rebirth, and healing.

Find a place to be comfortable where you can rest undisturbed during this time.

As we experience this meditation, feel the “old” drop away and “new” opportunities present themselves.

Leave everything around you behind and bring your attention to yourself.

Relax as you go on this journey.

Get comfortable.

Breathe in from your abdomen – slowly, slowly, to the count of three.

One – Two – Three

Now – hold your breath to the count of four

One – Two – Three – Four

Now – exhale to the count of five.

One – Two – Three – Four – Five

Repeat this breathing pattern three more times.

In – one, two, three

Hold – one, two, three, four

Out – one, two, three, four, five

In – one, two, three

Hold – one, two, three, four

Out – one, two, three, four, five

In – one, two, three

Hold – one, two, three, four

Out – one, two, three, four, five

Continue to breathe deeply as you go into this relaxation.

Your relaxation becomes a blanket of warmth.  Sink down into this  quiet place inside yourself.


You are calm and peaceful now.  It is time for your journey.


You are strolling along a path in a forest.  Notice this path.  How does it feel under your feet?  Is this path a smooth grassy path?  Are there pebbles?   What kind of shoes are you wearing?

As you walk down this path, take a moment to feel the air on your skin – the sunlight shining down – gentle breezes caressing your clothes.

As you travel, notice sights, sounds, and fragrances:  birds, butterflies, wind in the trees.

What is your reaction to this place?  How do you feel beyond your body?

Strolling for a short time, you come to a clearing in the forest with openings to different paths.

As you look at the different paths, one attracts you.

You look down this path and see something shining in the sun off in the distance.

You’re drawn to this shining spot in the sun.  What is it?

You walk along this path that you just selected.  How does it feel under your feet?  Is it smooth?  Are there pebbles?  Is it a smooth dirt path?  Are there stepping stones?

As you walk toward the shiny spot ahead,  you feel layers and layers of your past drop away.

The weight of the world evaporates from your shoulders.


You soon arrive at the end of the path where you see a bench waiting for you.

There, on this bench, you see new clothes, neatly folded.

When you look at them, you see they are more beautiful than any you’ve seen before.

You remove the clothes you are wearing and put on these new clothes.  They are a perfect fit.

You walk up a slight hill toward the shining object you saw at the beginning of your walk.

As you approach the shining object, you discover it is a mirror.

You look in this mirror and see your reflection.

You see:

The person you have always known you were.

The person  you have always wanted to be.

You see yourself as strong, and happy.

NOW – you can continue to explore your new “you” as you return to this room.

You know you can return to this place anytime you want.


This meditation is part of a new program I’m offering called “Hope on the Road”.  I am sharing this meditation along with a reiki session and hand blessing to anyone who requests it.

This program is adaptable to zoom and in- person groups large or small.  It will also be on my YouTube channel.

Thank you for  participating.

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Taking Charge of Your Health to Make a New Life

Take charge of your health.

An important decision you make for yourself, it’s one I celebrate!  I want us all to become more conscious of ourselves and take charge of our own health.

Some of us reach this decision because of an event:  injuries resulting  from an accident or diseases experienced.

Some of us reach this decision because of experiences lived during the Pandemic.

And, some of us mature into this decision as an attitude toward our health.

Whatever the catalyst, deciding to be in charge of your health shifts your life’s path.  It’s a reason to rejoice.

But now, what are you going to do about it?

Sometimes people come to my table after deciding to be in charge of their health.  The idea is to give up the physician and replace her with a reflexologist.  Frankly, this is not always the best decision.

When this happens, you are simply trading one coat for another.  And, when this happens, you should be putting yourself in charge, not a reflexologist or acupuncturist or herbalist.

I have been in charge of my health care for years and rely on the training and wisdom of a nurse practitioner.  Not only do I seek information and advice from her regularly, I tap into her information bank with every visit.  She does blood tests.  She schedules MRIs or x-rays or other tests.

She offers information, advice, and wisdom at every office visit.

And, certainly, if you are putting yourself in charge, you may find yourself going to a physician or reflexologist or acupuncturist or herbalist as often (or even more often) than before.

So, then what do you do?


This is a group of professionals who support you in your search for lifelong good health.

My team includes, among other specialists, a Reiki practitioner, a reflexologist, a massage therapist, a physical therapist, a yoga teacher, a podiatrist, a dentist,  a periodontist, an allergist, a dermatologist, a sleep specialist, a  fitness expert.  a pharmacist.

I think you are getting the picture here.


Buy some anatomy and physiology books.  You are embarking on a new and wonderous journey!

Don’t be  overwhelmed.  Anatomy and physiology books come in all sizes and stripes.  They even come in coloring books.  Try them all.  Especially the coloring books.

You may even want to take a class or two.

You’ll learn much.

While you travel on this wonderful spiritual journey, you are now on a path to learn things about yourself that you never even knew you might need to know.

Definitely use the skills of a reflexologist or reiki practitioner regularly.  Weekly appointments are preferred.

Homeostasis opens many doors!


An important step to take when you manage your own health is to eat real food.  A cornerstone of good health is the proper diet.  There are many, many diets out there.  Until you feel certain that you are eating the correct diet for you,  rely on   foods which have no additives, preservatives, colors, etc.

I’m sure you understand what it means to  eat real food.

I’m certain that when you do finally feel you are eating the correct foods for your body, you will rely on real food.


Your body was made to move.  When you manage your own health, you know how important this is.


The bottom line is that, as you take charge of your health care, you will develop resources and you will probably never stop learning.


Thank you for reading this wellness article.  There are many related articles found in past blog posts.

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Thurman Greco








Wellness! – 10 Small Changes Make a Large Impact.


Each day, first thing, remind yourself about one thing that makes you happy.  We each have a happy trigger.  Part of our inner core, it doesn’t care how old we are, what we weigh, or how much education we have.

Find your happy trigger and meditate on it daily for 1-2 minutes when you first wake up.


Try this:  List your thoughts in a notebook and then put the book away.  This is your way of putting these recurring thoughts away for the night.


Banish your phone, fitness watch, computer, and any other piece of equipment with a little blue light, from your bedroom.


Eat a meal with your family, or someone you enjoy being around.   Sometimes the daily grind overwhelms us with stressful information.  Time with friends and loved ones can be healing.  Plating food and sitting down for a meal can enrich your life and bring joy.


Book a reflexology or Reiki therapy session.  An hour spent on a healer’s table can be both grounding and healing.


If you no longer see an item and don’t notice it, the time has come to release it to the universe where it can find renewed energy in another environment.  An added bonus is that you will also be making room in your life for what is important.


Owning a pet is not always an option for everyone.  You don’t have to own a pet to receive its unconditional love.  When you pet sit, visit with someone else’s pet, or walk a dog at a shelter,  you can still benefit from lower blood pressure, reduce your stress hormones, and improve your sense of well-being.


Prayer is always appropriate, whatever your religious beliefs, or situation.

angel with bird


Books and music lower your heart rate and ease your muscle tensions.


Add images, artwork, and other finds and mementos which can inspire, expand,  and positively motivate you.  A vision board helps you create your future.


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On This Journey: Hope

On this journey, I send you a blessing:

Whenever you touch someone, may you show them love.

In your work, may love, mercy, and justice shine forth.

May it guide and protect you.

– – – – – – – – –

As a reflexologist, whether I heal, teach, write, speak, or dowse, my intentions are the same.

I want us all to become more conscious of ourselves.

It’s time to take charge of our healing.

We can make necessary changes appropriate for us now as we offload things we no longer need.

As we do this, we discover what’s important to us.  We learn things about ourselves we never knew.

We find out things about ourselves we once knew but forgot.

We see some items which we may have felt weren’t necessary.  Now we know they are.

My job is to help you find your feet.

My goal is for you to know yourself better.

Once you know the truth about your feet, you become aware of your soul.

Things fall into place.

You may empower yourself to assume responsibility for your healing.

A better self-understanding emerges.

You are on a path to deeper consciousness.

Feet are essential.  They have been crucial since the beginning of our existence.  Our feet carry us wherever we need to go.  They are part of our lives spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Reflexology has been with us since the beginning of time when its history is shrouded in mists.

