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Your Heart Chakra – the Core of your Self

Your heart chakra is mystical and magical.

Your heart chakra is over your physical heart.  It regulates energy flow the same way your physical heart regulates blood flow.  Your heart chakra is all about love, healing, and connecting with others.

This is where you heal – yourself, your family and friends, those around you, the planet, the entire universe even.

When you heal from your heart, energy ripples out,  sending healing to everything in its path.

The center of your lymphatic system is also located here.  This allows you to use your heart chakra to clean your energetic body, environment,  earth,  solar system, universe.

Energetically, this is where your body regulates blood flow, lymph, and energy flow.

Think of your heart as an organ pumping blood throughout your body.  It is also an endocrine gland releasing hormones to regulate blood pressure and help keep your cardiovascular system healthy.

Another endocrine gland, the thymus, is located behind your sternum.  Your thymus is an immune gland that helps you connect with others and heal.

Wake up this connection gland and chakra by tapping your thymus gland daily.

You store affection, heartache, healing, compassion, self-love, and empathy in your heart chakra..

Do you want to get to know your heart chakra better?  Practice random acts of kindness.


I cannot write about the heart chakra without including goddesses of love.  There are many, as many as there are  ways to describe the many facets of love.

We don’t always refer to them as gods and goddesses.  Sometimes we think of them as saints, angels, or spiritual guides.  Whatever word you prefer, these  special beings help us all. Each one puts a unique face on this complex subject.

I’m focusing on two:  Quan Yin and Mother Mary.

The best way I know to describe these two spiritual beings is to use words that apply to each one, for they are different.

Quan Yin –  Quan Yin is a Buddhist Goddess of mercy.  She is a symbol of motherhood, virtue, and peace and focuses on universal compassion.

People the world over have been following Quan Yin for many, many years.

She is traditionally attracted to places where it is appropriate to cherish a situation.  Quan Yin activates healing power.

She is a symbol of sacred knowledge, wisdom, self-development, purity, enlightenment,  and empowerment.

Followers believe  Quan Yin bestows support, protection, and blessings when you ask.

MOTHER MARY – This mother of Jesus is relentless and constant as a healing force of love.  As modern as tomorrow,  she is a friend, companion, sister,  spiritual mother and teacher.

When appropriate, Mary liberates us and heals us.  She is a steady rock carrying the sorrow of every person on every part of the globe.

Mary is the ultimate New Age Woman, showing us how feminine principles work for all of us.  She carries her message of enlightenment to children and adults alike.

Mary’s way is attracted to subdued situations.  She lifts up and lets things be.  She is gentle or forceful – depending on the situation.  Mary is happy to rejoice and be loved as well as loving others.  She offers trust.  She is joyful.  Mary knows about patience.


There are different ways to heal your heart chakra.  Use visualizations,  meditations, and change some old habits.  Practice yoga, use crystals and essential oils.  Adjust your diet.  Embrace reflexology and Reiki therapy.

Use what resonates with you.

If you experience physical problems, consult with appropriate professionals.

You have many options.

Go for gods, goddesses,  angels, saints and guides.  There are many, available to you.  I chose Quan Yin and Mother Mary because I am comfortable with them.


If you seek a solution to a problem which seems too challenging, this information may help you.  I’ve used the following method many times and I’m always happy to share it with anyone seeking a good answer to a thorny problem.

Begin with 2 clean sheets of paper and a pen or pencil.  Write the word “yes” at the head of one paper.  On the head of the other paper, write “no”.

Now, carefully define your situation while you explore all the solutions “for” (Yes) and all the solutions “against” (No).

List all the “yeses” and all the “nos” on the appropriate papers as they make themselves available to you.

Take your time with this.  Think your options through.

When this exercise is over, which side of the argument has the most entries?

I feel confident that one side will have more items listed than the other.

Now is the time to connect with a higher power.

Sit down someplace where you feel safe and comfortable.  Breathe deeply and calmly.  Breathe in, allowing healing light to flow inward.  As you breathe out, allow tired and negative thoughts to leave your body.

This breathing is preparing you to get rid of old ideas and invite in fresh, new insights and solutions.

Allow this healing breath to touch every part of your body.  Feel your body embrace the newness of the healing breath and the coming solution.

Invite your goddess, guardian angel, or spiritual guide to join you in this  space. Sit calmly and expectantly.

