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It has been said by many that our eyes are the window to our soul.  When we speak of the heart, we refer to it as our emotional home.  The heart is where we struggle, hurt, yearn, like, dislike, feel joy.

When we fall in love, we feel our heart flutter, beat loudly.  When this happens, we go a little wacko.  We also drop about 50 points on our IQ scale.  We recover as we move into the second stage of love.

We all experience conflicts, abuse, hurt, loss.  Occasionally, the heart becomes the repository of love locked away.  If the pain is too great, we limit our feelings and have trouble expressing love.

People isolated from love experience mistrust, uncaring feelings, hate, prejudice, and fear.  Fear shuts the heart down.  When that happens, people feel worthless, angry, bitter, stressed, anxious, disappointed and lonely.

People come into embodiment to open the heart.  This task can take a lifetime and is a powerful teaching.  Respect and trust are hard to learn sometimes.  Learning to listen to one’s heart and act on that message can be very difficult indeed.

Our hearts  protect us through love.  The heart carries much wisdom.  Learning to listen to the messages the heart offers is important.

Opening your heart to experiencing love is one of the most essential life experiences a person can have.  When you open your heart, you allow people to get to know the real you.  When this happens, you allow yourself to experience the many forms of love.

Take a few minutes to find a quiet, safe place where you can breathe into your heart.

Sit comfortably.  Put on some quiet music if you like.

Begin to breathe into your heart.  Place your hands on the heart space in the center of your chest.  As you inhale, breathe in softness, openness, positive thoughts,

Now  exhale, as you release fear, resistance, any negative experiences in your life.

Breathe happiness into your heart space as you inhale.

Let go of fatigue, heaviness, stagnation as you exhale.

With the next inhale, breathe in unconditional love to protect yourself.

Now begin to offer gratitude to your heart for its work which never stops as it keeps you alive and as it works ceaselessly to offer love in your life.

Listen to your heart’s wisdom and guidance.

Resolve now to pay more attention to what your heart is telling you.

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Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco

Artwork provided by Michele Garner