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Healer’s Handbook – Wellness for All

This book is filled with all the wellness information I would have loved to have had when I was a young mother with two active, curious children.

I would love to have shared this information with my two daughters when they started their families.  Time turned this book into a resource for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to use as they go through life.

This book is your ticket to your healing adventures.  After all, wherever you go, if you are healing yourself or caring for someone else, you are on a journey.

The information took me decades to discover and organize.  I’ve presented it in practical and uncomplicated ways so you can use it in today’s hectic world.

This healing information has stood the test of time.  Medical training isn’t necessary to read and understand the words on these pages.

Information in this book does not diagnose or treat a disease.  I do not prescribe medications or treatments of any kind.  “A Healer’s Handbook – Wellness for All” is not a substitute for an X-ray or MRI.

This book adds a spiritual layer of personal care to every situation in your healing life.  The goal is to enlighten and empower you with information and  insight you can use on your healing journey.

If I’m successful, you will read things and then discuss them with your healthcare provider, your family, and other persons of importance in your life.

I hope you’ll see how  these suggestions and this information fit into your core values.

For thousands of years, reflexologists (for example) have successfully treated these health issues from common ailments to complex diseases. Because I’m a reflexologist, you’ll find references to this modality on many pages.

That doesn’t mean you need to be a reflexologist to use this knowledge.

It’s there to adapt to to your needs.  If you know nothing about reflexology, you can still benefit from its philosophy about health and healing.

Reflexology teaches:  Your body is different every day.

My healing practice teaches:  You are not just a physical body.  Your components are made up of physical, mental, emotional, and spirital aspects.

Your health changes continually.

If you are twenty years old, the information you read in this book will interest you in one way.

After fifty years, you’ll be focused on your health in different ways.

Children in your life will point you in yet another direction.

Use the information you find on these pages to see your health and its maintenance through the added dimension of a spiritual event or situation.  Doing this, you will enhance your well-being.

Part 1 of this book focuses on your health, healing, and wellness.  Good habits can be tough to start.  Most of us don’t pay attention to what we should be doing until its obvious.

This book gives you a boost to care for yourself and those important to you before problems develop or get serious.  The first part of this book answers and explains many questions.

You may find several listings repeated in many places.  Their impact has multiple implications.

Part 2 focuses on the spirituality of your body systems.  It’s much easier to care for yourself or someone else when you know how your body parts interact with one another.

Essential Foods are listed in each body system they support.

Personal care information is included.

Part 3 is your toolbox.  Information listed here lists ailments and their remedies alphabetically.  Each entry begins with spiritual qualities unique to the disease you are investigating.

I’ve listed essential oils for easy reference.  Each health issue listed has practical information specific to that disease.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in this book.

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We Live in a Dirty World. Manage Your Detox with 3 Reflexology Body Systems to Workout & 3 Crucial Daily Activities.

When I think of toxicity, the first word coming to my mind is (of course) reflexology!  A reflexology session offers a mild detox.  Often, this detox goes unnoticed.  The person comes to my table with other issues and leaves feeling better, grounded, at peace.

People visit reflexologists with health issues which they feel need spiritual attention.  This focus may be subdued.  In other words, they feel they need spiritual attention but aren’t aware of the situation.  They haven’t yet begun to verbalize their needs.

The words they use include fatigue, insomnia, constipation, headaches.

Whatever words they use, a reflexology session opens a window into homeostasis – the balance of all body systems.  This is what healing is all about.

A toxic body makes healing more challenging.

A reflexology session works three body systems to promote a physical detox.

Your liver is a powerful detoxing organ in your Digestive System.  Your liver does two things to manage a detox:  Its enzymes break down toxins and then sends them off to your kidneys as urine and to your lower digestive tract as feces.

As my Aunt Ruby always said:  “Your good health begins and ends in your digestive system.”

When your reflexologist works your Lymphatic System, the fluids in your body  balance and remove toxins.  This system works on a parallel path with your circulatory system.  Your Lymphatic System works to keep your body clean.

Your Respiratory System focuses on the air you breathe.  You inhale oxygen and exhale toxins.

A weekly reflexology session helps your body detox itself.  You can boost this weekly session by combining it with Reiki therapy and chakra healing.  Or not.  Whatever makes you comfortable is important.

There are Three other things to pay attention to in addition to your weekly sessions.   A Healthy Diet, Daily Exercise, and Enough Sleep.  Each one of these activities is crucial to your detoxing success.

Don’t be put off by The Big Three.  Detoxing can be a journey you start small.  Begin by drinking enough water each day.

Each morning, I prepare two large glasses of water which I drink throughout the day.  On a good day, I get in three large glasses.

For me a Daily Exercise routine can include many different things.  But two things are basic – every day:  Walking 10,000 steps and using my personal trampoline.  I may include other things such as yoga on a weekly routine schedule.  But the walking and the trampoline are daily essential habits for me.

I’ve written many blog posts about exercise and my new book “Wellness for All” refers to exercise as well.

But, one thing I think I’ve omitted to discuss is the importance of exercise to your detox.  Daily exercise is crucial to any detox effort.

When you increase your circulation enough to sweat, you detox!

I cannot overemphasize the importance of Enough Sleep.  My Aunt Ruby knew what she was talking about when she said “When you get enough sleep, you can slay dragons”.

Don’t make any job harder than it has to be.  Sleep your way through your detox every night.  And, include a power nap in the afternoon if you can fit it in.

A Healthy Diet  during a detox will have a major impact on your moods and your ability to stay calm.  This will make you a lot easier to live with as you shed toxins that may have been hanging around for months or years.

You may decide to dramatically change your diet to promote your detox efforts.  Or, you may decide that the slow, gentle release of toxins through reflexology is enough for a start.

Reduce the toxins you ingest in your food.  It can be easier than you think to eat foods that taste delicious and support your good health too!

Another Aunt Ruby guideline:  Small steps create big changes when it comes to caring for your body and soul.

A detox is important to your self-care.  Also important:  Understand why you feel you need to detox in the first place.  Whatever your reason, broaden your goal to include your life – not just your body.

Remember to care for yourself, and our planet.  Include activities that support your emotional health and your soul.

One thing this article refers too in several ways:  You have a choice with detoxification.

You can detox for a day or two days or a week.

You can even take a detox vacation as I did several years ago when I spent 10 days in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, drinking juices and other beverages to encourage toxins to move on out.,

Or, you can take the rest of your life.  Certainly, that’s the easy way.  How does it work?  When you choose to eat healthy, clean foods which promote a healthy body, you are, in a sense, detoxing your life.

Choose to take supplements which support your detoxing efforts.  This means you choose your supplements with care.  All my supplements come from the shelves at Village Apothecary.  I have total confidence in Neal Smoller’s knowledge, experience, and opinions.

You can reach Village Apothecary at

You will include sleep, skin-care routines, and cleansing products in your detox routines.  What this means is that you are going for the big picture:  your whole life – not just a smoothie or two.

What this amounts to is this:  Many small steps will bring big changes.

The small steps that bring big changes can  renew your body and soul.  When you take charge of your health and your future, you are the future behind your own change!

Pat yourself on your back, and call yourself a hero!  And, don’t forget to journal about it.  What a wonderful story you will tell!

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Reiki for Transition – Reflexology for the Spirit

So, here we are, on the cusp of summer.

Only a few days away from the June equinox, we’re somewhere in transitions we’re all experiencing as we feel our way from the pandemic to the post pandemic reality.

Whether you feel the end of the pandemic is here or whether you feel there never was a pandemic or whether you fear the pandemic will never end:

This is a time to feel the earth underneath your feet.

This is a time to take a deep breath.

This is a time to balance your chakras and your body systems.

Now, more than ever before, we all need the homeostasis offered by Reiki.  We all need Reiki’s gentle healing.  We all need Reiki’s blessings.

Join together now and send Reiki to yourself, to your family members, to your neighbors, to the planet.

Whoever you choose to receive your Reiki, that person, place, or thing will  appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness.

This is a time to send Reiki to all living beings.


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Are you fat, frazzled and exhausted? – Have you thought about your Endocrine system?