Take a few moments to focus on your situation and how you want to find an appropriate answer.  Absorb this situation and the coming solution physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

After a few moments, take this time to share your inner thoughts about your situation with the wise being you may find sitting beside you.

Whether or not you see the spiritiual being beside you is a detail.  Your situation is an opportunity to grow.

Let your guest advise you about how to manage your situation.  Accept the advice you receive while you seek a solution.

Embrace the suggestions which can help your situation, your solution, and your self.

See yourself on a journey from a challenging situation to a good outcome and a positive path.  See yourself embracing the new solution and the changes which will bring it about.

You feel it is time to go.  Give thanks for the shared wisdom and generosity you just received. Offer gratitude for the journey you’ve been on.

Make plans for you two to meet again if you need more guidance.

Return to your present time now.  Give yourself time to absorb the wisdom you received.

Shift your awareness to your physical surroundings where you began this experience.  Be here now and in this environment.  You are wide awake and alert.  You feel wonderful and are at peace.

Are you closer to a solution?  Can you accept it?


Several years ago, I managed a food pantry that fed many people.  It seemed to me that I confronted problems without solutions.

One evening I read a story about Saint Therest, the Little Flower.  I read about people finding roses when they studied the works of St. Therese.

The following morning, when I unlocked the door to the pantry, I found a rose on the floor.

Seeing this rose opened my eyes.

I didn’t expect to see a rose or anything else on the floor.  For sure, I didn’t sleep walk over to the pantry in the night and put a rose on the floor.

I wasn’t asking for favors.  I merely read about her life.


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A Third Chakra Meditation – Strength, Warmth, Energy


I open this meditation with three different photos of a sunlit space.

My message is this:

Go with whichever one works best for you.  Go with all of them if you like.

The sun gives strength, warmth, and energy so you can access the power of your solar plexus chakra.

Relax yourself as you breathe slowly,  deeply.  Breathe in clean oxygen, air, energy, light.  Inhale slowly, and deeply to fill your body with  cleansing fresh air.

When you exhale, let go of everything negative:  toxins, anger, anxiety, pain, fear – anything you don’t need anymore.


As you continue to slowly inhale and exhale deeply, feel your body relaxing.  Continue to inhale and exhale until your body is as relaxed as possible.

Experience this feeling as it moves throughout your muscles, bones, your chakras.

As you exhale, release toxins through your feet.  Feel the toxins leaving through your toes.

Inhaling, feel your body filled with light.  – Feel the sun’s rays beaming down on you.  Feel the sun’s warmth and power as it blankets your body.  This warmth and power nourishes both your body and soul.

Feel this power give you strength and wisdom so you can move forward in whatever endeavor you choose.

Feel this power focus on your solar plexus.  Feel light and peace and  positive energy.  Experience the strength and wisdom in your solar plexus.

Now, breathe deeply and see  you are surrounded with a beautiful, loving and peaceful golden-orange light.  This light sends you inspiration.

Inhale deeply.

You may notice a spirit being joining you now.  Notice how this being appears to you.

How is this being dressed?

What color clothes does this being appear to be wearing?

What kind of shoes does this being wear?

If you want to ask this being a question, ask it now.


You may not receive an answer in the moment.  But, you will receive an answer when the time is right –

Feel the presence of this wisdom.  Trust that the answer you receive will be the information you need to empower yourself and your  development.

Now, stay relaxed in your golden-orange light as long as you want.  Bathe in the  light.  Absorb this powerful, healing energy.

When you are ready to leave this space, offer a blessing:


You can return to this meditation, this spirit guide, and this powerful, positive energy whenever you need, by remembering this experience in the light.

Your golden-orange light is waiting to surround you whenever you want.

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Much of the info in this blog post was shared from “Healer’s Handbook.”


Your Third Chakra – Inner Strength and Wisdom

The solar plexus chakra gets its power from its location.  It is the third chakra in a  line  just above the first and second chakras and is located about 2 inches above your navel.

The location of this chakra is important because this is where the abdominal brain is located.  Your abdominal brain is a communication hub.

If you are dealing with fear, anxiety, or other negativity, take comfort in the knowledge that your solar plexus chakra releases a yellow-gold light.  This power comes to your aid when you feel insulted, cheated, or criticized.

Speak to your solar plexus chakra when you are threaghtened and give it support as it does its work filling you with confidence and respect.

For me, the solar plexus chakra is not quite as heavy as the first chakra but certainly heavier than the heart or throat chakra.

Its distinctive yellow-orange color gives it strength and power.  To become closer to your solar plexus chakra, select a stone and carry it with you for several days.

