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How Stressed Are You Anyway? 6 Common Responses to Stress and What You Can Do About Them.

How does your stress add up for you?  Are you more stressed than usual?  Are you more stressed than your friends and family?

Does everything seem to be an emergency?  In other words, is your stress becoming  out of control?  Do you feel as if you need to see a professional for help controlling your stress response?

Is getting back and forth to work stressful for you?  Is your work situation stressful?  Many of our stress responses can be planned for and, hopefully, controlled.

If you develop the habit of staying tuned to your body, you can become aware of upcoming stress before things get out of control.   Your physical body will send you signals.  What are they?

DO YOU CLENCH YOUR MUSCLES?  This is easy to check out.  Begin by checking your body for clenched muscles.  Begin at the top of your head and work your way down to your toes.  Favorite stress spots for many people are jaws and teeth, neck and shoulders, fists, lower spine, and feet.

DO YOU GRIND YOUR TEETH?  Many people do this when they are stressed.  This habit carries over to your sleep for some.

DO YOUR HANDS GET COLD?  Generally speaking, your cold hands indicate a stressed body.  To test whether your hands are cold or not, hold one of your hands on your neck.  If it is cooler than your body, you are probably stressed.

ARE YOU SWEATING?  It can be that you are overheated.  But, sweating can also be an indication that you are stressed.  As humans, we sweat when we are in a protection mode.  If you find yourself sweating, ask yourself what is causing this situation.

IS YOUR PULSE RACING?  If you are not exerting yourself and your pulse is racing, you are most probably stressed.  What is happening?

DO YOU REWIND THE SAME THOUGHT ENDLESSLY?  This is a common human condition.  When we are upset about something, we rewind the same concern for minutes, hours, days.  Like a stuck record, we think about the same thing over and over and over.

A good thing to do is realize that you have a situation upsetting you.   Once you realize what the cause may be, you can seek a solution.

Can you brainstorm with a friend or colleague to find a solution.   For example, you may have a difficult commute to and from work.  Can you take a bus or train instead of driving?

It may be that your situation is too much for you to handle alone and you need to seek professional help to identify your stressor and then deal with it.   If that is the case, go for it!  You will be much better off when you find a solution to your problem.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of generic things you can do which will help until you begin your therapy.  These things include

MEDITATION – Spend a few minutes each day meditating .  This should help you cope with your situation while promoting a positive attitude.   You can take a meditation class or find or write  guided meditation focusing on your situation.

Either way, meditation promotes homeostasis which can only help because it promotes the balance of all your body systems.

TAKE INVENTORY DAILY.  A good thing to do is to take an inventory daily of the things in your life which might affect you today.  This inventory will help you prepare for all the little things which add up to stress.  This inventory will include things which are not necessarily major sources of stress.  But they are there – waiting to happen.  Being aware of them in advance helps.

With a little practice, this inventory can help reduce your stress levels daily.    More tips will follow in future blog posts.  Your goal is to try them out and choose the ones which work best for you.

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10 Ways to Cope with Stress

Everyone I know and meet is stressed out these days.  Many are ill.  Flu.  Heart Issues.  Rashes.  Arthritis.  You name it.  Coping with current events can be challenging for all of us.

There are things that you can do to cope with the situation.

BOOK A REFLEXOLOGY, REIKI, OR CHAKRA HEALING SESSION.   It may be that just one session is all you need to feel more relaxed, grounded.  Or, it may be that one session  won’t heal everything but one session is better than nothing.  And, maybe you can find time in your schedule to book several bodywork healing sessions.

TAKE A NAP.  I work.  I know how hard this can be but I manage to schedule my naps for a few short minutes when I get home from work.  These little power naps are crucial to my overall wellbeing.    I also try to schedule a nap on my  day off.    Put your feet up for five minutes even.  It will help.

SPEND SOME TIME WITH FRIENDS.   Your connection to your community is a boost to your grounding and calm.  Chatting with friends and acquaintances over a cup or tea or at a meeting of some kind can be very positive.  This will give your mental health a boost.

DO YOU MEDITATE?  If not, now is a good time to begin.  I just read in a book that people who meditate live three years longer than those who don’t.  If you do, now is a good time to pat yourself on the back.  You’ve got a good habit.   If you don’t meditate, now is a good time to begin the practice.  This might be a good time to join a meditation group or class.

DEVELOP A NEW INTEREST.   The opportunities to expand your horizon are limitless.  Not all hobbies are expensive.  Many are not costly at all.  The important thing is that you find something new to do which you like.   Your options are endless here.

