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Spirituality of the Eyes

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We perceive our world through our eyes.  This perception is more than just seeing what is around us.  It’s an emotional/spiritual response to what we comprehend, feel, know, sense.  We know our surroundings through what we see.

What we see is influenced by our upbringing, education, religious beliefs,  experiences.  No two people see something the same way.  We all experience  life events with our own biases based on experiences we’ve had throughout our lives.  This includes everything done to us by others and everything we have done to others in both this life and past lives.

We also see our inner selves…our true feelings.  Except when we don’t.  Often, when things are too painful, we develop distorted observations of reality in order to make life more acceptable to ourselves.  Sometimes, we also develop spiritual  vision as well and need glasses.  Inner (spiritual) changes will affect  our vision accordingly.

Distorted vision blocks the intensity, danger, anger, impact, of a situation to make it more acceptable.  Distorted vision allows us to retreat from the harshness of the situation as we move into a more private inner world.

Cataracts are common in the elderly.  Cataracts work wonders for those who want to distance themselves from the details, struggles, and a fearful future.  Cataracts help when we see too much helplessness, sickness, and loneliness.

Glaucoma deals with issues created by unshed tears, blocked and repressed emotions.  Like Cataracts, Glaucoma becomes part of our lives when we fear the changes that the future is bringing to us.  This is especially true if the changes are beyond our control and the future appears bleak.  Glaucoma often deals with past life issues.

Spend a few moments each day focusing on what’s right in your life.

Find a quiet, safe place where you can go for a few minutes each day.  Cover your eyes with a soft cloth or use an eye pillow.  Turn on some quiet, regenerating music as you meditate for a few moments on healing and regenerating your eyes as well as your entire body.  Ask yourself to focus on strength, vitality, flexibility.  Ask the universe for homeostasis – the balance of all your organs.

Ground yourself for a few moments and then begin to release anger, distrust, fear, frustration, irritation, problems, negativity in your life.

Now might be a good time to shed some of the tears which you have been unable to shed in the past.  You may be able to do this if you feel safe enough.

Offer forgiveness as you move forward with positive thoughts into your future.

Your goal is to free yourself of the negativity in your life.

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