The choices are many but yellow citrine, yellow amber, yellow jade will get you started.  There are many stones to choose from – just stick with the yellows.  One that attracts me (which is not yellow) is orange tourmaline.

When I was a young woman, I was attracted to a golden topaz.  I know now that it offered me strength which I needed.

Your solar plexus chakra will help you achieve your goals when it aligns with your other chakras.  An aligned solar plexus chakra radiates empowerment, confidence, and ability.

For many people, the solar plexus chakra is the easiest one to connect  because it reveals itself to you more easily than the others.  We can all feel the “butterflies” in our solar plexus chakra.

If you are working on your solar plexus chakra, good times for meditation or essential oil blending include the full moon and the summer solstice.  You can also work with your solar plexus on any sunny day between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm.

To empower your soul, spend a 10-15 minutes  soaking up the rays of the sun.

A fun exercise is to make an asfidity bag focusing on your solar plexus chakra.


The first step to make your bag is to select items to include in it:  a favorite cloth which is about 4″ square, and a couple of stones which have meaning to you.  You’ll need some thread to close the bag up.

Include some favorite herbs.  Good choices for your solar plexus chakra include lemon, mint, turmeric, or any plant which has a special meaning for you.

You may want to include bits of sand, a seashell,  a small photo or other drawing which has meaning for you.  Add anything which you feel is appropriate.  Include things which feel warm, comforting, beautiful.  You may be seeking inspiration and the manifestation of strength and power.

After you make your asfidity bag, wear it around your neck or keep it close to your body for strength and intuition.

You can also keep it on your personal altar.

Moderation in all things is important for a healthy solar plexus chakra.

Are you interested in fitness?  Two things that may appeal to you as you align your solar plexus chakra are yoga and a martial arts practice.

Diseases and health issues involving your solar plexus include diabetes, pancreatitis, ulcers, food disorders, reflux, hypoglycemia, hepatitus, chronic fatigue.

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Thanks for reading this article.  You can find more information in prior blog posts and in “Healer’s Handbook” – in all three editions.

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Your Second Chakra – What it Means


They say your second chakra is all about creativity. This includes anything and everything you create in your life:  your sexual experiences, an invention, a project, service to others, and anything else you think up.

Have you ever thought a thought and didn’t know where it came from?  Chances are that whack on the side of the head idea had a second chakra boost.

My own personal opinion is that your sacral chakra is involved in everything you do in life.

Are you interested in co-creating?  To hone those co-creating skills, go right to your second chakra.

Even if you aren’t interested in co-creating, include your second chakra in every project you embark.

To bring more excitement and fun in your life, start with a list.

Include experiences in your life which bring you pleasure, offer fun, increase your endorphins, or make you smile.

Expand your list.  Include something every day.

Your goal is to increase your creativity.  You want to empower yourself to feel inspired and more alive!

Make no mistake, second chakra work includes your soul.

First chakra issues have a tendency to encourage a person to isolate or even go inward.  A first chakra goal is to learn to live with oneself.

Second chakra issues Include others in your journey.  Second chakra issues cause us to make our lives with others.  Second chakras communicate with other chakras.

The ultimate example of this is the process of giving birth to and raising a child or children.

While birth is considered a feminine event, the second chakra is about creating things from our hips or second chakra.  This applies to everyone.

Second chakra imbalances can manifest themselves as blocks which last for years.

If you experience a writer’s block,  have reproductive issues, or have problems with your career development, include sacral chakra therapy in the healing process.

Include extra reflexology, Reiki therapy, and chakra healing sessions.

Any issues involving your genitals, reproductive organs, pelvis, hips, or lower vertebrae, appendix and upper intestines, are affected by sacral blocks and imbalances.

Your second chakra will respond to essential oils such as

ylang ylang, rose, lemon.

Crystals include carnelian, amber, tangerine quartz.

Thank you for reading this article.  You can find more information about sacral chakras in previous blog posts and in “Healer’s Handbook” by Thurman Greco.

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A Sacred Second Chakra Meditation: Inner Peace, Security, and Self-Acceptance

This meditation is ideal for relaxation because it supports inner peace, security, and self-acceptance.

Relax and get comfortable in a calm location where you will not be disturbed for a few moments.

Take several slow, deep breaths.

With each inhale, imagine your breath energizing the area two inches below your navel.  Gently massage this point with two fingers.