I never even thought about my endocrine system until I went to Potomac MyoTherapy Institute.  And, even then, I wasn’t sure what it was.  It wasn’t until I practiced reflexology and Reiki therapy that I really became involved with how important the endocrine system is.

So I have some questions for you:

Do you sleep poorly?

Do you get colds and other infections easily?  Are they hard to kick?

Are you depressed, anxious, or irritable?

Has your sex drive disappeared?

Do you have clawing pains on your legs?

Are you worried about a heart attack?

That’s a lot of questions, but, really, if you are tired, anxious, overweight, or in pain, you may have an issue with your endocrine system.

There are many endocrine systems glands.  The three most likely to cause problems are your thyroid, adrenal gland, or reproductive glands.

In many cases these deficiencies can be easily diagnosed and safely treated.  After you’ve discovered the issue and corrected it, you can feel like a new person again.

I know I did.

Before my  underactive thyroid was discovered, I was a walking zombie.

I went to bed at night exhausted and did not wake up feeling any better the next morning..

I was forgetful and couldn’t focus.

I gained a lot of  weight and couldn’t lose not even one ounce.

My muscles ached and I couldn’t lift much.

My skin and hair were dry, dry, dry.

I was cold – always.

And, these were just the problems I had with my thyroid.  Even so, I never really appreciated my endocrine system until I struggled with my thyroid.

Fortunately, I stumbled on a physician who saw my situation for what it was and I got the pills.  And, that is not to say there were no problems along the way.  I’ve been overmedicted, undermedicated, and not medicated over the years.

Overall, the pills are doing their job.  Regular reflexology sessions helped – a lot.

Your endocrine system is much more than your thyroid.  Your endocrine system includes glands located throughout the body which normalize how your body works and communicate with your chakra system.

Your endocrine system is the most spiritual system of your body.  When a reflexologist focuses a session on the endocrine system, the session can have long lasting, transformational effects.

When one or more of your endocrine system glands is stressed or unbalanced, your whole being knows it.  Why?  Your endocrine system glands manufacture hormones which control your life.  If a gland produces too much or too little of a hormone, your body knows about it.  That’s because your glands regulate every other system in your body.

When even one gland doesn’t work, everything is out of balance.  Your entire body is bothered.  Even your chakras are affected.

That’s my take on it anyway.

And, there are several glands throughout your body – all of which work together.  Or not.  I used my thyroid as an example.

I’m not suggesting that everyone has an unbalanced thyroid.  Other hormone imbalances  include adrenals, estrogen and progesterone imbalances, and testosterone.

Do you think you might want to learn more about your endocrine glands?  They are interesting.  Even their names are interesting:  parathyroid, pineal, thymus, pancreas.

Ongoing reflexology and Reiki therapy sessions encourage homeostasis which will work to balance your total body. But, you may need more support than a weekly session.

Have you ever visited an endocrinologist?

I’m always amazed at the number of people who have never made an appointment with an endocrinologist.  Actually, most of them never really ever heard about endocrinology.

Your body begins to break down from the effects of an unbalanced endocrine system.  An exhausted endocrine system can and does produce a long list of symptoms because an exhausted endocrine system can produce problems with other systems:  your immune system, your digestive system, your circulatory system, your…  You get the picture.

The bottom line is that you are finally unable to deal with life’s challenges.

There comes a time when you may be ready to get to the heart of the matter.  When this happens, and you discover the cause of your problems, you may begin to feel like a new person.

You are ready for a happy, healthy, natural ending to your story.

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One of my YouTube programs may have something to offer.

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A Little-Known Cause of Poor Health – and What You Can Do About It

Please allow me to introduce you to my favorite relative – Aunt Ruby.

Aunt Ruby was a nurse – and I’m convinced that there has never been a better nurse than Aunt Ruby.  She was 80+ and together.  Then, one day she wasn’t.

When Aunt Ruby came to live at our home,she was wearing a back brace.  She barely knew the day of the week.  She fell asleep repeatedly throughout the day.  She walked with the aid of a rollator and a cane. She wore a lift on one shoe.  A  mysterious rash covered one leg.

