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The Endocrine System – very important for both physical and spiritual health

THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM IS MADE UP OF A SERIES OF GLANDS INCLUDING SEVERAL GLANDS WHICH WORK TOGETHER TO MAINTAIN HOMEOSTASIS.  They include the hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroids, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, and ovaries/testes.  In addition to working to maintain homeostasis, the glands of the endocrine system work together to regulate our metabolism, growth, reproduction, and body chemistry.

Endocrine glands secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream.  They work with other body systems and are important to the overall function of a person in everyday life.  It’s important that the different Endocrine glands work well.

THE HYPOTHALAMUS, PITUITARY, AND PINEAL GLANDS ARE LOCATED IN THE BRAIN IN THE AREA BEHIND THE EYES.   They all three interact with the nervous system.  It’s believed that the hypothalamus controls the “mother” gland because it’s believed to coordinate the functions of the other endocrine glands in addition to regulating growth, blood pressure, and sexual development.

When a person is stressed emotionally and spiritually, the pituitary reflex becomes sensitive.  Sometimes it’s so sensitive to the reflexologist’s touch that it can’t be worked.  When this happens, go to the pituitary gland reflex on the hands and work there.

The pineal gland produces melatonin which is responsible for sleep patterns.  Many people believe the pineal gland functions as our “third eye” and works with our spiritual and psychic development.

THE THYROID AND PARATHYROID GLANDS ARE LOCATED AT THE BASE OF THE THROAT.   They’re attached to the wind pipe with the thyroid in front and the parathyroids in back.  The parathyroids are believed to control calcium and bone metabolism.  The thyroid, a very important gland, coordinates how everything in our body works.  The thyroid is to the body what the gas pedal is to a car.  People with thyroid imbalances often experience anger.

The thymus is a gland located a couple of inches below the thyroid and parathyroids.  This gland offers support to the immune system.  Our thymus is a certain size when we are born and does not get much larger as we grow up and age.  This leads some professionals to believe the thymus is more important in infanthood and childhood than in adulthood.  Here again, we have a spiritual gland.  The thymus works better when we feel more positive about ourselves.

The pancreas is partially an endocrine gland which works in close conjunction with the digestive system.  The pancreas has two parts:  endocrine and exocrine.  The endocrine part of the pancreas is called the Islets of Langerhans.  This is where insulin is produced.

THE ADRENALS ARE LOCATED ABOVE THE KIDNEYS.  They work closely with the nervous system to maintain fluid and mineral balance.  The adrenals are easily felt because we experience them as “butterflies” in our stomach when we are suddenly nervous.  Prolonged stress overload has a negative effect on the adrenals.  When the adrenals get overstressed it takes time and effort by the practitioner to return them to balance.

THE OVARIES IN THE FEMALE AND THE TESTES IN THE MALE ARE ENDOCRINE GLANDS.  This is a point of creativity in the body.  They are managed by the pituitary gland.

KEEPING THE VARIOUS ENDOCRINE GLANDS BALANCED IS IMPORTANT TO US ALL.  Sometimes, when an endocrine gland is not balanced, our whole (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional) reflects this imbalance and is affected negatively by it.  Reflexology for the Spirit sessions help balance our endocrine system.

AN EXAMPLE OF A NICE SESSION IS TO FOCUS THE ENTIRE SESSION ON THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM.    The importance of endocrine balance cannot be overestimated.  One effective way to focus on the endocrine system is to offer rotations (about 10 rotations per point) to each of the endocrine glands in the following order:  solar plexus, pituitary gland, thyroid, parathyroid, liver, adrenal glands, ovaries/testes.  Then, finally, return to the solar plexus.

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