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10 More Wellness Tips for Better Health

One of the most important wellness tips a person can use is the suggestion to take a few minutes out of every day to relax.  A break every day for a few minutes will lower blood pressure, encourage good health and healing, and promote balance.     Go Breaks!

Parsley is a popular garnish.  Well, I eat the garnish!  Parsley is both delicious and nutritious.  So, I just can’t bear to throw it out.  Join me in this habit.

Cut down on the salt.  Add a few drops of lemon juice or substitute other herbs and spices.  This can be one of your most important wellness tips!

Add avocado to your sandwiches and salads.  Avocado is both delicious and nutritious.  It’s high in nutrition and low in calories so that makes it a real bonus in your meal, and a practical wellness tip.

Read the Yogurt label because not all yogurts are created equal.  If you want flavored yogurt, add your own.  You’ll be eating fewer additives when you include fruits instead of purchasing the yogurt already filled with high sugary jams.  Choose a yogurt with no artificial colors, artificial flavors, or no artificial anything.

Steam your veggies instead of boiling them.  You’ll end up serving food which tastes better and has more vitamins and minerals.

Want to serve fruit with your cereal?  Add your own!  Many fruit containing cereals have little or no fruit in them.  (This wellness tip is almost too easy!)

Avoid commercial dips.  Your homemade dips will taste better and will have fewer additives.  They will have fewer calories and fat, too.

Plain popcorn has fewer calories  and fat than potato chips.

Drink water before, during, and after exercise.

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The First Chakra and Reflexology



DSCN0202 2

All 7 of the major Chakras are reflected in our feet.  They line up on the spine and they relate to energy centers found on the body.  The first Chakra is found at the base of the spine.

The reflex point for the first Chakra is located on the heel of both feet.  First Chakra issues are concerned with



connection to our earth – our environment

issues with grounding

one’s connection to the community



Have  you put down roots?  Or are unable to establish a home?

Do you find it hard to move ahead in life?  Or, are you unable to let go of your family?

Do you feel vulnerable?  Are you refusing to budge?

Do you eat properly?

Do you  hang onto unhealthy relationships?

Can you receive?

Can you give?

Are you in a rut?

Are you afraid of change, even if it is positive?

Are you in your body?

Are you controlling?

There are many first Chakra phrases using the word “heel”:

Cool your heels

Down at your heels

Well heeled

Take to your heels

Drag your heels

Achilles heel

I’m sure you can come up with even  more.

Fear is a first Chakra issue.  Fear is a culprit in almost every disease, health issue, and problem we encounter in life.  Fear keeps us all from being the totally healthy beings we were born to be.

We carry fear over from past lives.  And, if you don’t believe in past life issues, just skip them and think for a few minutes about the fear issues we carry from childhood.  We can be perfectly rational adults and still carry fear baggage around.  Sometimes I see clients whose fear issues weigh more than their physical bodies weigh.  Many obese people are holding fear in the form of extreme fat around their bodies.

If you and/or your client partners want to be healthy, it’s important to have a balanced first Chakra.  There are several ways to balance one’s first Chakra:

Reflexology for the Spirit sessions  offer homeostasis which is the balance of all body systems.

Reiki therapy sessions balance the Chakras.

Meditation.  Set aside a few minutes daily to meditate on a balanced Chakra system.  The first Chakra needs to be grounded.  Take time each day to listen to what your body tells you.  If you listen, it will never lie to you.  If you listen, you will know when you are not grounded and when your Chakras are not balanced.

It is also easy to tell how balanced your first Chakra is by observing your hips.  What is the range of movement for your hips, knees, and ankles?  How do they feel?  Your ankles, knees, and hips move you forward in this world.  They keep you balanced.  Stability is important for the first Chakra.  Pain, tightness, restricted movement, and inflexibility are strong indicators of a need to balance the first Chakra.

Physically,  the  first Chakra governs 3 systems:

Immune System

Skeletal System

Lower Digestive Tract.

When you work with your client partner’s first chakra, you offer an opportunity for increased self awareness.  What a gift you give!

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Photos provided by Renee Ruwee

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Reflexology for the Spirit and Cancer

This post is part of the series on the Big Five Diseases.

For cancer prevention, the story is pretty much the same as for heart disease.  Get the cholesterol in the healthy range.  Get the exercise program going to shed the excess weight.

Cancer is a group of diseases, actually.  So, when we talk cancer, we talk about more than just one illness.