If you travel to Egypt, you’ll find wall paintings referring to feet dating back to 2399 BCE in the Historical Physicians’ Tomb of Saqqara, Egypt.

In Nara, Japan, the Medicine Teacher Temple has a stone carving of Buddha’s feet dating to 790 AD.

In India, the paintings of Vishnu correspond to some reflexology points.

Ancient Chinese writings describe pressure points on thumbs and toes.

Ayurveda medicine incorporates foot reflexology.

When I see a person’s feet, I feel as if I’ve found a book filled with stories, all waiting to be told.

Your feet speak to me.

Before, during, and after a session, your feet change color, texture, and weight.  Lines on your feet shift.

Health issues are messengers telling you to seek out and deal with spiritual causes.

When you visit a reflexologist with your health issues, you focus on your spirit.

You may also want to experience an hour of self-care.  Or, you may want to bliss out for a short time.

Whatever the motivation, a reflexology session offers a window into homeostasis, the balance of all body systems.  Reflexology is all about self-healing reflexology.

Your body changes daily – and continually changes throughout your activities.  Whether sleeping, dancing, or taking out the trash, your body tries to maintain a health balance – homeostasis.

When you seek a reflexologist, you may be trying to deal with one or more ongoing persistent health problems.

You seek a solution while saying to yourself:  “I may have to learn to live with  fatigue (insomnia, constipation, headaches).”

When a person brings a spiritual issue to my table, I go to the chakras.

This is an opportunity to dowse them.

With chronic disease, the chakras commonly seize up.

Balancing a chakra with spinning helps.  First, I remove the negative energy, then I spin the chakras.  I always work the weakest chakra first.

Trauma clogs the chakras and turns them gray.

A reflexology session reveals things for a client including:


deep relaxation

more regular bowel movements

instant relief of tired, sore, achy feet

a mild detox


increased circulation

relaxed tension

Conflicting information constantly bombards us with information about our health.

What’s good.

What’s bad.

The bottom line is we’re complex beings.  Good health involves the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual body.

We heal five different ways.  Healing is physical, symbolic, mythical, energetic, and spiritual.

Physical Healing is undeniable.  Your body fights disease by overcoming symptoms, boosting your body systems, changing you DNA.

When a client comes to me in pain, we have a conversation about the situation.  This is Symbolic Healing in action.  I ask questions:

How long have you had this pain?

When did it begin?

Is it constant or intermittent?

What makes it better, and what makes it worse?

Where does it hurt?

What does this pain feel like?

What does it look like?

What color is this pain?

Can you describe the sound of this pain?

How does it smell?

What is your pain’s size and shape?

What other symptoms follow this pain?

Once the sound is identified, I invite the person to make a chant using this sound.

Symbolic healing works through words.  Talking with a psychiatrist or psychotherapist is symbolic healing.  Speaking with a physical therajpist about your shoulder pain is symbolic.

Guided meditation is symbolic healing.

Energetic Healing does not rely on words.  Energetic healing is meditation, massage, reflexology, Reiki, chakra healing, or other bodywork.

Blended Healing happens when chiropractors, physical therapists, and physicians work on your symbolic level during consultations.  Describing your health issues with a physician is symbolic healing.

– – – – – – – – – –

Illness is real.  Accidents happen.  Medicine and healing can help.  They create meaning.

Recent global events spread uncertainty, insecurity, and grief.  How we approah our health and wellness is forever changed.

It’s up to us now to keep ourselves and our loved ones well.  At some point, you may need to choose a reflexologist or other healer.  Not all healers and practitioners are alike.

A 9-word vocabulary clarifies this for you:

Administer – Reflexologists don’t administer anything.  We read feet and offer sessions.  We have provided noninvasive sessions to our clients the world over for ages and ages.

Advise – Reflexologists support client partners in their healing path.  This work supports homeostasis.

Cure – Reflexologists offer our services and empower client partners to control their health as they heal and embrace wellness.  This can be a very different thing depending on the issue.

Diagnose – Reflexologists do not diagnose.  Physicians diagnose.  A disgnosis is essential because it’s much easier to overcome a health issue if it has a name.

