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Eczema – a skin condition we all need to know more about

Spiritually, if you have eczema, you have a negative attitude toward unpleasant events in your life.

Eczema is a fairly common skin condition  becoming more and more common.  Your skin becomes inflamed as it  reacts  to soaps, detergents, household chemicals, food, house dust, and other irritants.

Itching, red, inflamed skin is the first step.  It’s followed by flaking skin and a rash  appearing on legs, hands, face, neck.

In children, eczema likes the inner knees and elbows.

If the condition doesn’t improve within a week, you need to see a medical professional.

Looking at the bigger picture, eczema is also a reaction to stresses in and around you.  And, we can probably all agree that life is becoming more and more stressful.

The best way to treat eczema is to identify, remove, and avoid the allergens.  Your goal is to control and relieve  symptoms.

Looking beyond the emotional, mental, and spiritual  stress, we are all more and more stressed by the chemicals we come in contact with daily.  The soaps we clean with and the food we eat are becoming more and more laden with more and stronger chemicals as time goes by.

Eczema begins as itchy blotches on your skin.  The redness begins later.  The three culprits here are allergies, stress, and immune system overload.

These  three situations respond positively to regular reflexology, Reiki therapy and chakra healing sessions.

An important first step in treating eczema beyond regular  sessions is for you to identify the triggers which set off your bouts of eczema.  These may be animal dander, anger, cleaning products, drugs, foods, fragrances, poor circulation, house dust, .

All is not lost.  You’ll benefit from a little sun every day.

Because eczema is a situation resulting from immune system overload, a clean environment is critical.  This includes  your air, body, car, home, work place, water.

When toxins are cleaned out, your health will have a chance to improve.  Then, your reflexology sessions will be able to more effectively manage eczema’s side effects.

Eczema responds to conventional medical treatments as well as mind-body therapies.  In addition to reflexology, Reiki therapy, and chakra healing, meditation helps.

Although this may seem like  a daunting task, cleaning up your body and the environment is easier than you might think.  For starters, throw out all your cleaning supplies and cosmetics and replace them with non-toxic products which won’t exacerbate the problem.

A good next step is to clean up the diet by cooking and eating only the foods which have no artificial colors, flavors, additives.

It has been said that health begins and ends in the colon.  A colon cleanse followed by a liver cleanse is in order.  When  your environment is cleaned up and your body cleaned out, it will be easier to  cope with stressful situations.


Eczema is a fourth chakra issue.


immune system, nervous system, lymphatics, digestive system, circulatory system, liver, solar plexus


bergamot, frankincense, geranium, helichrysum, juniper, lavender, myrrh, neroli, peppermint, sweet orange, tea tree, yarrow,

EFFECTIVE FIELDS OF HEALING:  Conventional Medicine,  Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbalism

PREVENTATIVE MEASURES:  Keep damaged skin moist using an oil-based cream.  Apply emollients liberally and frequently.

TREATMENT GOAL:  If you can avoid the itch-scratch-itch cycle  and avoid potential infection, your situation will be much better.

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Continuing Education: Self-Care for You, Reflexologist – 5

Do you attend continuing education classes, workshops, sessions throughout the year?  If not, you’re missing out on the most important part of self-care.

Continuing education classes not only teach us new ideas, techniques, attitudes, postures…they stimulate our minds.

Continuing education classes offer emotional and spiritual stimulation.

Continuing education classes offer networking opportunities of a quality not found anywhere else.

Every continuing education experience is reflected in better work on your client partners.

In addition, continuing education classes usually offer a chance to receive and give body work while you’re learning.

You return to your table renewed and rejuvenated.

Continuing education classes offer you a chance to expand your service skills.  I am  a reflexologist.  This is the work I offer  my client partners daily.

I am also known for being a companion animal   massage therapist,  a Reiki master teacher.  I have been attuned to nine different forms of Reiki.  Finally,  I read tarot cards.

I learned all of these skills on continuing education hours.

To be honest, I’ve studied things that I don’t practice but not one minute of the continuing education hours were a bust.

I am a much better practitioner, blogger, writer, teacher  because of  my fellow professionals who shared their knowledge with me through continuing education classes:  Jonathan Rudinger, Penelope Smith, Dawn Hayman, Mary Ruth Van Landingham, Shoshana Hathaway,  Tom Rigler, Rev. Dan Chesbro, Kerrith McKechnie, Marge D’Urso, Alberto Villoldo.

So, my message is this:  enrich your life, expand your practice, get continuing education hours!

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Self Care for You, Reflexologist – 3

Reflexologists, body workers, healers, whatever the title…we all have days when the clients seem to be lined up outside the door in an unending line.

