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The Spirituality of the Arms

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Arms are very important in our spiritual lives.  We use our arms:

to hug people, as we share love.

to protect ourselves as we fold them across our hearts and lungs.

to manifest our creativity as we paint pictures, plant gardens, build buildings.

to mount attacks as we carry arms to battle.

to lift, carry, and move objects as well as ourselves through lives.

When we are having difficulty moving forward in life, we sometimes break or bruise our arms.  They may become  weak or tired.  They may be stiff and painful.  The bruise, break, or pain sometimes offers a respite from the difficult task at hand.

Arms work, essentially, with energy coming from the heart and out through the shoulders as they perform tasks  to manifest our inner desires and needs.

One of the most healing things you can do for your arms is to massage each arm with the hand of the other arm.  Begin above the elbow as you work your way down to the hand.  While  massaging your arms, speak to them, offering support and love.  Honor the work your arms do all day long everyday.

As you massage your arms, ask  them what feelings are stuck  in the muscles, tendons, connective tissue.   Try to unearth and release any buried negative emotions.

After you have massaged each arm for a few minutes, feel the stress and tension leaving your body.  Encourage it to leave through your fingertips.

Include some deep breaths focusing on releasing stress, tension, pain, density, stagnation, blockages.

Breathe in balance, calm, positive feelings.

As you exhale, work to release negative emotions  keeping your arms from being calm and focused.

Repeat this massage/exercise for several minutes over a period of 5 consecutive days or until you begin to feel better.

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Thurman Greco

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