Aunt Ruby could no longer dress herself.

It took us 18 months to get Aunt Ruby back again.  One reason it took so long was that we weren’t sure what the problem was.

And, what was the problem?  After much trial and error, we finally found out.  Aunt Ruby, as good as she was a nurse,  took whatever pills, drops, lozenges, creams she felt she needed at the moment.  And, when she didn’t need the particular product anymore, she just kept on using it.

Aunt Ruby ruined her health by overmedicating herself with several OTC and prescriptives that never should have been taken beyond their practical use.

And, truth be told, Aunt Ruby’s story is pretty common.

A number of medications are commmon culprits.

Antacid drugs – Heartburn drugs




Osteoporosis Drugs

OTC drugs

All of the above listed medications can and will help you if you need them. If you don’t need them, they can change your behavior, alter your personality, give you an itchy rash, make you feel so tired you can’t walk across the room.

However, they should be taken if they are needed.

They can cause many health problems if they are taken with other medications which don’t mix well. Taking several drugs can create interactions: fatigue, depression, confusion, jumpy skin, insomnia.

An interested medical professional should periodically monitor every pill, liquid, salve, you use.   If they don’t work, and if they don’t work together, they should be discontinued.

If a product doesn’t work, doubling the dose is not going to help.

Very few drugs should be taken for an extended period of time without periodic blood tests and observation to be sure they are still doing what they need to do without causing problems.

Sometimes, when these drugs are discontinued, these feelings are replaced by mental clarity, and better energy.  If you feel better after stopping the medications in question, work with your physician and/or pharmacist to discover the way to your best health.

While this is happening to you, you will feel very different as your body returns to a healthier state.

Regular reflexology and Reiki therapy sessions will keep your body grounded and encourage homeostasis as your body gains its new good health.

And, ideally, regular reflexology or Reiki therapy sessions are a part of your  weekly wellness schedule over time to help you maintain your best possible health.

Aunt Ruby’s body underwent many changes while some drugs were discontinued.  Other drugs were adjusted so that she received fewer amounts.  The homeostasis encouraged by reflexology and Reiki helped her daily life balance itself.

This whole process took months.

I’m definitely not suggesting that all people taking several drugs or even one or two drugs are over medicated.  However, a periodic review of your medications can help you learn whether or not you are taking the proper medications in the correct amounts.

This includes your vitamins.  I get all my vitamin and mineral preparations from Woodstock Apothecary.  I recently reviewed everything I take.

This also includes many herbs and other preparations sold without prescriptions.  Any product which has the capacity to improve your life can also wreak havoc with your life if it is not the right time for you to be taking this drug or herb or other medication you are considering.

I hope the information in this blog post will help you.

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Thurman Greco

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3 Ways to Find Yourself in Our New World

Forever changed is our future:

The pandemic and its surrounding life events changed us dramatically.  We each  experienced the pandemic differently.  This event transformed us.  Even if you denied the pandemic and ignored the events…

Especially if you denied the pandemic.

We have a new life now.

Remember those plans you made for the future?  Are the goals the same?  Do they need updating?  Improving?  Now is a good time to update them.

We can keep them as simple or complex as we want.

One thing is still the same:  feeling happy everyday.

Everyday habits keep us healthy and happy.  By that, I’m referring to what we eat, how well we sleep, how much exercise we get…

To plan my life again, I took stock of my days.  I focused on the everyday habits that I never even thought about.  I focused on things I ignored in the past.

I asked:  “What works?  What doesn’t?”

I realized I have a chance to be happy today and tomorrow and next week.

I hope you’ll join me in this review.

First step in your new life:  feel, really feel your feelings.  All that anger, fear, stress, curiosity.  Acknowledge it. Feel it. Somewhere in all those feelings, you’re going to discover happiness.

Spend some time on this.  Feel your past.  Feel your present.  Feel your future.  Take some time now to think joyous thoughts.  Catch those happy thoughts and hang onto them.

In step two, don’t blame anyone  – not even yourself.  When you don’t blame anyone, you jettison everything but happiness.  When you don’t blame anyone, you suddenly control your life as you leave your past behind and move into your future.

