Reflexology For The Spirit

A Guided Meditation – An Angel, a Gift, and a Safe Place

Page0002 (2)For this meditation, the first thing to do is get as comfortable as possible.  This means being in a comfortable chair, recliner, or lying face up on a massage table or other flat surface.

Straighten your spine, relax your shoulders, allow your chair, recliner, or massage table to support your body.

Now, make sure your clothes are comfortable.  Loosen anything that is tight or constraining.

Uncross your arms, legs.

Focus on your breath as you go within.  Gently , bring your awareness to your breathing.  Be aware of how you relax as you breathe in and out.  Feel your spine, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs relax as you breathe.

Use your breath to allow yourself to become more relaxed.  As you breathe in and out, use your out breathe to release tension.  Use your in breath to bring relaxation and appreciation into  your body through your respiratory system.

As you breathe in, continue to allow your breath to bring relaxation and appreciation to your entire body, ending with your feet.  Breathe deeply and relax with each in breath and each out breath.

As you become more and more relaxed, you realize you have a visitor,  a very special visitor in this space with you.  Quietly, as you breathe in and out, you see an angel close by.  This angel has come to visit with you for a few moments and to bring you a special gift.

Notice  this angel now.  How does this angel appear?  What colors do you see?

As you note the angel’s size, colors, and general appearance, you become aware of the angel offering you a special gift.  As you make contact with this angel and begin to communicate, you learn that your angel is giving you a beautiful glass bottle with a stopper.

You notice what this bottle looks like, how large it is, what color the glass is and what the stopper in the top of the jar looks like.  Your angel offers you this special jar and you are happy to accept it.

You begin to realize that this jar has a special purpose just for you.  You see that this jar is empty now and that it is waiting to be filled by you.

You know that your angel wants you to take your burdens and put them in this beautiful container.  So, you remove the stopper and begin to place your burdens in the bottle:  work, anxieties, apprehensions, stress, fear, dangers, questions, pain.

Continue to place these concerns and burdens in this bottle until you have filled it  with every concern you have.

Now, very carefully, place the stopper on the bottle.  As you are holding this bottle filled  with your concerns, you look around and see a  table nearby.  You gently place the bottle on the table.

You realize that by placing your problems and concerns in the jar on the table,  you are disposing of each and every one of them.

You know that, should you need them, you can return for them.  But, you also know that if you don’t need them, they are gone.  Thank you angel.

You thank your special angel for this wonderful gift.  What a lovely thing…a bottle especially created to hold your worries.

You now become aware of your breathing again.  You are ready to return to the present.  You breathe deeply for a few more moments and then begin to gently move your hands and arms, feet and legs.

You are back in the room now.  Rested.  Relaxed.  Happy to have visited with your angel.  Happy to have received the beautiful bottle with the fancy stopper.  Happy to have disposed of troubles.

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Thurman Greco

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