DIET IS IMPORTANT IN CANCER PREVENTION.  There is a correlation between fat and meat and cancer.  Add fruits and vegetables to your diet and add plenty of fiber.  Avoid excess sun exposure.  Use sunscreen.  Take your vitamins.  Skip the tobacco.

One factor contributing to cancer is extreme stress tolerated over a long period of time.

Other risk factors include secondhand smoke, air pollution, workplace exposure to chemicals, exposure to radon gas, heavy alcohol consumption, obesity, overexposure to sun, sedentary lifestyle, age, family history, polyps in the colon, diet low in fiber and antioxidents, and diabetes.

Offering a Reflexology for the Spirit session 48 hours after a client partner has received  chemotherapy will help him/her feel much better.  This person will experience a deep sense of relaxation and an opportunity for the body to return to balance through  encouraging  homeostasis.

When someone you know  suffers with cancer, encourage him/her to continue all treatments the allopathic specialists have to offer.  Your job is to assist your client partner and support him/her in the return to homeostasis through the other treatments s/he receives.

Reflexology for the Spirit does not replace allopathic cancer treatments.  Your sessions with cancer patients can be very effective when combined with Reiki therapy and essential oils.  Reiki therapy can be offered daily.  As a practitioner working with a cancer patient, you’re dealing not only with the physical parts of the disease but also the emotional and spiritual aspects:  fear, anger, rage, helplessness, abandonment.

ESSENTIAL OILS: balsam fir, Canadian red cedar, clove, dill, galbanum, grapefruit, hyssop, lemon, myrtle, nutmeg, orange,  patchouli, sandalwood, tarragon, thyme, tsuga, valerian

When using essential oils on a cancer patient, consult with an aromatherapist to choose the proper oil for the particular type of cancer your client has.

Work all body systems including the liver and solar plexus.

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Spiritual/Emotional System: Bottom Line Information, 15 Essential Oils, Improvements to be Expected to the Spiritual/Emotional System


A person cannot have total good health without addressing the spiritual/emotional issues.  Since most diseases/issues/chronic conditions have spiritual/emotional components, it’s appropriate to address the Spiritual/Emotional system in all reflexology sessions.


bergamot, cedarwood, clary sage, frankincense, geranium, juniper, lavender, lemon, marjoram, myrrh, orange, Roman chamomile, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang


The chakras will balance, offering the body, mind, and spirit an opportunity to heal.

When the Spiritual/ Emotional system is engaged, it becomes a driving force in the healing of your client partner.

When  the Spiritual/Emotional system needs healing, your client partner moves forward to resolve issues  not previously resolvable.  These breakthroughs can be important.

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The picture in this post was painted by Jennette Nearhood.

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Reflexology Blog – Spiritual/Emotional System


As the journey goes, recognizing one’s spirituality varies from person to person.  The differences aren’t important.  What’s important  is  we understand the value of our spiritual well being relative to the overall health of  the whole body.

Try to understand and respect the spiritual differences in each client partner.  Spiritually, everyone is different with no wrongs or rights.  Make every effort to support the client’s spiritual beliefs to help the client achieve good spiritual health.


We can’t address the question without understanding the cultural, religious, and ethnic differences in our client partners.  These should always be respected and acknowledged when appropriate.

With a client partner from a different culture, please try to learn more about cultural behaviors and communication styles within that culture.

GOOD SPIRITUAL HEALTH INCLUDES A CONNECTEDNESS WITH ONE’S INNER SELF AND WITH OTHERS.  It can include a life with meaning and purpose.  It can include faith, hope, peacefulness, love, forgiveness, and worship.

For many, the most elusive word is forgiveness.  Many health care providers offer forgiveness prayers for their clients.    Some healers feel  healing is impossible without forgiveness.  Your job is to assist your client partner to achieve and maintain spiritual balance and health.

Reflexing the nervous system can be a very spiritual experience for your client partner.  For many, it facilitates a communication flow between the brain and the divine.

RECOGNIZE WHEN A CLIENT IS WORKING THROUGH LOSS AND GRIEF.    Your sessions can assist and support the client in this journey.

The endocrine system is the foundation of the Spiritual/Emotional System.  This is the primary system that Reflexology for the Spirit addresses.

The Endocrine system and the chakras are very closely aligned and influence one another.

Balanced chakras are a necessary component of good spiritual and emotional health. That’s what Reiki therapy does best.  Have you learned Reiki therapy yet?  It’s easy to learn.  It’s fast, incorporated easily into a Reflexology for the Spirit session and brings homeostasis.  As your client reaches and maintains homeostasis, the spirit becomes healthy, too.  Once the chakras are balanced and the spirit begins to achieve good health it will become the driving force in the journey to homeostasis.    You can assist your client partner on this journey without Reiki therapy but it’s easier with it.

The question arises:  What is Reiki therapy?  At its lowest common denominator, Reiki therapy is the laying on of hands.  The practitioner calls in the Reiki energy (universal life force) and offers a light touch to a clothed body as healing is offered.

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Guided Meditation: An Angel Points the Way to a Digestive System in Perfect Health

Page0002 (2)

SEEK OUT A COMFORTABLE PLACE WHERE YOU WILL NOT BE INTERRUPTED.    Turn on some quiet music if you like.  Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.    Feel your body as it becomes comfortable in this place you have chosen.

TAKE A FEW DEEP BREATHS.   Now, take a few relaxing breaths.  As you breathe in, feel the healing air you are bringing into your body.  As you inhale now, feel the pure healing air as it  enters your nose, throat, and lungs.  Each time you inhale, allow your body to breathe in more healing air into your lungs and then into every artery, and finally every vein in your body.

With each exhale, you release toxins, stress, negativity which have collected throughout your digestive system.  Your exhales are gently  detoxing your system.

As you are breathing in this healing air, you become aware of a  a special healing light accompanying these inhales.  As you inhale, feel  the healing light wash over your body.  Feel this healing light as it bathes your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

Now, notice that this light is focusing on your digestive system, washing toxins and any issues away.  This healing light  gives health to your digestive system beginning with the mouth and traveling down through the esophagus, stomach, liver, small and large intestines, rectum and anal canal.  This healing light brings health to every organ down to the cellular level.

Breathe deeply and naturally now for a few moments as you receive the nurturing energy from this light.  Allow your digestive system to melt into this healing moment.  Allow your digestive system to absorb this purity and perfection.  Relax a bit more and listen for the sounds of the forest which is enfolding you.

You find yourself on a path in the forest.   As you move down the path, you feel the air on your skin.  You smell the soil, the leaves.   You hear the forest sounds:  the birds, rustling leaves, small animals skittering.  The healing light you breathed in a few moments ago is allowing you to become one with the forest.


You look down the path and see an angel ahead.  You notice everything about this angel who is welcoming you.  You will want to remember this angel and this place when you return for  visits.  Notice the colors, the textures, the sounds, the smells.

This angel is here to help you focus on the health of your digestive system.

You feel that this angel is here to help you be healthy and stay healthy.

Your angel begins to share with you how your body is now working as it properly should.  You pause a few moments and receive the  wisdom this angel has for you.

You begin to gain insight about what blocks need to be released, what organs need more nourishment, how to channel stress and negative emotions into positive life experiences.

AS YOU GAIN INSIGHT, YOU BEGIN TO HAVE YOUR OWN QUESTIONS.  You know this angel has the answers for you.  You know  that if the answers do not come immediately, there is no need for concern.  You know from the angel’s presence that the answers will come in another time or at another place.

It’s time for you to go now.  It’s time for you to return to your room and your safe, comfortable place where you began this meditation.     As you leave the forest and return to the comfortable place in the room, you feel the healing light stay with you.

You return to the moment relaxed, refreshed, knowing you can visit this forest and this  angel whenever you want.

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Reflexology Blog – Ulcers

ULCERS ARE PHYSICAL CONDITIONS WITH STRONG SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE.  Ulcers can develop on the walls of the stomach, on the upper part of the small intestine.  Wherever they develop, they can be quite painful.

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO DISCUSS DIGESTIVE ULCERS WITHOUT DISCUSSING DIET.    People suffering with ulcers should avoid black pepper, chili powder, chocolate, coffee, meat extracts, mustard, and spicy foods for starters.

Ulcers require the attention of a medical professional.  some lifestyle changes, and the realization that the spirit is talking loud and clear.

Lifestyle changes include:

Eat food in moderation.  A stretched stomach with an ulcer can be quite painful.

Choose to eat apples, cranberry juice, onions.

Avoid coffee and alcohol

Quit smoking.  If you haven’t been smoking, now is not the time to begin this habit.

Avoid aspirin and other NSAIDs.

Wash your hands after every bowel movement.

REDUCE THE STRESS IN YOUR LIFE.   People dealing with ulcers are usually very stressed.  They may be under too much pressure and are possibly worried by financial, work, relationship, guilt, or shame problems.  The goal here is to get to the point where it’s not necessary to worry so much.  People dealing with these situations feel a need to be soothed, nurtured somehow.