In step three, choose happiness.  This is where you have a gift card to all the goodies in the deli.  This is where you choose all the things which make you feel good.  This is where you choose your future.  What you focus on becomes your future.  Meditate on this happy future.  List all the things you like about your happy future.

What comes next!

What comes next is healing!

Practice Reiki with the intention of choosing a happy future.  Heal your future self with Reiki and reflexology.

Your feet are your command center.  Focus on a healthy future for your feet and for the rest of your body.

Did you study Reiki in your past but never really used it?  Now is a good time to bring Reiki with you to your future.

Schedule regular sessions.  The homeostasis offered by Reiki and reflexology cannot be overblown.

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10 Steps to Inner Fitness and a Life That Unsticks Itself.

We’ve all got a lot on our plates these days.  All of us.

We’re at a point where it’s time to return to normal.

The question is this:  What is normal anyway?

Certainly it’s not what we had before.  It’s time to make way for a better life..

Whether we’re interested or not, our spiritual centers need encouragement, support, and protection.  Inner fitness smoothes out the bumps in our travels through life.

I don’t know if I speak for everyone, or even anyone, but I find myself embracing this new normal while experiencing grief.

With a grounded inner core,  a new normal is easier to find and recognize.  Essential requirements for inner fitness include encouragement, support, safety, and self-confidence.

There are things you can do:

Think Positively.  

Positive thoughts are essential – even before you get out of bed.  When you wake, ask yourself “How can I be happy today?”

Happiness is the great equalizer.  You are never too young or too old for happiness.  Happiness doesn’t need education.  Happiness doesn’t need good health.  Happiness is the only thing I know that is available to everyone.

All happiness needs is for you to “be happy.”

Listen to Your Body.  

When you listen, your body will talk to you.  It will never lie to you as healing  begins.  Inner fitness is real.

Are you trying to adjust to your new reality?  Do you want to change your life?  Is something wrong, and are you trying to find out what?

Tune in to your body several times a day.  Do you have pain anywhere?  Is your spine aligned?  What is your energy level?  Are you hungry?  Thirsty?  Tired?  Joyful?

Good Health is a Priority.

When you value your good health, you become a valuable person.  You love yourself.  When you expect excellent health, your thinking changes.  Life unsticks itself.

Claim your wellness!

Respect Your Emotional Self 

Your feelings are opportunities to grow.  Emotions are messages from your body which will help set you free.  Your emotions can help you understand pain, extra weight, sorrow, fear.

When you remove these feelings, you make way for joyful health, peace, grounding.

A better life emerges.

Connect with Your Community.

Get a part time job.

Or a full time job.

Read a newspaper.

Use your library.

Volunteer at a food pantry.

Join your local church or synagogue.

Teach someone to read.

Include Exercise Every Day

In 1513, Ponce de Leon discovered the Fountain of Youth in what is now St. Augustine, Florida.  The Fountain of Youth still exists and keeps people everywhere healthy.  There is at least one branch of it in your neighborhood, located on a sidewalk or roadside where you can walk every day.

If that’s not convenient for you, another nearby branch is in your local fitness center.  You’ll be healthier when you visit it regularly.

Take a Grounding Break

Try meditation, walking your dog, giving your cat a massage, or staring out the window into nothingness.

The activity isn’t so important.  What’s important is that, when you complete this small task, you’ll have given yourself a refreshing, grounding break.

You’ll continue with your day feeling more positive, relaxed.  Your fresh new take on the day will ripple out to those around you.

Review Your Situation

Now might be a good time to write about important moments in your life.  You don’t  have to focus on what happened in your life.  Focus, instead, on what you did about what happened to you.

Write short stories, essays, poems, or keep a journal.

Whatever you choose, if you need help, you may find it at your library.

Reflexology and Reiki

Do not overlook a weekly session.  Both these modalities bring homeostasis which is crucial these days.  Both these modalities are adaptable to many different situations.

Do you practice Reiki?  No?  Find a teacher.  If you do…have you thought about a Reiki circle for your area?

We all need more Reiki.  We all need more reflexology.

When I think about Reiki and reflexology, my heart sings!