CHANGE YOUR DIET!   When you add new foods to your life,   you’ll be on an adventure. Choose a new food each week.  Bring it home and  discover where the food comes from, how it’s cooked, stored, and eaten.   You’ll enjoy  these discoveries each week.  This change will help you feel more alive, and energized.  At the end of a year, your kitchen will be an entirely different place with all the new foods you’ll be eating.  You’ll know and enjoy many new foods!  Chances are, you will be more energized and happier overall.

DISCOVER SOMETHING EACH DAY THAT YOU CAN BE GRATEFUL FOR.   It doesn’t have to be a big thing.  But, finding something to be thankful for is important.  Try to do this early in your day so you can enjoy this feeling all day long.

USE A DAILY PLANNER.  This one small change in your life can give you a large shift as you relieve the stress caused by missed appointments and unscheduled events.  Finally having your life schedule organized  is a major stress reliever for many.

HONOR YOURSELF.  We all experience setbacks of one kind or another.  The important thing is to not allow them to control your life.  Take a negative event and turn it into a strength-building exercise.  This will help you  overcome feelings of stress and negativity.

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Thurman Greco

Ear Infections are Spiritual Events

Spiritually, ear infections represent your need to not hear.  Ear infections surface where there is anger.  What is happening is that what you hear is getting to you.  What you hear is making you angry.

Bacteria, fungi, and viruses cause ear infection.  They can be excruciatingly painful.  Get medical help if your earache causes a fever and if there is a discharge.  Start treatment you experience pain in your ear.  Your goal is to ease any pain and clear up the infection.

Colds, sinus infections, and throat infections block the eustacian tuber which enable middle ear infections which can be painful.  You may feel dizzy.  You may have a discharge from your ear.  You may have a temperature.  Your glands and tonsils may be swollen.

There  are several things you can do to prevent ear infections.  Avoid second hand smoke.  Keep ear wax cleaned out of your ears.  Treat your nasal and sinus allergies and treat infected tonsils and adenoids.

Reflexology, Reiki therapy, and chakra healing sessions offer homeostasis to minimalize inflammation and normalize body systems.  Reiki therapy help with pain management and nausea.  Chakra healing is grounding.


Ear infections are a sixth chakra imbalance.


digestive system, sense organ systems, immune system, lymphatic system, liver, solar plexus, spleen


eucalyptus, helichrysum, lavender, myrrh, oregano, rosemary, tea tree, thyme


Conventional medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbalism


Allergy injections can reduce the number of ear infections.    In some cases, ear tube surgery helps.  Don’t smoke around people with ear infections.  Vaccinate you and your family members against the flu.


Am I listening to my inner voice?  Do I hear what others say?  Can I discover what is so difficult for me?

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Thurman Greco

Your Liver, Your Life and 2020 – 10 Liver-Friendly Tips

We’re just fresh into the new year.  2020 is here!

For many of us, the new year brings intestinal and liver cleanses encouraging the good health resolution we always make.  Both in my wellness book and my blog posts, I refer to cleanses.

What better time is there for a cleanse than now – in January of the new year?

I always recommend an intestinal cleanse before the liver cleanse.  Actually, the two cleanses are partners working together for your good health.

STEP ONE is an intestinal cleanse designed to detox  your digestive system.  When your intestinal tract is clean, you will feel better, have more energy, and be more alert.  But, a key  purpose of this intestinal cleanse is to prepare you to detox your     liver.

If you detox your liver before cleaning  your intestinal tract, you may overload your digestive system.  The result may not leave you feeling better, more alert, and energetic.

So, the best way to go is to detox your intestinal tract first.

STEP  TWO is a liver detox.  With a clean intestinal tract, the toxins will leave your body much easier.

When you think about your liver and what it does, it only makes sense to have a liver cleanse last.

Your liver is your body’s largest and most complex organ.   Some textbooks describe the tasks your liver performs in the hundreds.  How can one organ in the body do all the things it’s supposed to do?  Your liver processes your food nutrients, removes contaminents, stores minerals and vitamins, regulates blood clotting.  On top of the many things your liver does, it regenerates itself.

Your liver is vital to your health and wellbeing.

So, your liver should thank you for giving it a detox.

And, after your  detox, your liver should  easily and effectively process all the things you put in your body.  What can you do after your detox to help keep it in good running order?

There are several things you can do which will help your liver function better…especially if you have health issues affecting  your liver.

ENJOY A CUP OR TWO OF COFFEE.  Caffeine is good for your liver.

LOW-FAT FOODS.   Avoid saturated and trans fats which don’t go well with a fatty liver.

SKIP THE SUGAR.  Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to eat few to no sweets.

GET THE SALT OUT.  Too much salt in your diet contributes to high blood pressure which is hard on your liver.

EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGGIES.  These foods offer a variety of vitamins and minerals which are easier to digest than the supplements themselves.

GO FOR WHOLE GRAINS.  Brown rice, beans, whole grain breads are preferred.

WATER, WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE.  Drink a lot of water…everyday.

SKIP RAW FISH AND MEATS.  Your goal is to avoid introducing harmful bacteria to your liver.

SKIP THE ALCOHOL.  If you have health issues, alcohol is too stressful on your body.

So, there you have it.   I truly hope this list will help you and your whole body health maintenance in the coming year.  These tips are all liver-friendly.  Your liver is important to your overall health – every day.

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Thurman Greco

Thurman Greco




9 Things You Can Do for a Healthy New Year – Wellness!

These nine  suggestions  can transform your body, your kitchen, and your lifestyle.   They are a living proof that wellness is not hard to achieve.

So, in this new year, GO FOR WELLNESS!


This is far easier than you might think.

Raw fruits and veggies are a good snack.  Cooked, they can be a main dish or side serving.  They can be a dessert, even!  So, go for it.


Foods made with white flour are lacking.   They lack fiber, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients which you need.  They also taste better!


Replace all the other oils in your kitchen with these oils.  Especially get rid of partially hydrogenated oils.


This can be an overwhelming proposition.  A good start is to ask your healthcare professional for guidelines.  Or, contact Village Apothecary in Woodstock, New York, for some pointers.  I get all my vitamins and supplements at Village Apothecary.

If you’re not comfortable calling Village Apothecary, find a place where you feel comfortable that the staff are well-trained and have customer wellness at heart.

If you like research,  a third option is to study about one vitamin a month and add the vitamins or supplements monthly.


This is not a new piece of information.  I’ve been writing and talking about this for years.  But, this product is still in foods we buy.  To really get away from it,  read the fine print.

Go ahead.  Do it.  Read the fine print.

Then…once you’re doing this….


Processed foods are loaded with products which aren’t even foods at all.  These products shouldn’t even be in your kitchen, let alone in your body

Healthy food is not that difficult to find.  In fact, it can be easier than you think.


Do this as much as possible.  If the organic foods price tags in the grocery store give you sticker shock, focus on the “dirty” foods:  strawberries, spinach, peaches, celery, greens.

It’s easy to wash pesticides off your produce.  Put about 1/4 teaspoon of Dr. Bronner’s Soap (I use Peppermint) in a bowl of water.  Dunk the produce in the mixture and swish it around in the bowl.  Rinse the produce in clear water.


Cut back, preferably to zero consumption.   If this seems impossible to you, then you need to think about what these beverages mean to you.  On the practical level, they do nothing good for you.


Meats are not that good for us, really.  Today’s beef, pork, and processed meats are loaded with chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.


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Thurman Greco

Wellness, Our Planet, and the Winter Solstice

Today, on our Winter Solstice, or whenever you find a time that fits your schedule…

Sit quietly for a few moments and visualize a world where all beings know they belong.

See a world where we are all connected and work together in mutual respect , harmony, and  honor.

Visualize a world where wellness for all is a reality.

Create a world in your spirit and your heart where balance is universal.

Focus on this vision of peace and food for all.

Thank you.

Thurman Greco

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Emphysema, a Spiritual Disease connected to Stress

Spiritually, emphysema is a fear of absorbing life.  You are worn out with stress and worry because of your sense of foreboding.  For you, life is  a struggle and you cannot live in the moment.  Grief is woven in all this.

When smoking damages lungs so severely that breathlessness and fast breathing occur,  you have emphysema.  You may have a chronic cough.


Emphysema is a fourth chakra imbalance.


respiratory system, immune system, muscular system, digestive system, endocrine system, liver, solar plexus


lavender, rosemary, tea tree, lemon, thyme, peppermint, ginger, sage, hyssop


Emphysema is your body responding to long-term exposure to airborne irritants.  This includes both smoking and second-hand smoke.  Both indoor and outdoor pollution cause emphysema.  Heating fumes are part of this mix.


Conventional medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbalism.

You can benefit from an integrated medicine approach and using a health care team.  Including alternative medicine professionals can help you overcome the panic that goes along with shortness of breath.

A nutritionist can offer you a comprehensive profile of foods and supplements to include in your diet.  A pulmonary therapist will provide you with ways to decrease lung congestion, shortness of breath, or swelling in your legs.  Learn to maximize the effectiveness of your medications.

Use your oxygen therapy.  A physical therapist can teach you easy aerobic exercises and strength training to improve your daily life.


The most important thing to do is stop smoking.   Stay away from secondhand smoke, chemical fumes, and automobile exhaust.

Regular exercise is crucial because it increases your lung capacity.

Wear a cold air mask or scarf over your nose and mouth before going outside.

Get your flu shots annually and include a pneumonia vaccination when it’s time.  Keep your indoor environment clean of toxins\

Avoid stress with tai chi, qi gong, meditation.

Regular reflexology, Reiki, or chakra healing sessions will invite homeostasis, something you can benefit from.  The regular sessions will also calm anxiety and stress.

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Exhaustion is a Spiritual Event

Exhaustion is a spiritual event.  Spiritually, you are way overextended.  You are on a treadmill you haven’t been able to get off of.

In today’s world, the list of causes of exhaustion is seemingly endless.  For starters, a good night’s sleep is important.  Give yourself permission  to relax.

Regular reflexology, Reiki, and chakra healing  sessions can offer you relaxation you never thought you could achieve.

Exhaustion is a sense of tiredness and energy depletion that a good night’s sleep cannot fix.  If you wake up in the morning fatigued, you need to pay attention to your body, your soul, your mind, and your feelings.  This feeling, exhaustion, is a spiritual event.

If it’s any consolation, I have been where you may be now.  Exhaustion stopped me right in my tracks.    You can get over it if you can focus on it.

The purpose of this blog post is to let you know that you can get beyond your exhaustion.  You may feel that you have no energy at all.  But, you do have the energy to get beyond this feeling you experience now.


Exhaustion is an imbalance of all chakras


Until you know the cause of your exhaustion, ask your reflexologist to work your endocrine system, immune system, nervous system, and digestive system.


frankincense, grapefruit, lavender, lemongrass, mandarin, myrrh, peppermint, rosemary, sweet orange, vetiver, ylang ylang


This is a good time to visit a nutritionist.  But, whether you do or not, clean up your diet and focus on eating clean, fresh, vegetables and fruits.  Eat the best food you can for your body.


Exhaustion is one of the best reasons I can think of to consult a medical professional.  You need to rule out any medical issues.  It is time to repair yourself and regain your health.  Get to the bottom of what is causing your exhaustion.


Better health is waiting for you.  You just need to find it.


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Thurman Greco



Eczema is both a spiritual disease and a way of hiding.

Spiritually, you have negative attitudes about unpleasant events in your life.  You want to hide yourself and how you feel.

Eczema is a fairly common skin condition which is become even more common.  Your skin becomes inflamed, red, and itchy, as you react to soaps, detergent, household chemicals, food, house dust, and other environmental irritants.

Eczema’s itchy patches appear on your skin before the redness.  Allergies, immune system overload and stress cause Eczema.  Flaking skin and a rash appear on your legs, hands, face, neck.

Eczema likes inner knees and elbows of children.

If the condition doesn’t improve within a week, or if it becomes infected, you need to see a medical professional.

Regular reflexology, Reiki, and chakra healing sessions will help manage its side effects during treatment.  Regular sessions will also encourage homeostasis as your body normalizes itself when immune system overload is minimized as you clean up your environment.

Eczema triggers which cause outbreaks include animal dander, anger, cleaning products, drugs, foods, fragrances, poor circulation, stress.  One of your tasks with Eczema is to identify which products are your own personal triggers.

The most common foods provoking Eczema attacks include milk, eggs, wheat, fish, and foods with soy.

A journal may help you.  Keep a diary and pinpoint some potential food and environmental triggers.  This will make your eczema experience easier for you.

Eczema happens when your immune system is overloaded so a clean environment is critical.  This includes air, your body, car, home, work place, and the water you drink and wash with.

When you clean out the toxins, your health will have a chance to improve.  When this happens, your reflexology sessions will be more effective, and you will have a better chance to manage Eczema’s side effects.

In the middle of this, try to get a little sun every day.

This information may be a bit daunting.  However, cleaning up your body and the environment where you live and work is easier than you might think.  For starters, throw out all your cleaning  supplies and cosmetics.  Replace them with non-toxic products which won’t worsen your situation.