With each exhale, imagine a small orange ball carrying fears, stress, and pain away.

Now, inhale deeply twice.  Breathe into a point about two inches below your navel.  Release this breath through your mouth.

Imagine you are lying on a beautiful, quiet boat which is just big enough for you.  There is no room for anyone or anything but yourself.

While you are lying on this boat in the middle of a beautiful pond, things are still and peaceful.  The pond has many flowers along the beach.   As you focus on them, you see they are various shades of orange,  and coral.

Let your body become heavy and relaxed as you get more comfortable on this tiny boat.

You feel the space, the peace, stillness.  Breathe into the stillness and the abundance of the flowers and the water in the pond.

The overhead sky has a warm, glowing light allowing you to feel beauty, peace, energy.

A gentle breeze moves your small boat along the edge of the pond into a gently flowing stream.. As you look above, you see billowing clouds with a faint orange and gold tint. They move lazily overhead.

The flowers and clouds protect you so you feel safe.

You feel warm and at peace.

Breathe into the peace and gentle energy of just being yourself.  Drifting down the stream, you relax even more and appreciate  the energy, the peace, the flowers and the clouds.

You realize you don’t have to do anything, just breathe and enjoy yourself.  As your boat gently drifts along, you feel warm.  This warmth is healing.  You feel quiet, peaceful.  You breathe in peace, health, relaxation.

As you breathe out, exhale anything you want to release.

It’s time to return to your body and become conscious of yourself.  Gently you move your fingers and toes to become more aware of returning to your location.

When you open your eyes, you remember the peace and energy you felt in the orange flowers and the orange-tinged clouds.

You know you can return to this place any time you want.

When you are ready, continue on with your activities.

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8 Ways to Heal Your Chakras


When you balance your chakras, you change your physical self.  This happens because your chakras affect all levels of your body – physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Balanced chakras facilitate homeostasis. A chakra  adjustment boosts healing and recovery from illness, emotional wounds, negative lifestyles and other physical and mental issues.


Wherever you are on your healing path, your foundation is your intention to heal, which guides your journey.

Keep it close throughout your travels because healing can often reach into your past.  Your health issues may have begun years, decades, even lifetimes ago.

Write your intention.  Meditate on your intention.  Stay with your intention.  It  leads your energy, telling it what to do.

Your intention has a second task:  it converts your healing goals into your new normal,  maintaining your good health and your spiritual wholeness.

Without this second task focusing on your good health goals, your body may revert to its previous state.

Your goal is to make strong and durable changes so you can become your new normal self.

This may be scary stuff.  After all, it’s much easier to “keep on keeping on”.

If you really seek healing, change the things you do.


The sense of smell is primal.

When you focus on grounding and safety,  aromatherapy is a good choice because these qualities rely on the sense of smell.  This is especially important for health issues affecting your root chakra.

Aromas work on the unconscious self and the physical body.

Smells have a frequency which reaches far back in time to heal  your chakras and energetic fields.

Smells reveal memories traveling instantly from the past – beyond this life even.

This time travel can balance chakras.  Essential oils can focus on a specific chakra.

I’ve listed various essential oils in previous blog posts.  I’ve also listed them in all editions of “Healer’s Handbook”.

If you want to own the fewest number of essential oils possible, lavender can be a good first choice.

Good essential oils for the root chakra include wood-related oils:  sandalwood, rosewood.

If you want to use essential oils to promote healing and balance, select only a few for the chakra you are focusing on.  Buy the best  quality, therapeutic grade oils you can find.  Store them in glass in a cool, dark place.

Once you select an essential oil, learn to use that particular oil.  Depending on the oil you choose, you may dilute it and then apply it topically.

You may also use the essential oil aromatically.

Finally, you may decide to ingest it.

However you decide to use the essential oil, learn the best way to use it before you begin your treatment.


Sound affects us all deeply and instantly.  Sound is powerful because it changes our vibration.  Going straight to our deepest core, sound alters vibrations of illness and disease.

When using sound to heal, choose those sounds which touch your heart,  your chakras and emotions.

You may decide to engage in formal sound healing sessions.  Or you may simply choose to pay more attention to the sounds in your life. What sounds  promote healing, calming, or balancing?  Which ones are disruptive and damaging?

Don’t underestimate the power of healing music.


A mantra is a word which is repeated for healing purposes.

Om is a universal mantra. The vibration of the repeated word is the power in the mantra.  Vibration, not the word itself, is the power in the singing bowls, tuning forks, chants, and mantras.

