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The First Chakra and Reflexology



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All 7 of the major Chakras are reflected in our feet.  They line up on the spine and they relate to energy centers found on the body.  The first Chakra is found at the base of the spine.

The reflex point for the first Chakra is located on the heel of both feet.  First Chakra issues are concerned with



connection to our earth – our environment

issues with grounding

one’s connection to the community



Have  you put down roots?  Or are unable to establish a home?

Do you find it hard to move ahead in life?  Or, are you unable to let go of your family?

Do you feel vulnerable?  Are you refusing to budge?

Do you eat properly?

Do you  hang onto unhealthy relationships?

Can you receive?

Can you give?

Are you in a rut?

Are you afraid of change, even if it is positive?

Are you in your body?

Are you controlling?

There are many first Chakra phrases using the word “heel”:

Cool your heels

Down at your heels

Well heeled

Take to your heels

Drag your heels

Achilles heel

I’m sure you can come up with even  more.

Fear is a first Chakra issue.  Fear is a culprit in almost every disease, health issue, and problem we encounter in life.  Fear keeps us all from being the totally healthy beings we were born to be.

We carry fear over from past lives.  And, if you don’t believe in past life issues, just skip them and think for a few minutes about the fear issues we carry from childhood.  We can be perfectly rational adults and still carry fear baggage around.  Sometimes I see clients whose fear issues weigh more than their physical bodies weigh.  Many obese people are holding fear in the form of extreme fat around their bodies.

If you and/or your client partners want to be healthy, it’s important to have a balanced first Chakra.  There are several ways to balance one’s first Chakra:

Reflexology for the Spirit sessions  offer homeostasis which is the balance of all body systems.

Reiki therapy sessions balance the Chakras.

Meditation.  Set aside a few minutes daily to meditate on a balanced Chakra system.  The first Chakra needs to be grounded.  Take time each day to listen to what your body tells you.  If you listen, it will never lie to you.  If you listen, you will know when you are not grounded and when your Chakras are not balanced.

It is also easy to tell how balanced your first Chakra is by observing your hips.  What is the range of movement for your hips, knees, and ankles?  How do they feel?  Your ankles, knees, and hips move you forward in this world.  They keep you balanced.  Stability is important for the first Chakra.  Pain, tightness, restricted movement, and inflexibility are strong indicators of a need to balance the first Chakra.

Physically,  the  first Chakra governs 3 systems:

Immune System

Skeletal System

Lower Digestive Tract.

When you work with your client partner’s first chakra, you offer an opportunity for increased self awareness.  What a gift you give!

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Thurman Greco




Anxiety Affects Many People Both Physically and Spiritually

ANXIETY AFFECTS CHILDREN, ADOLESCENTS, AND ADULTS.    Anxiety is the word used to describe feelings  ranging from mild unease to intense fear.

ANXIETY CREATES A VARIETY OF SYMPTOMS BOTH PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL.  Common physical symptoms include heart palpitations, stabbing pains, shortness of breath, headaches, back pains, and muscle spasms.  Excessive sweating, dizziness, digestive problems also are included in this lineup.

SPIRITUAL SYMPTOMS INCLUDE FEELINGS OF INSECURITY, FEAR, HELPLESSNESS.  Spiritual issues also include preoccupation  with the future and past.  A person’s life  has a flow which anxiety can get in the way of.

A person suffering with anxiety needs, first, to learn to try to overcome the fear which plagues anxiety sufferers.  Getting proper medical care as well as nutritional advice along with reflexology can help.

Because anxiety has a strong physical aspect to it, it’s important for the sufferer to be aware of the proper nutritional needs in addition to the needed medical care.  This involves eating the proper foods, recognizing what food allergies exist, and identifying the needed vitamins and minerals necessary for a recovery.


I always recommend calling Liz at Village Vitality (Woodstock Apothecary) for an analysis of vitamins and minerals needed.  Her number is 845-679-0790.

When offering reflexology sessions to a person suffering with anxiety attacks, the first step is to work the entire endocrine system to balance the spiritual aspects of the issues.

Work the nervous system.

Work the digestive system and focus on the pancreas reflexes.

Work the endocrine system and  focus  on the pituitary gland reflexes, the thyroid and parathyroid reflexes.

Finish the session by working the liver and solar plexus.