OR, one client comes in for an appointment and it turns out to be a challenging day.

So, whether it’s one client or ten..days can be challenging.

What is a reflexologist to do?

One thing I do, no matter what,  is take a power break.

A power break  manifests itself in many ways:

  1.  A short meditation of two or three minutes can completely change the energy –  not only in your space, but in you as well.  This meditation can stretch beyond the three minutes if your schedule allows.  Do you have even fifteen minutes?  Go for it!
  2. Take a clean air break and step outside for a moment or two.  Breathe deeply.  Enjoy the day – whatever it is.  It doesn’t really matter whether you step out into the most beautiful day of the year or walk out to greet a major storm.  The important thing is that you have stepped out of your space into the world for a moment.
  3. Find a quiet corner, lay down on the floor and prop your feet up the wall.  This posture, for two minutes can change your energy dramatically.  It can rejuvenate you for the rest of your day.
  4. Walk around your area for a moment and just do nothing.  Walk around aimlessly.    This will allow you to empty your head in a way no other activity can.
  5. Can you nap for two minutes?  I’ve learned to do this and it is very refreshing.  The ideal nap  is fifteen minutes or more but two minutes can go a long way if it’s all you’ve got.
  6. Give yourself a quick Reiki session.  A few  minutes of Reiki therapy will offer much rejuvenation.
  7. Cut the cords.  This is easy, quick, and very effective.  Whenever you meet with another person, no matter how briefly, you connect on spiritual and emotional levels.  When you cut the cords, you sever this connection.  This cutting of the cords is important at least at the end of each day.  Cutting the cords after each appointment is a positive move.  Think of these cords as different colored ribbons attached at each end to you and the other person.  Cutting them will offer a release for you which can be freeing.

Whatever you do,  choose an activity you can rely on for rejuvenation, relaxation, stress release.  Make this power break part of your day, every day.

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Artwork provided by Jennette Nearhood.

Book Cover designed by Sangi.

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Thurman Greco

Self-Care for You, Reflexologist

When you look at your calendar for the coming week…where are YOU on the schedule?  If you are not on the schedule, you are not doing the basic self-care things things to protect your career.  Self-care is the difference between a two-year career as a healer and a twenty-year career as a healer.

You are the healer.  You join the professional organizations.  You pay your taxes.  You make sure your office is “just right”.  You take  continuing education classes.  In short, you do the things necessary to protect your business.

But, what about you:   your body, your spirit, your emotional strength, your thoughts?  Where are they lined up here with the bills and the available appointments, and the marketing activities?

For many healers, body workers this is the most difficult thing to do on the entire list.  As reflexologists, we’re accustomed to give, give, give.  And, we enjoy giving.  Obviously we enjoy giving or we would never have taken even the first class.

The bottom line here is that you commit to your own private, inner, personal wellness when you receive a weekly session.  You also set an example for your client partners.

Things you can do!:

Begin by filling your spiritual tank.  Schedule a session for yourself each week.  Every week.  Do something.  Get a massage.  Get a Reiki session.  Schedule a session with a shamanic healer.  Try out that new chiropractor who just moved into your neighborhood.

Do something!  The important thing is to get on someone else’s table at least once a week.

Personally, I receive an hour-long  Reiki therapy session every week…no matter what.  I also receive a reflexology session every week.  The work I do the rest of the week is much better for this hour which I invest in myself.

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Juice Cleanse Tips

  1.  Begin your cleanse by spending a few days eating fresh fruit, salads, sprouts, nuts, and seeds and avoid all processed foods.  Maintain a raw food diet for about three days before you  actually focus on the juice part of the cleanse.
  2. Make sure the water you drink is the cleanest  you can find.  A big decision here is whether you prefer ultrapurified water or spring water.   This choice is a personal one.  I’m happy with either one.  When I’m doing a cleanse, I prefer ultrapurified water.    When I am at home and just drinking water on a daily basis, I prefer spring water.  I like spring water because I live in the Hudson Valley of New York State  where I have access to superior water.  I know what spring the  water comes from, even.  In some cases I’ve actually visited a spring and personally seen it.  I never drink water shipped in from another continent, country, state, or even another part of New York State.  That being said, I would probably make different decisions about the water I drink if I lived in another part of the country.  Certainly, if I lived in a foreign country, I would do different things.
  3. When having a cleanse, be sure to rest several times during the day.    Include some guided meditations that you’ve chosen especially for this cleanse occasion.
  4. Set aside time for reflexology sessions and chakra healing sessions.  Begin each day with a Reiki therapy session if you can.
  5. End your cleanse by eating easy-to-digest water, plump fruits and leafy green salads.  Avoid processed foods for as long as you possibly can.  This is crucial to the success of a cleanse.

