This is what brings it all together:  the blog, website, classes, everything.  The book explains it all in a language that is easy to read, understand, and bring into your life.  A Healer's Handbook offers the reflexologist an opportunity to offer healing to the whole person, not just the body.  When this happens, real and lasting change can happen.  Wellness can be something to work toward, not just dream about.


People receiving Reflexology for the Spirit sessions regularly often begin to feel that their body is healing itself.  This self healing process is a totally new concept to many people.  They begin going to a reflexologist thinking that they have no control over their health at all.  Then, when they begin to realize that their body is moving toward homeostasis, they feel empowered by what happens.  Then, of course, they observe that the condition of the feet themselves has improved as well as their overall health.


For some, specific parts of the body begin to improve as the body seeks balance.  Then, of course, an improved sense of emotional and spiritual wellbeing begins to take place.  This, in turn, brings about an increased awareness of one's body and how it feels and works when healing occurs on several levels.  WOW!


When you buy a copy of A Healer's Handbook, you'll be purchasing far more than just a book.  You'll be introducing a whole new healing into your life.


Peace and food for all.