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Reflexology Blog – Anemia


Diet insufficient in iron and B vitamins

Intestinal disorders

Chronic diseases

Although a person can have anemia without symptoms, common symptoms include:


shortness of breath

elevated heart rate

chest pains



cold feelings in arms and legs

SPIRITUAL ISSUES ACCOMPANYING ANEMIA ARE DISTINCE.   People dealing with anemia are exhausted for starters.  Add to the fatigue a loss of joy, creativity, and interest in life  and you have a negative mix which leaves the person feeling invalidated.  The end result is a person holding on to worries, concerns, and unresolved issues.

Two things need to happen:  the person needs to visit a good healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and begin possible medical treatment.  There may be underlying medical issues which need to be dealt with.  And,  the person needs  an appointment with Liz at Village Apothecary:  845-679-0790.

DEFINITE DIETARY ISSUES NEED TO BE DEALT WITH PROFESSIONALLY.  When I refer an anemia sufferer to  Liz, the result is usually a changed person with a couple of weeks.  And, this makes sense.  People  feel better when they have the dietary resources necessary to encourage their bodies to work properly.

Reflexology offers homeostasis and helps the person overcome  issues caused by anemia.

When offering a reflexology session to an anemia sufferer, begin by working the entire body.  Spend time on every body system.

Then finish the session by focusing on the spleen and liver reflexes.

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Thurman Greco


Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome is a collection of many uncomfortable symptoms  accompanying women’s menstrual cycles.

PMS causes the following symptoms:

negative  moods


food cravings

fluid retention

decreased energy


emotional imbalance

weight gain

water retention



And, that’s not the whole list.  It’s just the symptoms that came to mind first.

PMS is on the rise.  It’s a situation  made worse  by stressful situations in women’s lives as well as increased toxicity caused by artificial hormones now found in increasing quantities in our food, water, and environment in general.

On the spiritual level,  PMS flourishes in situations where women suffer with anger, confusion, fear, frustration, inferiority, rejection, self-doubt.  PMS accompanies situations where women feel a need to hold on to past hurts they’ve received from men.  Women suffering with PMS experience a need for more strength and power.

Dietary changes can often help:

Eat more  fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, soy,  vegetables, whole grains.

Eat less dairy, fat meat, and sugar.

Eating organic foods is important because they have fewer environmental estrogens.

Detoxing the intestinal tract and liver will help.

It will be helpful to take probiotics.  In order to be sure you’re not wasting your money, consult with Liz at Village Vitality (Woodstock Apothecary ) 845-679-0790.  Liz will also work with you to determine if you are getting enough of the proper vitamins and minerals for your situation.

Overcoming the negative aspects of PMS will probably not happen overnight but the situation will improve over time…especially if you include regular reflexology sessions to encourage homeostasis.

When offering reflexology for the spirit to a client-partner suffering with PMS, begin by working the endocrine system.  Focus on the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, ovary, and uterus reflexes.

Work the nervous system as you focus on the brain reflexes.

Work the urinary system as you focus on the kidney reflexes.

Finish the session by working the solar plexus and liver.

If cramps are involved, use the following protocol:

Begin the session by working the solar plexus and diaphragm reflexes.

Work the endocrine system and focus on the thyroid,  parathyroid gland reflexes and the uterus reflexes.

Finish the session by focusing on the spine and spinal cord reflexes.

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Infertility and Reflexology

EXPERIENCING INFERTILITY CAN BE DEVASTATING TO A COUPLE.    People  feel they’ve been victimized.  Life sometimes ceases to have meaning for some.  They become depressed, jealous.  Marriages sometimes fall apart.  People feel rejected, abandoned, inadequate, sad.

INFERTILITY HAS MANY CAUSES  – both physical, and emotional:  environmental, hormonal, genetic.  Drug usage, stress, blocked fallopian tubes or testicles, unconscious fears, childhood abuse, can all contribute to infertility.

In this country, people don’t often think of reflexology to help with infertility issues.  In other parts of the world, people trying to overcome infertility issues use the services of a reflexologist  successfully.

If you’re offering reflexology to a couple  dealing with infertility, begin the session by working the solar plexus and diaphragm reflexes.

Work the entire endocrine system and then focus on the pituitary gland reflexes, the ovary and testicle reflexes, and finally, the uterus and prostate reflexes.

Finish the session by returning to the solar plexus and then the liver reflexes.


AND, I OFFER A FINAL SUGGESTION.   There are many reasons for infertility. Some are spiritual.  This may be a time for you to review what may be your life path and goals.  There are many, many children and other animals in dire need at this time on our planet.  At the risk of totally upsetting everyone who reads this blog, I submit to you that possibly your path includes embracing one or more of these precious beings into your life instead of bringing a new life into embodiment.

IS THE UNIVERSE TELLING YOU SOMETHING?   Listen carefully.  There are many ways to use your caring,  nurturing, and creative energy for the benefit of all mankind.  There are many creatures in need of the  love you have to offer.

On behalf of the many needy beings on this planet, I thank you for reading this blog/book.

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Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco

Constipation – a Very Common Complaint

MARGE D’URSO TAUGHT ME THAT ABOUT 50% OF MY CLIENT-PARTNERS  SUFFER FROM CONSTIPATION.   She was not wrong.  Many times, a person comes to my table suffering with constipation and doesn’t even tell me about it.  However, over time, I hear about the situation when it’s in the past tense.

It is very difficult to receive regular reflexology sessions and suffer with constipation.

Constipation is often accompanied by gas and abdominal discomfort.  Physical causes include improper diet, stress, dehydration.


People suffering with constipation can be very controlling.

People suffering with constipation can have relationships that need to end, jobs they need to leave, anger they need to let go of……

When offering Reflexology for the Spirit to a client partner suffering with constipation, begin by working the solar plexus and diaphragm.

Work the digestive system as you focus on the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, and intestinal reflexes.

Work the endocrine system as you focus on the adrenal gland reflexes.

Finish the session by working the liver and solar plexus.

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A Very Common but Rarely Discussed Health Issue – Hemorrhoids

AS WE AGE, MORE AND MORE OF US SUFFER WITH HEMORRHOIDS.   This makes sense when we realize that aging is part of the situation.  Spiritually,  as we age, some of us develop an inability to let go of life events.  We develop a feeling that life has been unfair as we become critical of ourselves as well as others.  Fear is always a factor in hemorrhoids.  Fear, anger, lack of self-confidence  Many of us cling to beliefs, opinions that are outdated.

ON A PHYSICAL LEVEL, HEMORRHOIDS ARE VARICOSE VEINS IN THE RECTUM AND ANUS AREAS.  They are considered to be harmless unless they become infected or rupture.  So, hemorrhoids become a part of our daily lives as the bowel movement becomes slower than we want and more difficult.

CHRONIC CONSTIPATION, PERSISTENT DIARRHEA, PROLONGED SITTING, PREGNANCY, AND ANAL INTERCOURSE CONTRIBUTE TO HEMORRHOIDS.  Softening the stool, eating a high fiber diet, and being hydrated, help prevent hemorrhoids.

WHEN YOU OFFER REFLEXOLOGY TO A PERSON SUFFERING WITH HEMORRHOIDS,  begin by working the digestive system as you focus on the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder reflexes.

Work the endocrine system as you focus on the adrenal gland reflexes.

Work the intestinal reflexes.

Finish the session by working the liver and solar plexus.

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Guided Meditation – An Angel Brings Forgiveness


Page0002 (2)Begin this guided meditation by putting on some soft music.

Now, get in a comfortable place.  Sit in a comfortable chair, or lay face up on a sofa or sit back in a recliner.  The important thing here is comfort.

Begin this meditation by breathing slowly.  Breathe in relaxation as you take deep breaths.  Breathe out stress, negativity.

Allow yourself to sigh, and yawn.  Stretch if you feel like it.

Pay attention to your body.  Feel your body relax as you breathe in fresh, cleansing air.

Feel your body let go of negativity as you exhale.  Releasing  negativity allows your body to feel a little lighter.  It allows you to relax even more.

Every breath allows you to become more relaxed and to let go of the buildup of negativity.  You begin to feel the warmth of comfort and safety.

As your breathing continues, you find yourself in a meadow…a meadow created just for you.  Your breathing allows you to relax even more in the warmth of the sun.  Your breathing allows you to become one with the meadow.  You become aware of the sights, sounds, fragrances, wildlife, of  the meadow.

This meadow offers you peace.  This meadow offers you an opportunity to let go of negativity.

You look around and see an angel.  This angel  stands beside you in a beautiful clearing with  butterflies, flowers, birds, grasses, trees.

As you see this angel, you realize that now is a time for you to give up past negativity.  This is an opportunity for you to let go of feelings of negativity, being stuck, inferiority, shame, confusion, disappointment.

You turn to the angel.

You see you are being given an opportunity to travel down the different paths of your life.