It’s not necessary to know the literal meaning of a word for it to work as a mantra.

Tools that create notes for chakra healing include Gregorian Chants, singing bowls, and tuning forks designed to heal chakras.

Singing bowls and tuning forks resonate to the energy of specific chakras.  Any word or sound carrying a positive resonance has a powerful, therapeutic effect.

Silence can be powerfully calming and healing.  If you are attracted to the vibration of silence, try to practice it a few minutes each day.


Yoga poses have been used for ages to boost and balance your chakras. The poses strengthen and stabilize your body.  They also activate your chakras.

Yoga poses open, strengthen, and balance different chakras based on their location.  There are many different yoga poses, each anatomically related to different chakras.


For me, crystals and stones live.  Each has a unique vibration which  communicates with our energetic fields.  This communication has the capacity to bring harmony and balance.

The best way to select a crystal or stone is to trust your body’s response.  When you hold a particular stone in your hand or place it on a chakra, how does it feel to you?  Does it feel bad?  Are you positively attracted to it?

If the response is good, you may be on the right track.

Selecting the crystal and gemstones is a personal decision.  It’s hard for someone else to choose your stone.

A good way is to select a stone in the same color as the chakra you’re trying to balance.

For example, if you are seeking a stone to balance your root chakra, choose from red stones because that chakra’s  color resonates with red.

Occasionally, a stone will call out to you.  This happened to me  recently.  Black tourmaline presented itself to me, uninvited.  I saw evidence of this stone everywhere I went.

When I opened books, a picture of this stone would be on the opened page.

When a colleague asked me about stones, she wanted information about black tourmaline.

I visited a tarot store in Great Barrington – and there sat a dish of them, right at eye level.

I simply couldn’t avoid them.

So, I finally gave in!

I bought a stone and silver chain at the Mower’s Meadow Flea Market from a booth there.

I’ve been wearing the black tourmaline for over a week now and I feel totally different than I felt a week ago.

I held out as long as I could and when I finally did what I should have done in the beginning – I felt good.



Meditations balance and heal on several different levels.

For me, meditations work because energy follows intent.  A guided meditation allows you to focus on your intentions in a relaxed state.

If you are looking to find a guided meditation suitable for your chakra balancing, maybe I can suggest a starting point for you. I’ve used several books for years.  Larry Moen wrote my three favorite books:  “Meditations for Awakening”, “Meditations for Healing”, “Meditations for Transformation”.

I’ve worn out several copies of these books and shared others.

I’ve also written some guided meditations.  You can find them in earlier posts of this blog.


Both reflexology and Reiki therapy balance your chakras.  I wrote about this in my book:  “Healer’s Handbook”.

When my chakras need attention, I always turn to reflexology and Reiki first.

While I definitely embrace different healing methods to balance my chakras, I refer to reflexology first.

A reflexology session is my first stop.


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Your First Chakra and Your Better Health

“I don’t know what I did, but I know what I’m going to do now!”  My fellow yoga student blurted out recently at class.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know what happened, but my lower back really hurts!  I’m going to a doctor tomorrow.  I’m afraid I’m going to need surgery..”

Your first chakra is located at the base of your spine. Whatever the issues, a painful lower back is a strong indication of a spiritually stressed spine and an unbalanced first chakra.

When things are right in your life, you feel safe and secure.  You have a positive mental attitude and can protect yourself from life’s daily issues.

When your first chakra is unbalanced or blocked, depression and other negative experiences  impose themselves on your daily decisions.   You have difficulty sleeping and worry about money, health, and your job.

An overactive first chakra produces anxiety, greed, hoarding, and control issues at home and at work.  Basically, you feel unsafe.

Health symptoms and ailments involving your first chakra include:   adrenal fatigue, anger, anxiety, low back pain, codependency, fear, hemorrhoids,  leg pain, panic attacks, sciatica.

Addictions are root chakra issues.

Chakras are often out of balance for quite a while before health issues and diseases manifest themselves in the physical body.

Chakras are energy.  And, they are communicators.  They talk to us, giving us valuable information we need to be well.

Where is your disease or issue located?

When you have an injury to your lower spine, you probably have a first chakra imbalance.

Any issue connected with the rectum, anus, or any elimination issue is a first chakra issue.

Other first chakra issues include addictions to alcohol, food, coffee, gambling, drugs, sex, shopping.

For men, any issue with the testes,  or prostate cancer is a first chakra issue.