Then, clean up your diet by cooking and eating only foods which have no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives.  Eat nothing with additives.

It has been said that health begins and ends in the color.  You may decide to have a colon cleanse followed by a liver cleanse.  The important thing is to treat your digestive disorders.

When you clean up your environment and clean out your body, it will be easier for you to cope with stressful situations.

I cleaned out my body and my home and my car and my workplace.  It was an effort but much easier than it seems.

First, I identified the products I felt were the least threatening to my body.  I did my research and identified Dr. Bronner’s soap as my household cleanser.  I chose my creams from three companies:  Dr. Hauschka, Jurlique, and Weleda.  I chose Jurlique and used it for years.  I finally switched to Weleda because I could buy it locally at Woodstock Apothecary.

But, I never replaced the cosmetics I threw out.  I decided I didn’t need them.  I’ve saved myself many hours and much money by not wasting money on or time applying make-up to my face every day.  I saved the cosmetics for parties.

Dr. Bronner’s soap worked well for me because my body liked the product.  I chose the peppermint formula and still use it every day My transition to Dr. Bronner’s was easy because the company has a “cheat sheet” with all the recipes I needed.  Dr. Bronner’s is also on You Tube.  I also liked Dr. Bronner’s because I could buy it everywhere.

I chose my first recipe when I bought a small, glass dropper bottle and filled it with Dr. Bronner’s.  I use one drop of Dr. Bronner’s soap when I brush my teeth.  (Yes, it tastes just like soap!)

My clothes experienced a transition, too.  For starters, I really now have very few pieces in my wardrobe that need dry cleaning.  (Non-existent dry cleaning bills were a nice surprise!)

I use Dr. Bronner’s to clean every room in my house.  The Cheat Sheet had all the recipes.


Eczema is a fourth chakra imbalance.


immune system, nervous system, lymphatics, digestive system, circulatory system, liver solar plexus


bergamot, carrot seed, frankincense, geranium, helichrysum, juniper, lavender, myrrh, peppermint, sweet orange, tea tree, yarrow


Conventional medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbalism.  Eczema responds well to many types of healing. Begin with conventional medicine and then branch out to alternative, complimentary, and integrative medicines.


Keep damaged skin moist using an oil-based cream.  Apply emollients liberally and frequently, preferably twice daily.  Use a humidifier to moisturize dry, indoor air.


If you can avoid the itch-scratch-itch cycle and prevent potential infection, your situation will improve.


Bathe in lukewarm water using soaps that don’t contain perfumes or dyes.  After you bathe, pat your skin dry.  Follow this with a rich, thick, moisturizing cream.

Reduce your exposure to allergens.  Allergy shots may be appropriate.

Treat yourself to about fifteen minutes of sun every day.


Is the real me trying to come out.  What am I trying to escape from?

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Thurman Greco



Endometriosis: a Spiritual Disease Focusing on Insecurity

Spiritually, endometriosis is insecurity, disappointment, and frustration.  You are physically rejecting your feminine aspects.  You experience rejection from men when you devalue and deny yourself.

Endometriosis can cause a lot of trouble in your life.  Endometriosis happens when the tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside your uterine cavity.  On occasion, it may spread throughout your pelvis.  Endometriosis can be tremendously painful and lead to heavy bleeding.

Endometriosis feels a little like heavy menstrual bleeding, menstrual cramps, and it goes along with irritable bowel syndrome.

I believe that endometriosis hides other conditions that have not been noticed.  I feel it covers for hernias, chronic bladder issues, cystitis.  Because of this, I urge you, if you have been diagnosed with endometriosis, to seek out and treat other conditions which contribute to your pelvic discomfort.  Include allergies in this search for hidden causes of abdominal pain.


Endometriosis is a second chakra imbalance


reproductive system, endocrine system, liver, solar plexus, immune system, nervous system, muscular system,


clary sage, fennel, sage


Conventional medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbalism.  Begin your treatment with conventional medicine and supplement allopathic medicine with complementary and alternative medicine techniques where practical.  Integrative medicine is appropriate here.

Visit a physician specialist first.


Increase your consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids.  Adopt a low-glycemic diet.  Eat fiber-rich food to include bran, dry beans, whole grains, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, berries.  Include soy foods in your diet.  Learn Biofeedback techniques.  Get surgery.  Exercise regularly.  Avoid obesity.

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Be well!

Thurman Greco