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The Spirituality of our Breasts

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Breasts are very complex spiritual body parts.  They aren’t complex because of their place on the body or because of what they do.  They’re complex because of the ways we relate to  a woman’s breast in our society.

Breasts have 2 primary jobs:

They are sexually attractive body parts.

They nurture the newborn baby.

Our culture has interesting attitudes about human breasts:

It’s all right for women to spend thousands of dollars to enhance the breasts…even though to do so means that breastfeeding one’s  baby may possibly not happen because of the surgery.

It is all right for women to expose breasts in low cut dresses and bikinis.

It is not all right for a woman to feed her baby in any but a private space…even if both she and the baby are covered.

THE MESSAGE HERE IS THAT THE SEXUAL ROLE BREASTS GENERATE IS SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE BUT THE NURTURING ROLE IS NOT.   This message creates worry and apprehension in women.  Women feel victimized, on some level, by society’s attitudes about breasts.

BREAST CANCER IS VERY COMMON AMONG WOMEN.   Breast cancer is believed by many to be caused by hormones, chemicals, environmental toxins.  All of those things may be true.  But, it is also true that  women  often overextend themselves day after day for years.  In short, women in our culture are depleting their spiritual tanks with no chance of refilling them anytime soon.

IT’S HARD TO NOURISH ONESELF AND OTHERS WHEN THE SPIRITUAL TANKS ARE DRY.  When this happens over an extended period, something has to give.  Often,  that something is breast cancer.

In supporting the spirituality of your breasts, work to overcome the disconnection you feel from your own needs.  Honor your fatigue.  Address any feelings you have with victimhood.

Offer Reiki therapy to your breasts with the intention to heal and regenerate your body to maximum health and well being.

Focus on ways to nourish yourself so you can fill your spiritual tanks.

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Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco