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Cancer and Your Spirituality

Spiritually, few diseases have an impact as strong as cancer.  Grief eats away at your body.  Carrying past wounds makes you fearful, angry.  You attack yourself from the inside out.  Finally, you are running on empty.

Cancer is a complex and life-threatening disease.  It requires specially trained health care professionals.  Your journey to wellness will be easier and more effective if your medical knows about any and all alternative remedies you use.  Your recovery calls for conventional physicians and integrative medical techniques.  In other words, use every tool you feel will work.

Include internists, physical therapists, nutritionists, bodyworkers, healers in your wellness team.  Everyone is needed to care for you and give you a better path to success.

As with arthritis, there are many different forms of cancer.  Your reflexology, Reiki, and chakra healing sessions, received 24 to 48 hours after chemotherapy help move the medication throughout your body more efficiently.

Regular sessions offer a deep sense of relaxation, homeostasis, pain relief, and reduce stress.  If reflexology is not available, try other bodywork modalities.  They can change your cancer experience.  Safe, effective healing bodywork therapies offer nurturing in tandem with cancer treatment.

When you suffer from cancer, continue all your treatments, both allopathic and complementary.  Your reflexologist will support your return to good health through all your treatments.  Your sessions will be most effective when you combine reflexology with Reiki, chakra healing.

Do you practice Reiki?  No?  Now might be a good time to start.  Self Reiki sessions can help with fear, nausea, and pain.


The list is long:  age, air pollution, diabetes, excess sun exposure, exposure to chemicals, family history, heavy alcohol consumption, obesity, polyps in colon, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, poor health.

Some professions believe cancers don’t need risk factors because many people get cancer who don’t have applicable risk factors or who are not exposed to them.  This makes cancer a more spiritual set of diseases.


The location of your cancer tells you which chakras are affected.  With cancer, the chakras need to be balanced.

Prostate and rectal cancer involve your root chakra.  Cancers of your cervix, ovaries, uterus, colon, unbalance your sacral chakra.  Cancers of your stomach, liver, intestinal tract, pancreas, unbalance your solar plexus chakra.  Your heart chakra becomes unbalanced by breast and lung cancers.  Lung cancer unbalances your throat chakra as well.  Finally, brain tumors affect your crown chakra.


brain reflexes, endocrine system, digestive system, immune system, respiratory system, the lymphatics, circulatory system, nervous system, liver, solar plexus


Canadian red cedar, clove, dill, Douglas fir, galbanum, grapefruit, hyssop, Idaho balsam fir, lavender, ledum, maleleuca, myrrh, myrtle, nutmeg, patchouli, rose, sage, sandalwood, tarragon, thyme, tsuga, valerian, ylang ylang


Consult with your nutritionist, your physicians, and your entire support team to choose vitamin and mineral supplements for your situation.  Nutritional support will help decrease any side effects you experience.  Some professionals believe you will recover faster, have fewer complications if you take nutritional supplements.

If you have questions about which supplements are best for you, I refer you to Village Apothecary, 79 Tinker Street, here in Woodstock, New York, 12498.  I get all my supplements at Village Apothecary.  I trust Neil Smoller’s advice.


Normalize your cholesterol levels.  Exercise.  Use smart food choices, portion control to balance your weight.   Staying active helps relieve fatigue, reduce anxiety, lift pain, boost energy, preserve muscle strength, protect bones.  Avoid overexposure to sun. Skip the alcohol.  The list, it seems, is endless.

If you read this section of the book, maybe you’re taking stock of your life.  Now is a good time to search your inner self and seek those lost parts you’ve ignored for a long time.  Move them onto your front row of attention.  Nourish those feelings and thoughts.  Put them in the spotlight.  Your goal is to feel safe so you  can heal.


There’s a correlation between fat, meat, and cancer.  Fruits, vegetables, fiber are necessary for you if you are trying to prevent or treat cancer.  Nutrition is important.

Some well known cancer-fighting foods include green tea, garlic, soy, turmeric, and ginger.  No one food can cure cancer.  But a good diet can help your quality of life while you fuel your body.  At mealtime, fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.


Living well offers protection against many cancers.  Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy diet.  Exercise regularly.  Avoid tobacco and alcohol to prevent many cancers.  Get a bit of sunlight every day.  There is, however, no magic bullet.


Have I left my community behind?  Is deep stress undermining my immune system?  Can I be honest about my feelings?

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You Have on your Screen a Special Healing Blog

You have on your screen the blog with information I would love to have had when I was a young mother with two active, inquisitive children.

This is also the information I would love to have given to my daughters when they started their families.  So now, I pass on this information to you as well as my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to use as they travel through life.

The information in this blog is a ticket to your healing adventures.  After all, wherever you go, if you’re caring for someone else or yourself, you’re on a journey.  This information has you covered.

I’m sharing information which took me decades to discover and organize.  You’ll find it presented in easy, practical, uncomplicated ways to use in today’s world.

The information I share has stood the test of time.  Medical training isn’t necessary to to read and understand the words on these plot posts.

For thousands of years, reflexology (for example), has been used to successfully treat health issues from common ailments to serious disease.  Because I’m a reflexologist, you’ll find references to this modality on many pages.  That doesn’t mean you need to be a reflexologist to read, understand, or use this book.  It’s there for you if you want to adapt it to your needs.  If you know nothing about reflexology, you can still benefit from its philosophy about health and healing.

Reflexology teaches you this:  Your body is different every day.

My healing practice teaches you this:  your body is not just physical.  Indeed, your components include physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects.

Future blog posts will focus on your health, healing, and wellness.  I’ve planned posts on your body systems.  I’ll include important foods in each system as they apply to its healing.

I’ve planned future posts focusing on chakras.

I plan to list more and more ailments and remedies alphabetically.
Each entry will include spiritual qualities unique to that specific disease.  I’ll be listing essential oils although I won’t be describing how to use them.  That is a different subject entirely.

These blog posts are designed to be practical and easily adaptable to your needs.  I hope you will enjoy them.

Thurman Greco

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And, enjoy good health!

How to Use This Blog –

This blog offers you something difficult to get in today’s market:  insight into your health.  It’s not a substitute for an x-ray or an MRI.  Nor will it take the place of a blood test prescribed by your primary healthcare provider.

I’m a reflexologist, not a doctor.  The information I share and the experiences I relate are based on my research and career.  It’s not intended to diagnose or treat a disease.

I do not prescribe  medications or treatments of any kind.

Healthcare professionals are trained and work in several different healing systems.  I feel they all work toward the same goal:  developing and maintaining your good health.  Healthcare professionals include Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathy, Naturopathic Doctors, Homeopaths.

The information in these blog posts will allow you to see your health care through the added dimension of a spiritual event or situation.  This can enhance your physical situation.

This blog is not intended to replace your primary healthcare provider, or any healthcare provider, for that matter.  Instead, this blog adds a layer of personal care to every situation in your healing life.

If you have a health question or situation  offering no answer, do not be afraid to dig into the past blog posts.  There are several hundred of them.

In the coming months, there will be several hundred more.  My sincere hope is that you will join my future posts.  If you do, thank you for joining me.

Thurman Greco

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Healthy Blood Pressure – 6 Things You Can Do.

We all have a blood pressure.  We don’t see it.  We don’t  feel it.  Unless someone checks our blood pressure, we don’t  know we have it.  And, unless someone tells us our blood pressure is bad, we don’t even think about it.

That makes high blood pressure a quiet killer.  While we go about our lives unaware of the situation, hypertension damages our blood vessels, heart, and eyes.  High blood pressure is a set-up for heart disease, stroke, dementia, and kidney disease.

So, pay attention to your blood pressure.  When your blood pressure is high, your heart is working too much to do its job properly.  This stresses your arteries.

So, what can you do to get your blood pressure down to normal?

For starters, STAMP OUT YOUR CIGARETTES.  Smoking, whether cigarettes or pipes, is not good for your arteries.  When nicotine reaches your blood vessels, they constrict –  which is not good for you.

GET A PET – Statistically, people with pets have healthier blood pressure scores.  So, what is the best pet for you?  I, personally, love dogs and cats.  But you don’t have to get something that barks and meows.  Birds, fish, snakes, even a gold fish  make good pets.   The important thing is to get one that is good for your situation.

DO YOU HAVE A HOBBY? – Find something that you really enjoy and can get interested in.  Drawing, writing, skating, running, walking, and a thousand and one other things can be just what you need to calm your hypertension.

GET RID OF YOUR EXTRA WEIGHT.  –  When you lower your weight you’ll have better blood pressure scores, you will also feel better and look better.    And, this is a segway right into the next suggestion:

NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING – Some foods encourage a good blood pressure score.  Fruits and vegetables are good.  Some people feel oatmeal has magical qualities.  You’ll have better luck with this if you get several  sessions  with a nutritionist whose training aligns with your health needs.

EXERCISE HELPS, TOO!  Yoga is good.  But, so is anything else you do regularly.  This includes almost any physical activity you like.  The important thing is to move.

Not included in this list is pills.  I think they are important and have been taking my blood pressure medication daily for decades.    Just like everyone else I know, I objected to them for a long time.  Once I admitted that I needed them, life became better.  This is a decision for you to make, though.  Everyone I know who takes a hypertension medication, including myself, went through stages of resistance.

After all, it’s hard to face up to needing a medication for the rest of my life.  But, once I matured into this reality, my health improved and my attitude about myself certainly got better, too.

Thanks so much for reading this article.  There are many other posts in this blog which will help you lower your blood pressure.  I hope you get time to check out a few of them.

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Thurman Greco





Maintaining Your Good Health – Inner Fitness for Life

We each have an inner core, a spiritual center needing encouragement, support and protection.  Your inner core lets you travel through life with minimal bumps.  When encouragement, support, and protection are deficient in some way, you run a risk of developing a lack of self-confidence.  There are ways to give yourself a boost.  Life is easier with a strong inner core.


Put yourself in a positive frame of mind before you even get out of bed.  Ask yourself:  “What can I be happy about?  What makes me happy?”


Volunteer someplace.  Get a job.  Read a local paper.  Use your library.  Get into your community.


In 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon discovered the Fountain of Youth in what is now St. Augustine, Florida.  The Fountain of Youth still exists and keeps people everywhere healthy.  There is at least one branch of it in your neighborhood, located on the sidewalk or roadside where you can walk every day.  If that’s not a good option for you, the other nearby branch is in your local fitness center.  You’ll be healthier and your body will thank you if you visit one of these branches every day.


De-cluttering is a bit of a fad and it’s okay with me.  This grounding and uplifting exercise has become part of my daily schedule.  I spend fifteen minutes every day clearing out clutter in a room.  There are books written about it.  Reading one is a good idea if you need a starter boost.  Whether or not you read a book about de-cluttering, your inner self will be more fit when you adopt this habit.


Now might be a good time to journal about important events in your life.  Or short stories.  Or poems.  Or anything that seems appropriate for you.  You don’t necessarily need to focus on what happened to you.  The important thing is what you did with what happened to you.


Do something nice for yourself.  Think nice thoughts about yourself.  Your nice thoughts about yourself are a treat, a gift you give you give to yourself.  You deserve it.

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Thurman Greco

Five Things You Can Do For Your Good Health

Good health is not that hard to achieve.  Really.  When it comes down to a bottom line, five things are essential to establishing and maintaining your good health.


Do you smoke?  Reduce your habit to five cigarettes a day.  When you are  down to five, you can get to zero with little effort.

Join a smokers’ support group.

Hypnotherapy and Biofeedback both offer successful results for many smokers.

The bottom line is this:  Do whatever you have to do to give up this habit.


This is a high priority.  Losing or gaining weight to reach your ideal weight for your good health gets harder with every passing year so the younger you are when you work on your weight, the easier it will be.

Weight Watchers is a good support group.

An interested nutritionist can help you reach your desired goal and include specific foods contributing to your continued good health at the same time.  You’ll get twice the bang for your buck with a nutritionist.

An example of this:  If you need to gain or lose  weight and you have heart health issues, a nutritionist can work on the weight issues along with your heart issues.  I don’t know about you, but I love to be able to do a couple of things together.  I get all involved in the different aspects of synchronicity.


Many wellness gurus teach five servings of fruits and vegetables are a minimum number for a well nourished person to eat daily.  This five serving recommendation is easy for me to pass on.  And, it’s also easy to have fun with.

