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Looking for a Wellness Secret? – Here’s One

Our long-term health and longevity rests in our hands.   Genes play an important role, but it’s the things we do every day which add up to long-term health and wellness. Our day-to-day living carries us to good health throughout our lives.

A Secret

I’m happy to share this secret with you.  My daily breakfast is the most important meal of my day.  But, it’s not just any old breakfast.  It’s my muesli breakfast!  Not just oatmeal.  Historically, Muesli was a specific cereal blend which kept the Swiss healthy in World War II when food shortages were common.

So, what is Muesli?  Muesli is an easy-to-prepare-and-serve meal made up of rolled oats, seeds, dried fruits and nuts.

 My Morning Muesli

1/2 cup muesli mix

2 tablespoons plain yogurt

1 scoop collagen peptides protein powder – I purchase mine at Village  Apothecary here in Woodstock, NY.

1/2 cup of half-and-half or juice or whipped cream

Scoop ingredients into a small bowl and cover with liquid.


I eat this cereal at room temperature.

Some History

When I began eating this breakfast, I bought boxes of muesli in the cereal section of the grocery store.  It wasn’t long until I was mixing my own blend from  raw ingredients I found in the bulk section of the grocery.

Now, my Muesli includes rolled oats, sunflower seeds, almonds, pecans, crispy rice cereal, raisins and other fun raw grains and dried fruits.  I make large batches of my breakfast mix  and just scoop it into a bowl or cup.

I enjoy adding chopped apples, bananas, blueberries, etc.

When I work all night, I prepare my muesli breakfast before I go to work and then eat it on my 4:00 am break.

I love this breakfast because it’s easy to fix – no matter what the situation.  I also like it because it sticks with me.  I never get the before-lunch hunger pangs.  I also like this breakfast because my experiences with it have taught me that the ingredients are magical.

The oats and other raw grains found in Muesli are filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidents, protein, iron, and omega-3’s.

The ingredients in my breakfast muesli help me fight off diabetes, and high blood pressure.  They encourage a good energy level and they motivate my immune system to work better.

What more can I ask for?  The cereal is easy to prepare, fun to eat, and keeps me healthy!  This is a win! win! win!

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Thurman Greco


Sustenance! What is that?

Vitamins and minerals are  important to prevent  disease and   retard aging.

Many, many books have been written about which vitamins and minerals we should all be taking.  An early  draft of  my book “A Healer’s Handbook”   had much information included in the chapters.   I was uncomfortable with the information and removed it.  It took months/years to assemble the information and get it in the manuscript.  It took only a few minutes to delete it.  I’ve never regretted that move.

Years later, the book is now out…without the information.   I’m still happy with that decision.

That being said, I’m now going to share information about some nutritional supplements with you.  This information is based on my own research, what I’ve learned over many years.  I’m offering my professional opinion here.  You may not, probably will not, agree with any or all I present.  That’s okay.  The whole subject is very controversial.

The controversy is based on differing opinions between science-based and belief-based groups.  These 2 groups of people  see supplements in different ways.  Belief based people see supplements as natural products which:

promote health

overcome dietary deficiencies

are preferable to FDA products.

Science-based groups see supplements as being:

of questionable value

and of questionable safety.

I could continue on about this conflict for another 10,000 words…but I’m not.

There are many, many supplements out there.  The questions to ask yourself are 2:

Which of these products  should I take and how often?

I recommend that, whatever you choose, make sure the products come from reputable companies whose products are routinely tested by independent laboratories for purity.  You want to be able to purchase a vitamin, mineral, or other supplement,   composed of chemicals which are listed on the label.

You want your supplements to be manufactured by companies which have independent laboratories buy their vitamins or supplements off the shelf, test them in their own facilities, and publish the results.

There are many, many books out there recommending vitamins, minerals, etc.  The authors of these books will list the products and then tell you how much and when to take them.  I won’t  duplicate this information.  What I’m doing is telling you what I use, and why I use it.  Nobody is paying me to recommend these products to you.  I’m not selling them, either.

These are simply  the best products I can find.

The first product is one that I feel virtually everyone should be taking.

Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil is an Omega-3 Oil.  It’s processed from Alaskan Pollack grown in a well managed fishery.  The fish is turned into oil and purified, then bottled and shipped out.  This Omega 3 Oil is 100% American made.

If you can’t find Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil in a store near you, contact Village Apothecary, Woodstock, NY, 12498 and they’ll ship it to you.

I’m really sold on Omega 3 oils.  If you are only going to take one thing…make it Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil.

Everyone recommends multivitamins.  A multivitamin is a basic in our culture now. Like all the other health care professionals, nutritionists, etc. I recommend that we all, at least, take multivitamins.

I take multivitamins every day with lunch.

The multivitamin I take is manufactured in Boulder, Colorado by Nutriplex, a woman-owned, organic company.  All Nutriplex products offer whole food nutrition with superior quality and nutritional standards.  All Nutriplex products are formulated from evidence-based research.

The name of the Nutriplex multivitamin is Whole Food.

I take 3 Nutriplex products daily:


Whole Food


Whole Food is the multivitamin that everyone recommends.  .

BFood is a formula offering B-vitamin nutrition.

I take other nutritional products as well, but these are the basic ones I take.  I rely on these products to do the job they need to do.

I hope you feel the same way about the supplements you take.

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Thurman Greco