Dispense – Reflexologists dispense nothing beyond the sessions we offer.

Examine – Reflexologists read feet, hands, or ears.  We notice the locations of our findings.  We work the feet, hands, or ears to facilitate healing and homeostasis.

Patient – Physicians and nurses have patients.  Reflexologists have clients or client partners.

Prescribe – Prescriptions are allopathic tools.  Reflexologists do not prescribe.  We rely on our hands and hearts to tell us what we find to encourage healing, and wellness, to facilitate homeostasis.

Recommend – We work feet, concentrating our energies to facilitate healing.

What is suffering really about?  Why are we going through this?  What is the purpose?

Getting well is sometimes very tough.  These are the spiritual questions:

Do you want to be well if getting well hurts?

Do you want to be well if it separates you from your old identity?

Do you want to be well more than you want to stay the same?

A good model for healing involves four steps:

Several years ago, I had a pain in my shoulder.  First I met with my health care provided for a diagnosis and whatever else I needed to get over this pain.  This was important.

Her diagnosis helped me overcome my problem.  An old saying goes like this:  It’s easier to slay the .dragon once I know its name.

I had overworked a muscle in my shoulder .  I removed the environmental cause of the problem by not lifting anything else until the pain was dealt with.

Then, I set about correcting my painful situation.  I scheduled 8 physical therapy sessions and went twice a week for four weeks to physical therapy where I received massage, exercise, ultrasound, and heat treatment

My physical therapist taught me the proper way to lift boxes weighing 40 pounds each.

I scheduled four weekly reflexology sessions to correspond with each physical therapy session I received.  A sesion was scheduled to be within 24 hours of each physical therapy appointment.

The reflexologist used her sensory skills to work my feet.  She found crystals, resistance, hollows, and mushy tissue.

Her findings gave even more clues.  Because my situation was acute, she found a lot of “clues”.

She found crytals that varied from tiny salt crystal size to crystals that felt like broken glass to feeling like beans.  Some places on my feet felt as hard as rocks.

Others felt spongy.

Meanwhile, I felt things, too.  I felt tenderness, shooting pains, throbbing.  My feet felt sore, achy, bruised, and tired.

I also experienced incredible grounding and relaxation.  I slipped into a deep, sleeplike state during each session.

Taking steps to keep the situation from happening again, I learned the proper way to lift 40-pound boxes.

More than anything, I followed my truth.  I had a “conversion” when I understood the changes I needed to make and the things I had to do to be pain-free and to function well again.

I realized something:

As hard as we try to stay healthy, sooner or later, we all get sick.

Acute illnesses can be cured.

Chronic illnesses are another thing entirely.  We live with chronic illnesses.  They each have spiritual implications and overlays.

The role of the mind, the state of your health, and your spirituality connect to three things:

What happens in your life.

How you feel and think about what is happening.

What happens in your body.

These three things are the stress created by your situation.  Stress is your response to an event and how you perceive and react to it, not what happened.

Stress is a deadly health crisis.

We each have a spiritual core needing encouragement, support, and protection.  Your inner core helps you travel through life with the fewest bumps possible.

When guidance, nourishment, and protection are deficient in some way, you risk losing self-confidence.

Give yourself a boost.  Life is easier with a solid inner core.

Begin by thinking positively.

Before you get out of bed each day,  ask yourself:

“What makes me happy?  How can I be happy today?”

Happiness is one thing that only you can give yourself.  It doesn’t depend on how much money you make or how much education you have, or how tall you are.

Happiness depends on your inner self.

Listen to your body.

When you listen, your body will tell you what you need.  It will tell you what to keep, what to avoid, what to give away, and what to leave behind.

When you understand what your body says, you have a chance to heal life.  You can change your life if that is what you want.

Tune in to your body several times daily.  Do you have pain anywhere?  Is your spine aligned?  What is your energy level right this moment?  Are you hungry?  Thirsty?  Tired?  Joyful?

Good health is a priority.

When you value your good health, you love your self.  You believe you are a valuable person.  You expect yourself to be in excellent health.  Your thinking can change.  Your life can unstick itself.  Claim your wellness!

Your emotional self is a best friend.

Your feelings are an opportunity.  You can never expand or grow until you own up to the feelings your body sends your way.  They help you release pain, extra weight, sorrow, grief, fear.

When you release some of these painful things, you can experience joyful health, peace, grounding.  You will find room in your soul for a better quality of life.

Connect with your community.

Volunteer or join a local group such as knitting or hiking.  Get a parttime job.  Read a local paper.  Use your library.  Work at a food pantry.  Join your local church or synagogue.  Teach someone to read.

Include exercise of some kind every day.

In 1513, Ponce deLeon discovered the Fountain of Youth in what is now St. Augustine, Florida.  The Fountain of Youth still exists and keeps people everywhere healthy and fit.

There is at least one branch of it in your neighborhood.  It’s located on a sidewalk or roadside where you can walk every day.  If that branch is inconvenient for you, another nearby branch is in a local fitness center.  You’ll be much healthier when you visit your favorite branch regularly.

Reflexology and Reiki

Include a session of Reflexology, Reiki, or other nourishing bodywork every week.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a health issue, or whether you just want to get on a healing table and bliss out.  What’s important is the self-care you receive.

Review your situation

This last year has been stressful for everyone.  I don’t know even one person who has escaped grief.

Now is a good time to write about important moments in your life.  You don’t have to focus on what happened in your life.  Focus, instead, on what you did about what happened to you.

Write short stories, essays, poems, or keep a journal.  Whatever you choose, if you need help, you may get it at your library.

Learn Reiki Therapy

Reiki is one of the oldest healing modalities on our planet.  When you take a Reiki class, you learn a healing tool to positively impact your life.

Reiki is adaptable to many different situations.  It is easy to learn and use.  We all need more Reiki.  Every time I hear about a new class forming or a Reiki circle happening, I rejoice.

Get Creative

The fun thing about creativity is that it can be anything you want it to be.  When you get creative, you relax, laugh, explore, inspire and imagine.  You add more color to your life.

Creativity is an empowering tool.

When you get creative, you are open to positive lifestyle changes.  The possibilities are many:

You may develop a working relationship with your healthcare professional and your healer.

You may become more aware of your body and how it works.

You have a basic plan for conquering and preventing disease when you combine quality sleep with healthy eating and physical activity.  I have written much about these things in my blog posts, my books, and on YouTube interviews.

When we are in the presence of someone suffering from something we can do nothing about, the first reaction is to run away as fast as possible.  It’s frightening to be around suffering.

Feeling helpless in the face of anguish and pain is complex.

A Healing Community

To be part of a healing community, we learn to be with those suffering even when we feel helpless.

Make no mistake.  We are not helpless.  We offer hope for one another as we keep the faith God, or the Universe, or whatever word you want to use, is working even when we can’t see how.  To be part of a healing community means we are not alone.

That makes all the difference.

When you are part of a healing community, you can change.  You can experience your life differently, made to feel whole, even as your physical abody falls apart.

Touch can heal you from fear, even when you remain sick.

Healing is about creating meaning.  Ask yourself:

What is suffering for anyway?

Why are we going through this?

What is the purpose?

Getting well is sometimes very tough.  Do you want to be well if getting well hurts?

Do you want to be well if it separates you from your old self?

Do you want to be well more than you want to stay the same?

This is a all to change.

Since ancient times, healers and physicians have worked with patients to achieve a cure, a restoration.

Healing takes many forms:  physical, mythical, symbolic, and energetic.

But, what happens when there are no options?

From the time a person is diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness, we must try to make some sense of the days and months left.

Healing appears in many forms, including antibiotics, chemotherapy, and morphine.

Reiki, guided meditations, favorite music, and listening are appropriate.

Whatever form healing takes, flexibility is essential.  Any number of situations may arise.  A nurse may arrive to do routine and necessary are.  A family member may enter.

Let the process unfold in whatever way it happens.

In the end, we offer a smile, an ear, a touch, an embrace.

Sometimes it helps to remind yourself that, even though we’re grieving, death is about the person who is dying.

The rest of us are there to help say “goodbye”, do the laundry, and serve a cup of tea to someone to someone who needs it.

Finally, our job is to let the person go.

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