You are being given an opportunity to safely explore lessons learned through past experiences.

You are being given an opportunity to acknowledge that you no longer need to hold onto negativity, disappointment.

With the angel beside you, you feel empowered – safe.

With the angel beside you, you are ready to offer forgiveness as you grow beyond this negativity that has been holding you back.

With the angel beside you, you are in a space where your heart can open and receive positive energy in the place that once held negativity.

With the angel beside you, you are able to spontaneously accept  giving up negativity of all kinds.  This negativity is replaced by forgiveness not only for  other persons and events but also for yourself.

With the angel beside you, you  are instantly moving forward in life as you embrace new energy and a new life force.

With the angel beside you, you know  all is forgiven…forever.

You turn to the angel and look deeply at this glorious being shrouded in green who has accompanied you on this  journey.  As you examine this angel deeply, you know  you have received an incredible gift…the gift of forgiveness.

You thank the angel for such a generous, life changing gift.

Now you return to the room knowing that the angel  in green is waiting for you any time you want to journey down the path of forgiveness again.

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Thurman Greco




Muscular System Bottom Line, 12 Essential Oils, 24 Foods That Nourish The Muscular System and 3 Improvements to be Expected from Sessions to the Muscular System


Maintaining the muscular system with Reflexology for the Spirit sessions helps improve both the circulatory and skeletal systems.  The ability of muscles to function directly impacts the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life of a person.

One’s emotional and spiritual health directly impacts how the muscles function, the ability to maintain a proper body weight, and to maintain muscle tone, especially as one ages.  Exercise is recommended to release endorphins that interact with the receptors in the brain to promote positive feelings, and when a client decides to start working out this will be a boon to you.

ESSENTIAL OILS TO USE WHEN WORKING THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM INCLUDE basil, fennel, geranium, German chamomile, helichrysum, lavender, marjoram, nutmeg, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, wintergreen

FOODS  WHICH NOURISH THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM INCLUDE beans, caffeine, Brazil nuts, cherries, chicken, dairy, dried plums, eggs, figs, legumes, liver, meat, nuts, oily fish, oysters, peanuts, raisins, rose hip tea, soy, turkey, water, wheat germ, whole grains, yeast.

Of the foods on the above list, the following foods are also on Johnny Bowden, Ph.D.’s list of the 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth:

beans,  caffeine, Brazil nuts, eggs, figs, liver(calf’s liver), milk(raw), nuts, oysters, peanuts/peanut butter, raisins, yogurt.

So, you’ve actually got two lists here.  The top list is the list of foods nourishing the muscular system.  The second list is those foods on Johnny Bowden’s list.  This gets a little complicated but is worth knowing.  Please let me know if you have problems with the information and how it’s listed.


Working the muscular system in a session can relax the whole body as well as specific places in the body.

Muscular aches and pains are relieved and muscular stress and tension can be reduced.

As the body relaxes with repeated, regular sessions, homeostasis offers balance to the body and the spirit.

Peace and food for all.

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Reflexology Blog – Muscular System

Muscular System

OUR BODIES CONTAIN OVER 600 MUSCLES, AND THEY ARE IN EVERY BODY PART, GLAND, AND ORGAN.    Muscles work in tandem with the bones in our skeletal system to enable a body to move, circulate blood, help maintain posture, and produce heat and energy.  They are controlled by that command center referred to in the Nervous System.

There are three types of muscles:  cardiac, smooth, or skeletal.

CARDIAC MUSCLES EXIST ONLY IN THE HEART  where they form the heart walls.  The cardiac muscle works alone and is autonomous.  Smooth muscles are involuntary and are found in the walls of internal organs like as the stomach and blood vessels.  Both the cardiac muscle and smooth muscle tissues do their work involuntarily with no help from us.  They are activated through the autonomic nervous system as well as hormonal action.

THE MAJORITY OF THE BODY’S MUSCLES ARE SKELETAL.   The system includes the tendons that attach muscles to bone and the connective tissue that surrounds and supports muscles.  Skeletal muscles move voluntarily and are used for every kind of motion – walking, speaking, running.  These are the muscles which move us forward in life.

SEDENTARY PEOPLE WHO DON’T STIMULATE THEIR MUSCLES TO WORK FIND THEIR MUSCLES ATROPHY.   Statistics prove that a sedentary life style leads to depression and emotional and spiritual malaise.  Reflexology supports the activation of muscle function through exercise resulting in more positive and alive feelings.

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