Things to remember about first chakra imbalances:

Chakras are connected to the total body.

When you’re dealing with a health issue, work with your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional body.  If you have a kidney infection, for example, heal your total body, not just the infection, and not just the chakra.

And, you need to balance your other chakras also.

It’s harder to fight a disease with a unbalanced corresponding chakra.


Your chakras don’t work in a vacuum.  They collaborate with other chakras.  They work with your physical and mental bodies and they work with your energetic body.

So, don’t just give one chakra a boost.  Don’t just give your swollen ankle an ice pack.  Help your entire body.

Take the medicine you’ve been prescribed.

Look around, is there something in your environment that you can change which will help you get well and stay better?

At times in my life, the answer to this question involved eating a specific diet.    At another time, I had to buy a better desk chair.  Recently, I joined a combination exercise/yoga class.

Well…DO IT!

As your body and your spirit and your mind improve, what can you do to keep things that way?

Well…DO IT!

Everytime I ask myself those questions, I always come up with…guess what!

Reflexology and Reiki!

Thanks for reading this blog post.  I will continue on with other chakras as well.

For me, this article was a real eye opener!  I knew, existentially, that men and women experience their first chakra issues and balances in different ways.  After all, women do not have testes.

Sex is very different for women than it is for men.   I’ve known this all along but I just never connected the differences to the chakra system.

These basic differences affect how we feel about belonging in our bodies.

I now realize that our chakras and how we experience them is a very different experience for women and men.

These differences, of course, carry over to the second (Sacral) chakra.  But that’s another blog post.

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At One With the Earth – a First Chakra Grounding Meditation

I was inspired to share this meditation after an experience when I deeply understood the interconnectedness of all beings.  My goal in this meditation is for us all to be closer to the oneness we have with this planet.

Sometimes we don’t feel the connection.  And, I realize that some people never experience this oneness.

Use this meditation to connect with your place of inner peace and grounding.


Get comfortable on the floor, healing table, or other flat space.  Position your body  face up.

Breathe slowly and deeply.  With each breath, your body  relaxes  more.

You feel a greater sense of awareness; experience a very peaceful feeling.

You are filling your body with a feeling of lightness.

When this happens,you know you can come out of this experience any time you want by simply opening your eyes.


Release  your conscious thoughts, letting go of  “mental activity.”  You are in this place at this moment.

You feel so light now that you can lift up off the floor.  You feel yourself  gently floating.

A carpet appears at your side.  It is just big enough to hold you.

When you climb on, this carpet gently lifts you up.  You gradually move up – up  through the ceiling.

Riding on your carpet, you move up,  above the trees and the skyline.

Glancing down,  you see the treetops appearing gradually smaller and smaller.

Stretching out on your carpet, you drift up – right through a cloud.

You feel warm sunshine on your entire body.   Your body absorbs a beautiful pale red light.

You look down at the earth now and see it as a ball of light.


Your carpet begins to slowly descend to the earth.  Passing  through a billowy cloud,  you see the skyline, now familiar from the trip up.  You see the tree tops.

You peacefully return to the place where you began your journey.

You are grounded, and calm.  You feel safe and secure.

Know that you can return to this space any time you desire.

Take a couple deep breaths and sit up.  Continue your day now – energized,

rejuvenated, and rested.  You feel more grounded and calm.

Go in peace!

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Who Shouldn’t Receive a Reflexology Session, and Why (Contraindications)

My introduction to contraindications began at my first massage therapy class at the Potomac Myotherapy Institute in Washington, D.C back in 1979.

Our first class began on an autumn evening with about 40 students.  By the second class, that number had shrunk to a few over 20.  Missing students were culled because of contraindications.

A contraindication list changes based on several factors:

Wellness and reflexology writers each have lists based on their experiences and training.

Healers each have a list.  My experience in this field tells me that this list is highly individualized, again based on each healer’s experiences and training.

Teachers in both schools and continuing education seminars  have opinions.  These professionals teach from a list compiled not only by themselves but by the school owners and the states where they teach.

When I first began practicing massage, Kerrith McKechnie cautioned us to not treat cancer patients, or anyone with fever, or a rash.  And the list continued beyond that.

Later, when I studied reflexology, Marge d’Urso’s list was different.

Mary Ruth VanLandingham’s Reiki therapy list had no contraindications.

Over the past three plus decades, I have a list of my own.  This list has changed over time based on my experiences, and classes taken.