And, this is where reflexology for the spirit enters the picture offering not only soothing relaxation but homeostasis.

When offering reflexology for the spirit to an ulcer sufferer, begin the sessions by working the solar plexus and diaphragm.

Work the digestive system with emphasis on the stomach  and duodenal reflexes.

Work the endocrine system with emphasis on the adrenal gland reflexes.

Work the intestinal reflexes focusing on the entire Intestinal tract.

Finish the session by working the liver and solar plexus.

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Reflexology Blog – Heartburn

Heartburn usually is brought on by eating too quickly or eating too much at a meal.


People  at risk of heartburn attacks include  smokers who are also overweight.  There Things  can be done to alleviate the discomfort:

Give up large meals.  Instead of three large meals, switch to four to six smaller ones.

Avoid fatty, high calorie foods.  Dietary fat has a tendency to make people more sensitive to heartburn.

Steer clear of foods which may cause heartburn:  carbonated drinks, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, mint (spearmint and peppermint), onions, oranges, tomatoes.

Include walking in your daily activities.

Wear more comfortable clothing.

And, often silently, hiatal hernias play a part in the heartburn story somehow.  Many of us, maybe even half of us, have hiatal hernias.   We are often unaware that we have one.  However, if your heartburn is persistent, ask your healthcare provider it this might be contributing to your problems..

Spiritually, heartburn sufferers find life too bitter to bear.  They can no longer stomach the situation.

Reflexology helps with the anxiety and stress of everyday life which often contribute to heartburn.

When offering reflexology to a person suffering with heartburn, begin the session by working the solar plexus and diaphragm reflexes.

Work the entire endocrine system.

Work the entire digestive system as you focus on the stomach reflexes.

Work the entire nervous system.

End the session by focusing on the liver and the solar plexus.

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Caution! Gallstones Can be Very Painful!

Anybody who has ever known anyone with gallstones will pay attention to the  causes of this very painful situation.  And, the causes are pretty straight forward:

cholesterol in the bile


alcohol consumption


So, just for starters, if you’re concerned about gallstones, get out there and exercise.


Many people have gallstones without the symptoms so if you think you might have them, go right ahead with the diet and exercise.

I don’t have to write this, because gallstones are so painful, but…if you have severe pain which might be in your gallbladder area, it’s really necessary to be under a physician’s care.  Even the most severe holdouts will go to the doctor willingly with  gallstones.

THE SPIRITUAL ASPECTS OF A GALLSTONE ATTACK ARE PRETTY EASY TO UNDERSTAND.  People suffering with gallstones are also suffering with anger, fear, irritability, resentment.  A person suffering with gallstones is having trouble finding not only a person to blame but is also having trouble with forgiveness.   With gallstone sufferers, this situation has been going on for a fairly long time.

When offering a reflexology session to a person concerned about gallstones, begin by working the entire digestive system with a focus liver reflex.

Focus on the gallbladder reflex.

Work the intestinal reflex.

Work the  endocrine system.

Finish the session with a focus on the liver and solar plexus.

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Reflexology Blog – Anemia


Diet insufficient in iron and B vitamins

Intestinal disorders

Chronic diseases

Although a person can have anemia without symptoms, common symptoms include:


shortness of breath

elevated heart rate

chest pains



cold feelings in arms and legs

SPIRITUAL ISSUES ACCOMPANYING ANEMIA ARE DISTINCE.   People dealing with anemia are exhausted for starters.  Add to the fatigue a loss of joy, creativity, and interest in life  and you have a negative mix which leaves the person feeling invalidated.  The end result is a person holding on to worries, concerns, and unresolved issues.

Two things need to happen:  the person needs to visit a good healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and begin possible medical treatment.  There may be underlying medical issues which need to be dealt with.  And,  the person needs  an appointment with Liz at Village Apothecary:  845-679-0790.

DEFINITE DIETARY ISSUES NEED TO BE DEALT WITH PROFESSIONALLY.  When I refer an anemia sufferer to  Liz, the result is usually a changed person with a couple of weeks.  And, this makes sense.  People  feel better when they have the dietary resources necessary to encourage their bodies to work properly.

Reflexology offers homeostasis and helps the person overcome  issues caused by anemia.

When offering a reflexology session to an anemia sufferer, begin by working the entire body.  Spend time on every body system.

Then finish the session by focusing on the spleen and liver reflexes.

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