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5 Physical Self-Care Boosts for Your Diet – and Your Life


There comes a time in everyone’s diet routine when it’s time to get physical.  You’re doing good things to lose weight but you need something else to offer a boost.

But what?

Move those muscles, that’s what!

But there’s a secret to this success.  It’s called planning.

If you don’t plan to schedule exercise,  it won’t be a part of your life.

First:  Start off super simple.  Plan to meet a friend for a workout session of something…a brisk walk,  a tennis game, a swim at your local Y.

Make it a weekly event.

What’s important is that you get out your calendar and schedule regular  sessions with friends.  When you schedule regular dates with friends, they’ll probably happen.

There are only  a few details you need to work out:

Where will you exercise?  Home, Park, Gym?

What will you do:  Walk?  Aerobics?  Feldenkrais? Pilates?  Golf?

When will you meet?  Before work?  Lunch hour?  Weekends?   After work?

Second:  Use your watch to track your steps.  My first fitness watch was a Garmin.  My second, a FitBit.  My third love is a Samsung.  Each of these watches  overperformed.  My Samsung even takes phone calls.

But, don’t get distracted by all the wonderful things this wrist jewelry does.  Use the treats which attract you.  For me, it’s the magic number I check throughout the day which tells me how many steps I’ve taken.

Your fitness watch is a step counter.  Mine tracks my steps throughout the day.  My goal is 10,000 steps a day.  I don’t worry about whether the intensity is low, moderate, or high.  I’m concerned with the total.  My goal is to enjoy myself when I know I’ve reached the magic number:  10,000.

Whether you have a Garmin, a Fitbit, a Samsung, or a simple pedometer,  when you count your steps, you have a constant coach who travels with you and supports you in your health goals.

Third:  While you’re at it, go for some strength training.  This is not the same thing as exercising with a friend.

Strength training happens when you work all your muscles under the direction of a trainer.  Whether you call it resistance training, weight training, or muscle training, you’re giving your body a bonus class once a week. Strength training is not painful.

The idea is to improve your bone density, firm and trim your body, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase your self-esteem, and prevent falls.  WOW

Find a qualified teacher and schedule a weekly class  on a different day from exercising with a buddy.  This is the training where you’ll start slow and set no upper limits for yourself.  The sky is the limit.

Remember:  strong is healthy.

Fourth:  Join a yoga class.  Yoga is therapeutic.  It’s uplifting.  It’s fun.  It’s also an exercise where you compete only with yourself.  There are many, many kinds of yoga and every teacher is different. Shop around.

I, personally, prefer restorative yoga.  My current teacher, Carolyn Abedor, teaches Iyengar yoga.  I love every minute I’m in her class.  When you join the right yoga class for you, you’ll feel the same way about your teacher.

Fifth:  Give yourself the gift of a regular reflexology session.  Your feet are the command center of your body.  A reflexology session honors you – physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  Each reflexology session brings homeostasis to your whole body.  Go for it!


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Spirit is a Change Agent: 5 Ways to See. 6 Questions. 3 Lists.

Sometimes, when spirit reaches out, we rejoice.

Spirit speaks, whether or not we are interested.  The message may be loud or soft, depending on your self-care situation.

Lately, I’ve been hearing from people, each of whom is in dialogue with  spirit.  One thing, spirit brings change.  I think about change this way:

When I choose change, the words in my life are different:

I can love myself more.

I release resentment so forgiveness can become part of my life.

I move from the old to the new.

I express love in more ways.

Today’s article focuses on one prompt instead of the usual list of 5-7 self-care suggestions I’ve been offering.   I’m interrupting the series with this one focus because it needs attention.

Do you feel resentment when a client, a relative, a neighbor, a manager, a stranger asks something of you?

Do you want to spend more time with someone but cannot?

The tendency is to swallow your feelings and press on.  Whatever the message, spirit speaks truth. However spirit reaches you, the message is an opportunity.    Eventually, when spirit bubbles your feelings up, you cannot pretend you don’t feel the tug.  Spirit is a change agent.

How does spirit speak to you?  Do you feel anger, depression, fear?  Do you feel love, calm, excitement?  Do you smell roses?

Do thoughts enter your head?  “I really don’t want to do this job, see this person again, drive this commute, feel this stress, stay in this apartment, live in this town, put up with this pandemic stress even one minute more.”

Do you see answers in clouds, on pages of books you find open?

Eventually, spirit convinces you to honor your situation and yourself.  It’s time  to honor change.

A good next step is a list.  After all, “if it’s not on the list, it doesn’t exist.”  Right?

For starters, I propose two lists.  A heart list comes first. This is an ongoing document you create while traveling on your life path.

I first found the Heart list in a book, “Fireflies” by Coleen Murtagh Paratore – a successful and spiritual writer:

Take a piece of paper and draw a large heart on it.  What words make you happy?  What words make you smile?  Put those words in the heart you just drew.

Set this heart list aside for the moment  while you create your Change list.

On a second piece of paper, list things to change in your life. You are creating your Change list.

Now, ask yourself:

How can I turn the Change list entries into action?

What should I do to improve my situation?

What can I give away, move, rearrange?

Change is a gift.  Is it time to allow gratitude into my life?

Can I get comfortable with change?  Do I even want to get comfortable with change?

How long do I want to live with negativity in my life:  Ten minutes?  Ten days?  Ten weeks?  Ten Months?  Ten years?

Put your two lists away.  But, don’t hide your heart list.  Place it where you can see it whenever you want.  Add add words to your heart list often.

When tomorrow comes, look at your Change list.  Your positive future may lie in this list.  Seek ways  to create what will work for you.

Find ways to graciously and generously reduce contact with stressful people, places, and situations.

Are there people and aspects in your life you want to draw closer?  Do you  want to spend more time with others?  What places do you want to know better?  Are there positive activities you want to include in your life?

What are the best ways to remove unwanted habits?  Changes shift outcomes. Situations move and create a rejuvenating ripple effect in your life.

The third list, my Ben Franklin Change List, is important now.  I’ve used this list for years when  taking action becomes confusing.  .

Sometimes I’m trying to decide what to do.  My options have narrowed down to two or three and I’m still trying to decide.  I haul out another piece of paper and draw two or three lines on it.  I list everything that can happen if I move down path A, and then I list everything that can happen if I move down path B.

I include “the best thing that can happen if I…” in each option of my Ben Franklin list.  I also include “the worst thing that can happen if I…”

After I’ve written down everything and anything, I examine the opportunities these lists created.  One list will be longer than the other.

Listing all the options and then seeing them for what they are on the page clears my head and my heart.  This information usually points me in a direction.

And, finally, if I’m at a yes/no point and have not reached a decision, I dowse for an answer.  My trusty pendulum always helps.

If you don’t dowse, there are still things you can do:

Several years ago, I was in a real quandary.  I felt I was going in circles.  Confusion reigned.

Someone invited me to visit New York City for a weekend.  On that visit, I wound up walking through Washington Square Park late on Sunday afternoon.

I’ve been there many times – there were always people enjoying themselves in this park.  People sat around visiting with one another.  People walked their dogs.  Watching everyone was always fun.

On this  afternoon, the place was deserted.  Seated all by himself on a  bench,  sat a smallish, older man wearing an unusual hat.

I was drawn to him.  How could I not be?  The dogs, the college students, and  the tourists were gone.  Even the pianist playing songs for tips on his grand piano  was gone.  There was only the quaint little man and me.  As I got closer, I saw a tarot deck next to him on the bench.

You know how this story ends.

I walked over to him and we chatted.  He read my cards.  His words coaxed my own intuition to pull what I needed from his message.  His voice, his posture, his cards, were perfect for me at that  moment.

– – – – – – – – – – –

My book, “Healer’s Handbook,” dealing with the spirituality of  health, discusses change in several entries.

People get angry when they aren’t comfortable with change.  Sometimes this anger surfaces as health issues or disease.  Arthritis, boils, burns, carpel tunnel syndrome, cold sores,  depression, diarrhea,  kidney infections, laryngitis, menstrual problems, obesity,  pink eye,  sprains, and warts are just a few.