And, of course, this list begins with


As a student at PMTI, we were cautioned against working on cancer patients at all.

Years later, I know reflexology offers much for a cancer patient:  relief from pain, stress, and nausea.

When I first offered reflexology to a cancer patient, she received her reflexology sessions 48 hours after chemotherapy.  The theory was that she was toxic for 48 hours after receiving her chemotherapy.

I waited the 48 hours to protect myself.

The first time I offered reflexology sessions to a cancer patient, I did it because she asked.  We discussed the situation and she felt that she had no options left.

To put her situation bluntly, I was offering reflexology to a terminally ill client. She wanted the relief offered from pain, stress, and nausea.

Now, of course, fewer and fewer cancer patients receive chemotherapy.

What’s important here is the journey reflexology and other healing modalities have taken as we learned more about cancer.

Years later, at a seminar at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, I learned that reflexology, massage, and Reiki therapy are appropriate for cancer patients whenever they want to receive a session.

For me, cancer is no longer a reason to refuse a reflexology session to a client.


I do not offer reflexology sessions to pregnant women experiencing the first trimester of an unstable pregnancy.

Nothing is more wonderful than a reflexology session offered to a woman in her 7th month of pregnancy and has not seen her feet for a couple of months and still has 2 months to go.

The rule I follow:  avoid offering reflexology in the first trimester and stay on the bottom of the feet when you offer sessions thereafter.

If you have any concerns, switch to Reiki therapy.  Reiki therapy is wonderful for pregnant women at any stage of the pregnancy.  With a regular Reiki therapy client, you can offer sessions weekly and can offer to go with your client into the labor and delivery stages of the birth process.  Then, of course, you have two clients.


Infectious disease sufferers should not receive reflexology for your protection.  If you decide to offer a session to someone in a contagious condition, consider some options:  gloves, mask, etc.


This is a good time to use your Reiki therapy skills.


Gangrene occurs when a person’s cells begin to die in a particular place when there is no circulation in a certain place in the body.  Gangrene is fairly rare but can be seen in cases of advanced diabetes.  This situation requires a physician’s attention.


Persons suffering with mild osteoporosis or osteopenia benefit from reflexology sessions.  Use a light touch and a short session taking care not to fracture bones.

The red flag begins to fly when a new client approaches you with advanced osteoporosis.  By then, it’s too late for your services without permission from the physician.


Whenever there is a rash, an open sore, athlete’s foot, etc., offer hand reflexology instead of working the feet.  If you are uncomfortable offering hand reflexology to a person who has a contagious or infectious condition, use gloves.


Clients with mild diabetes respond well to reflexology sessions offered to both hands and feet.  Use gentle pressure when working the pancreas.  Use a lighter pressure in general for diabetics because their skin may be thinner or more sensitive and bruise easily.  Also, reduce sessions to 30 minutes or less for new clients.


Persons taking a lot of medicine may have a buildup of toxins.  Because reflexology sessions offer a natural detoxing action you need to take care not to overload the person.  Offer a light thouch and shorter session.


Swelling may indicate an internal injury, such as torn ligaments caused by a sprain, strain or fracture.  Do not work an ankle, or foot that is swollen and painful.   Once a medical professional has ruled out any underlying conditions, you can use your reflexology skills.


Cover blisters and cuts to keep them free from bacterial infections.  Sometimes open sores may indicate an underlying, chronic condition, such as diabetes.  The sores may also be related to contagious skin disorders.


Wait for permission from a physician.  And, do not remove a cast or bandaging to offer reflexology.  Work with what tissue is available to you and focus on a gentle touch and slow movements.

This may be a good option for Reiki.


Fever is not a health issue.  It is a symptom of an infection somewhere in your body.

For me, fever is one of the most important symptoms you may experience.  It can indicate a heart attack, tumor, trauma, or a reaction to a vaccine.

Reflexology offers homeostasis which is important when a person has a fever.  Returning your body to an ideal temperature is one of the best outcomes a person with fever.

Giving a reflexology session to a person with a fever can be a healing situation once you understand the cause.


The final item on my list is highly personal.  If I suspect a person is afraid of receiving  reflexology or is experiencing anxious emotions about being on my table, I offer to cancel or postpone the session.

Sometimes, people who have never received bodywork or healing are unsure about being ready for  a session.  This is not the time to change someone’s mind or feelings.

They can always reschedule the session at a time when they feel calmer about their session.

