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Spirituality of the Gall Bladder

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The  gall bladder,  a small bag behind the liver,  processes the bile manufactured in the liver.  The gall bladder releases this liquid into the intestines.  When digestion is slow, the gall is not released  quickly enough and it congeals, creating stones.

The gall bladder may go along for years  without causing  problems.  Then, one day, without any warning, it begins to scream and the pain can be quite intense.  A trip to a physician is then necessary.   Don’t try to deal with gallstones without professional help.

Spiritually, the issues contributing to gall bladder problems include anger, resentment, depression, irritation, and bitterness that have been building for years, decades even.

If you feel  your gall bladder needs positive support, find a quiet, safe place and begin breathing deeply.

Breathe in grounding energy as you inhale.

Focus on your gall bladder as you speak to it.

Ask your gall bladder:

what the discomfort looks like.

how long  it has been distressed.

what color it is.  When you understand what color it is, find out what color surrounds the area of the gall bladder.

Now, listen quietly to your gall bladder.  You may hear a sound related to this discomfort.

Then, ask your gall bladder what  negative issues are impacting it.  When you learn what they are, take several deep breaths and then exhale deeply as you release those negative issues.  Encourage them  to dissolve and then evaporate…never to return.

Now, quietly hold your hands over your gall bladder.  Visualize it releasing any  toxins that may be stuck.  See them leaving your body as well as your life as you successfully remove them from your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional being.

Drink ample liquids throughout  the day to support your body’s effort to release toxins created by negative issues in your life.

Repeat this exercise daily for several days.

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Thurman Greco