Sometimes, when contacted by spirit,, we see our souls hanging out in front of us.  Messages we didn’t ask for show up at a time when we don’t want change in our lives.

When that happens to you, acknowledge the situation and move on.  Maybe you’ll be up for change soon.

Take whatever steps you can when you are ready.

Consider this:  You may be more ready than you think.  After all, spirit is connecting with you and you are listening.

I’m reminded of the old children’s game:  “Ready or not, here I come!”

Change is the journey we travel.

Change is opportunity in the face.

Change is a naturally occurring life event.

Change surrounds us all.

Change can create joy.  Joy allows  you to love yourself and everyone else.

Doing what you can, connect with however many things in your life bring joy.

Change can sometimes be ungrounding.  That’s where reflexology comes in.  Schedule a session.  Grounding is something to appreciate during stressful times.

Reflexology sessions bring the change of homeostasis.  With homeostasis, you can  take responsibility for your health and find the person you are meant to be.

When working for change, I focus on the immune system and nervous system together for the first part of the reflexology session.  This can be transformative.


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7 Self-Care Tips to Boost your Diet

This post gives you a week’s worth of life-changing tools to help you boost your diet.   Try them if they attract you in some way.   If something feels good to you, then it probably is good for you.

The timing has to be right.  Maybe you’ve tried one or two (or even all) of them in the past and they didn’t seem to work for you.  That was then and this is now.  Don’t go for them unless they attract you  for some reason.

These tools  will boost your energy, calm your mind,  and help prevent or minimize some health problems.


Go for homeostasis!  This means reiki or reflexology.

Include one or both of these modalities in your schedule this week…and every week.   I suggest distance reiki.  Self-reflexology is a good option.

Hand reflexology is easy to use.  Does the thought of hand reflexology seem challenging to you? Your library should have hand reflexology books on its shelves.

To simplify  your hand reflexology journey,  I’ll send you a hand chart and detailed instructions for reflexing your own hands.

Just send me  your mailing address to and I’ll return them to you.   There is no charge  or obligation  for this chart and instruction list.


Eat whole, fresh, locally-grown food.

Whatever diet plan you’ve  chosen, this is a good tip for you and your diet.  When you say “Yes!” to fresh foods,  you minimize  processed, packaged, shipped products.

When you eat fresh, your food will taste better.  Your calories will not be so empty.  Your food will be authentic.

You’ll find  authentic food on the outer perimeter of your local food store or at a nearby farmers market.


Don’t skip your breakfast.

This meal can be anything from a serving of yogurt to a platter of eggs,  bacon, and a hearty whole grain bagel.

Whatever you choose for your breakfast,  include powerful berries.  Their  antioxidents can’t be overemphasized.  Let a banana  give you the potassium you need.


Skip the sugar.  This doesn’t have to be a shock to your system.  Begin sugar avoidance by skipping it one day a week.  On this day, instead of sugar,  include a sugar substitute on any food or in any beverage you would ordinarily use sugar.

There are many brands available.  Try several until you find one you like.

If you feel weird without sugar, snack on some chocolate.


Water! Water! Water!

I know.  My message is stuck when it comes to water.  But, I mean it.  Water gives you energy, moves toxins out, and makes your skin look younger.  It also has 0 calories.

What more can we ask for?

If you’re not accustomed to water, I suggest this:

When you feel tired, drink a glass of water.  No, don’t drink a glass of water.  Instead, chug it right down.  Now, wait a few minutes to see if you feel better.

When your lips feel dry, drink a glass of water.

What about your urine?  What color is it?  Concentrated urine has a murky color you don’t need.  Drinking more water will get rid of the murky color.


Go Nuts

Daytime snacks are an essential taste treat between meals.  They boost your energy midmorning and midafternoon.  They are a welcome break from the day’s activities.

One snack which is good for your diet boost is nuts.

Walnuts, almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts  give you energy, satisfy your appetite,  and are high in anti-inflammatory fatty acids.

They do lots of other  things too.  Each nut is different and unique.  Take a moment to read about all the  wonderful things they do .

Instead of reaching for a sugary food, go for the nuts.


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