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The Spirituality of the Ears


Our ears are our most sensitive sensory organs.  We can hear sounds around corners and through walls.  But, we not only hear the different sounds around us.  Through our ears, we also listen, absorb, understand them.  When we listen to sounds with our ears, we also become aware of intention, awareness, presence.

When we listen, we not only connect with others and what their message is but we listen to our own inner voice.

Our ears absorb much information from the many sounds surrounding us.  We filter out large amounts of information because we either do not want to hear it or we are overwhelmed by too much information.

Hearing loss can have both physical and spiritual causes.  Spiritually, people who don’t want  to hear anymore have deafness as an option.  Deafness can be a way of blocking out what we don’t want to hear.

People block out negativity, anger, frustration, criticism.  They also, sometimes, block out guidance which is generated not only from within but also from those around us.

Go to a quiet space – a room or a corner of a room.

Sit quietly for a few moments and take some grounding breaths…inhaling and exhaling deeply.

After a few moments, when you feel you are quiet and grounded, place your hands lightly over your ears.  Listen carefully for your own wisdom and guidance.  Ask your spiritual self how you can use your ears to experience balance, clarity, grounding,  self love, self appreciation, and increased self esteem.

Sit quietly for a minute or two.  You may or may not receive answers to your question.

Remove your hands from your ears and thank your spiritual self for any guidance you have received or will receive through dreams, signs, or messages.

Now, return your hands to your ears.  Hold your earlobes with your thumbs and index fingers.  Massage your earlobes for 1-2 minutes using your thumbs and index fingers to make small circular motions.  Make small circular motions all over your outer ears.  Work slowly and with intention.  Then, slowly, massage your earlobes with long, luscious pulls.

You are not doing these circular motions and pulling motions to create pain in any way.  You are offering love, healing, grounding to your entire body – both physical and  spiritual.

Your ears have many pressure points which will respond to this slow, loving work.  Thank your ears for all the work they do and have done since your beginning.

Now, return to the present space you are in.  Try to consciously experience  what happened to your body and soul in the past few minutes.

Sit quietly for a moment to absorb the present moment.

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Thurman Greco