Reflexologists, now is a good time of the year to conduct a cleanse as a group with several of your fellow practitioners and client partners.  Include a nutritionist in the group to help supervise the cleanse.


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Sleep for a Healthy Lifestyle

Bully 6

As a reflexology practitioner, it’s important that you stay as healthy as possible.    When you  take care of your body, you  inspire your client partners to take care of theirs.

Many conditions  lurk unnoticed for years to develop in the body before they are recognized for what they are:  diseases that, in the early stages, are seen as fatigue, headaches, insomnia.

But, whatever these conditions are called, they are actually ongoing health issues that no one has solved.  Often, we just ignore these problems.

“I just need to learn to live with this……” is a remark I hear often.  The problem is common, persistent, chronic.

Now is the  time to see these issues for what they are and take steps to deal with them before they become full blown, serious,  illnesses.  Look at yourself:

Do you look healthy?

Do you feel healthy?

Do you have enough energy for all the things you want to do each day?

Do you sleep well?

Do you have digestive issues?

Do you feel toxic?

Make 2017 the year you turn your life around.

Begin  by learning to get enough sleep.

The first step in a healthy sleep is having a healthy sleeping environment.

Do you or your sleep partner snore?  This can rob you of hours and hours of sleep, necessary to good health.  People don’t realize it but snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea, a serious medical condition which contributes to Alzheimer’s.  So, today, begin to address the snoring.

Snoring is not always  expensive to treat.  So, make your first step to a healthy year, a trip to a physician to address any and all snoring and sleep issues.

The second thing to do is declutter  the sleep space.  Move the home office into another room.  Move the TV out.  The bedroom is for sleeping and sex.  Everything else goes in another part of your home or apartment.

About an hour before you are ready to go to bed, begin to calm yourself down.   Prepare your body to sleep.

Taking sleeping pills is not the answer.

Instead, don’t watch television or play video games immediately before sleep.  Attend fewer evening meetings.

Is your bed comfortable?  Do you have enough blankets?  How about the pillows?

What is your most comfortable sleep position?  Do you sleep better on your stomach or are you a sleeper who prefers to be face up?  Do your bed, bedding, and pillows encourage a healthy sleep every night?

Finally, schedule sufficient hours to sleep.  You need at least eight hours of sleep in order to get the optimum energy and rejuvenation out of your body the next day.

One thing you can do to improve your sleep situation is to receive a reflexology session weekly.  People universally claim that regular reflexology encourages better sleep.  So, while you are offering reflexology sessions to your client partners to encourage their improved sleep, schedule  reflexology sessions for yourself.  At least, that way, you’ll know exactly how wonderful a reflexology encouraged sleep really feels.

Make it a habit to offer self-reiki therapy to encourage sleep.  Teach reiki therapy to your client partners so they can give themselves sessions as they go to bed at night.

One of the secrets to a healthy body is sufficient sleep on a continued basis.  Share this secret with your client partners!

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Is it a Cold or the Flu?

bully 2

I hear this question every year at the beginning of the flu season.  So HOW DO YOU KNOW?  How do you know whether it’s a cold or the flu?

Well, there are some real differences.

Fever is rare with a cold.  Fever is common with the flu.  It’s usually high and lasts 3 to 4 days.

Headaches are rare with cold but common with flu.

Cold sufferers may have slight aches and pains.  Flu sufferers have definite aches and pains which may be severe.

Extreme fatigue and/or weakness is just not a factor with a cold.  With the flu, exhaustion is common…especially at the onset of the illness.

Sore throat, stuffy nose, and sneezing are common with colds.  However, with flu, these symptoms are not important.

Chest discomfort and coughs are mild with colds.  A person suffering with a cold may have mild symptoms to include a hacking cough.  With the flu, these symptoms can become severe.

With colds, treatment includes antihistamines, decongestants.  With the flu, the patient needs to consult with a physician.

Regular Reflexology for the Spirit sessions, Reiki therapy, and chakra healing strengthen the immune system, an important tool in fighting both colds and flu.

Prevention is important.  Wash your hands often and stay away from anyone with a cold.  These measures also work with flu but include  an annual flu shot.

Complications to a cold include sinus congestion, ear infection, and asthma.  Complications to the flu can be serious.  They include bronchitis and pneumonia.

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9 Things Reflexologists Don’t Do – and 5 Things we Do

Brain Physical system


Cure – Reflexologists do not cure.  Instead, we promote healing, which can be a very

different thing, depending on the issue.

Patient – Reflexologists do  not have patients.  Physicians have patients.  We have client partners.  Some reflexologists have  clients.  But, whatever we have, we don’t have patients.