Throughout the years that I’ve offered healing sessions, I’ve had only two people arrive for appointments.  I knew the minute I saw them that something wasn’t “right”.

I followed my intuition and offered to cancel or reschedule the appointment.  Both people were relieved to receive my offer.  And I was happy I offered to cancel or reschedule.  The moment the words left my mouth I knew they were the right  words.


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None of the above contraindications occur often.  But when they do happen, I like to feel I am following guidelines learned in classes throughout the years.

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Some information in this post was shared from “Healer’s Handbook”.  More extensive information regarding contraindications may be found in prior blog posts and on presentations on YOUTUBE.

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Thanks for Asking!

One important thing to know about reactions we experience in a reflexology session:  a client will not always experience the same reaction at every session.

After all, our bodies are different every day.  The most common reaction I experience during a reflexology session is sleep.  I slip off into a sleeplike state during most sessions.

Reactions vary with each session.  They are based on what your body needs on a cellular level at that particular time.

One thing consistent in a reflexology session is this:  reflexology encourages homeostasis:  the balance of all body systems.

Reflexology students ask questions about reactions to reflexology treatments.

The reactions your client experiences during a reflexology session are homeostasis in action.

It’s amazing what reflexology can do!

Because many healers read this blog, I don’t give  nearly enough blog time and energy to these  inquiries.  People ask, I answer, and then my focus moves on to other things.

Well, at last, I’m focusing some time and energy into sharing information.  After all, for every person who asks, others remain silent.

And, for those of us who practice reflexology either as a career or as a hobby, how often do we think about these important pieces of information?

My training is that there are more than a dozen different reactions to reflexology sessions.  Reactions listed in this article mostly happen during or soon after a session.

Other reactions happen several hours later.  They are all important.

A reaction is a sign to me that the reflexology session is working.

As a reflexologist, you and the session you give are a vital wellness link between a person experiencing a challenge and appropriate professional support.

INCREASED URINATION – Focus on urination becomes part of the session when it becomes obvious.  I have a client who simply cannot make it through a session without a trip to the ladies room.  For me, this is a good sign.  The session stimulates her urinary system!


Marge d’Urso taught us that fully 50% of our clients have digestive issues.  Unless a client brings up the subject, I don’t really ask. I prefer to hear about constipation  or other irritable bowel solutions when my client initiates the conversation.  I love it when a client reveals she no longer has issues.

Marge d’Urso taught, and I believe, that health begins and ends in the digestive system.




Skin changes are pretty common for my clients.  I love to ask my client to look in the mirror on her way out of the healing space after a session.  There is nothing like looking 10 years younger after a reflexology treatment.



Disrupted sleep patterns are personal with me.  I always sleep so much better after a reflexology session!  Occasionally, rarely this can be extreme.

One December, after receiving a reflexology session, I felt a strong need to rest about an hour after my appointment ended.  I returned home, got comfortable, dozed off, and woke up the next day.

When I recall this event, I’m not really surprised.  I was working too hard and my body, after its reflexology session,  demanded a time-out.


Reflexology sessions can modify and minimize dizziness, nausea, and pain experienced by cancer patients.

The first time I offered a reflexology session to a client cancer patient, I wasn’t prepared for how how dramatically she felt better after her appointment.

After seeing the changes she experienced, I studied more about reflexology and the cancer patient.  I took continuing education classes and even attended one at the prestigious Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York City.

It wasn’t too many more sessions that I began to use words such as pain reduction, improved quality of life, reduced fear of the future, better sleep, and reduced fatigue.




These symptoms often disappear during a session if not long after.  They can also be a reaction to a session.


Some feverishness and tearing can happen during a session.  A lot of this happens when the client feels safe in the healing space.  I keep boxes of tissues handy for tears.

Everyone needs to cry tears at one point or another.  Reflexology sessions can be a safe place for this.

Sometimes, reactions to a session can be subtle, even silent, for a short period of time after the end of the session.

Just because you don’t see any behavior or skin changes immediately, don’t assume that there aren’t any reactions.  Chat with your client for a few minutes after the session to be sure that everything is okay.

After all, you don’t want your client to leave your healing space and wander out into the parking lot, still a little vague about the session.

One time I received a scheduled session from a practitioner in New Paltz, New York, just a few miles away from my home in Woodstock.

It was a wonderful session.  I left her office a few minutes too soon, though.  It took me over an hour to get out of her area and on my way home.

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P.S. Much of the info in this article was shared from “Healer’s Handbook – Wellness for All” by Thurman Greco