Recommend – We do not recommend.  Instead, we work feet.  We concentrate our energies on facilitating healing.

Advise – Reflexologists do not advise.  We support our client partners in their healing path.  Our work brings about homeostasis and synchronicity.

Examine – We do not examine.  We read feet or hands or ears.  .We notice where our findings are located.  We work the feet, hands, ears,  to bring about healing, homeostasis, and synchronicity.

Prescribe – We do not prescribe.  That’s for physicians and other medical professionals.  We rely on our hands and hearts to tell us what we find, to encourage healing, to facilitate homeostasis, to see synchronicity.

Dispense – We have nothing to dispense beyond the sessions we offer.

Diagnose – We do not diagnose.  Physicians assist us in our healing efforts when they offer a diagnosis.  This is important because it’s much easier to overcome a health issue if it has a name.

Administer – We do not administer anything.  Instead, we read feet, offer sessions.   Our noninvasive sessions have been offered to client partners for ages and ages.

Reflexology for the Spirit practitioners use our hands, brains, and hearts.

We do not need to over schedule our days to be successful.  Twenty-five appointments a week is a full time practice for a Reflexology for the Spirit practitioner.

We are not wedded to advertising.  Some of us don’t even have business cards.  Referrals work well for us.

Because Reflexology for the Spirit works well with other modalities, many of us also practice yoga, massage, Reiki therapy, flower remedies.  That means we are always growing, learning.

We honor our heritage.  Reflexology for the Spirit practitioners take our traditions back many, many years:

Our history takes us far back in time  with beginnings shrouded in mystery.  What we do know is that early references to reflexology can be found in China, India, Japan, Egypt, Greece, North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the Mediterranean, South American and North America.

Historians tell us that Egyptians practiced both hand and food reflexology as early as 2500 BC.  If you ever travel to Egypt, please visit the burial ground at Saqqara.  The Physician’s Tomb there has a famous wall painting showing two people receiving reflexology.

If you ever find yourself in Japan, be sure to visit the Medicine Teacher Temple in Nara.  There you’ll find a stone carving depicting the soles of Buddha’s feet in a carving dating to 790 AD.

In India, there are paintings of Vishnu, the Hindu god’s feet with symbols corresponding to several reflexology points.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian form of medicine  becoming popular in our country.  Reflexology is incorporated in Ayurvedic medicine.

Reflexology has been recorded in ancient Chinese writings describing pressure being applied to fingers and thumbs.

From this glorious history and recent twentieth century trailblazers, we now have thousands of people practicing various kinds of reflexology throughout the world.

Reflexologists the world over work in tandem with physicians as our field moves toward integrative medicine in the twenty-first century.  Integrative medicine works to heal the total person:  the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Reflexology has endured the test of time and is modern as tomorrow in the 21st !century.

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Progress of the Book


The book is, at last, being edited!  Real book progress is being made.  I hope to get it to the publisher soon.  I plan to go over it one last time about mid July.

Thanks to everyone for your patience.

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Arthritis in the Feet


Page0001THE ISSUE – Arthritis in the feet definitely addresses  problems we experience as we move forward in life.  Arthritis also focuses on a personality living with judgmental attitudes.  Control is  an issue.

PHYSICAL CAUSES – There are many, many different types of arthritis.  Common risk factors include:

old age


ill-fitting shoes

traumatic injury

If your client partner wants to deal with this affliction  and to know his/her specific causes, s/he needs to see a rheumatologist for a diagnosis.  This is important.  A diagnosis always gives the client partner more power over the health issue.  Until a person has a name for the disease, it is more difficult to overcome the problems.

You also need a diagnosis because there are many different kinds of arthritis and you will treat the issue differently based on which type  your client partner suffers with.

SPIRITUAL ASPECTS – Where the arthritis attacks the foot reveals much about the involved Chakras.  For example, the first chakra would be affected with arthritis in the heel.

If it is in the right foot – your client partner is dealing with past issues.  The left foot focuses on the present.

HEALING – The reflexology your regular sessions offer cannot be overestimated.  Combine them with Reiki therapy and encourage your client partner to add a few extra reflexology  spa sessions.

A person suffering with arthritis needs nurturing so that releasing  the past becomes easier.  Forgiving is essential with arthritis, especially arthritis in the feet.

Nurturing offered by your reflexology sessions allows your client partner to appreciate the positive things which life offers.   Nurturing reflexology sessions will also help your client partner worry less about perceived limitations.  This will definitely lighten the load.

In addition to your reflexology and Reiki sessions, you may want to include an occasional guided meditation  focusing on changing direction in life with ease.

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