I like the concept of thinking about which five fruits and vegetables will be on my  plate today.  Planning ahead for each day’s selection gives them focus and importance.

I also like the idea that advance planning gives me a chance to play and experiment a bit.  You can do this too.  It’s easier than you think.  All you have to do is choose one new vegetable or fruit each week.

Take it home and learn what it’s called.  What countries is it commonly grown in?  Learn how to cook it, store it, combine it with other foods, and finally how to eat it.

If you learn about one new fruit or vegetable each week, your dietary skills will be vastly different in a year.  Adventure!


This can be a drudgery or it can be fun.  Your good health options are open here.  Participate in  one or more activities  regularly.  The point is to keep yourself active  daily as you go throughout your life.

You can put in as much time or money as you want here.

You can also combine exercise with other daily habits. I wear an exercise watch which beeps when I’m not moving enough.  It also congratulates me when I’ve gone beyond my daily goal.

I went out and got a second job which requires that I stay off my seat and on my feet.  So, I’m making money while exercising.  I enjoy this a lot.


This can be a biggie.  Stress contributes to many health problems.  Like the sleep suggestion a few pages back, you’ll find a chapter on stress later in this book.  Things like meditation, walks, laughter, sharing, singing, nature bathing, journaling, drawing can help you avoid stress.

Stress relief is important – just as important as your diet and exercise.

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Thurman Greco




Maintain Your Good Health: Some Guidelines

For me, much disease is preventable  when you maintain your good health.  Staying healthy doesn’t take a lot of time.  Small changes can make big differences.

Positive lifestyle habits contribute to a lifetime of good health.  This blog is filled with suggestions.  Throughout our lives we all make choices about how we are going to live our lives on a day to day basis.  These choices directly impact how and when our lives will end.

Developing a working relationship with your healthcare professional is essential.  Many people enjoy good health for years and feel they don’t need a doctor.  This can’t be further from the truth.  When an accident or illness strikes, you need to know a health care professional, his/her contact information, and you need to have had an appointment within the last year.

People who are never sick haven’t a clue about what to do when a bone is broken or a head is concussed.  They don’t speak hospital and they suddenly find themselves in a foreign land unable to read the directional signs.

Become aware of your body and how it works.  Know what to do when medical attention is needed.  Learn  first aid skills.

Learn to get a healthy night’s sleep.  Sleep is a core element of your good health.  It goes right along with knowing about your body and how it works.  Now, add healthy eating and good physical activity.  When you combine these stepping stones, you have a basic plan to maintain your wellness.

For me, there are several causes of disease.  Some are nutritional.  The first nutritional cause of disease is created by DEFICIENCIES in your diet.  Culprits here are sugar, white flour, processed foods, and added chemicals.

Half our population has DIGESTIVE ISSUES.  Many people have resigned themselves to living with them for the remainder of their lives.  Your body is made to heal your digestive issues because you have a built in abdominal brain which communicates with your cranial brain when there’s a problem.

This is where  prebiotics and probiotics  come in.  And where things like regular reflexology sessions  enter the picture.  And Reiki therapy.  And chakra healing.  Appropriate bodywork has a place in  maintaining your health and wellness life.

Our bodies can be toxic, all the way down to your CELLULAR  LEVEL.  Read the labels on the foods you buy.  If you can’t pronounce a word or words you read on the ingredients list, put the item back on the shelf.

CHRONIC INFLAMMATION is big on the list of cause of disease.  As you work to develop good health, you’ll get up close and personal with chronic inflammation if you go about this the right way.

When it comes to your good health, it all comes down to this:  Eat whole foods.  Eat nuts.  Use olive oils.  Eat grass fed meats.

A SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE will age you as fast as anything.  As I walk down a sidewalk, I see people who move and those who can’t.  Be the one who moves, not the one who doesn’t .  10,000 steps every day is a good start.

POOR SLEEP HABITS are huge on the list of habits which cause disease.  Sleep  regenerates.  Sleep organizes.  Sleep rehabilitates.  Sleep is therapy.

Get enough of it.

When it comes to PRESCRIPTIVE AND OVER THE COUNTER MEDICINES,  take only the minimum you need.  The same holds true for medicinal herbs.  The bottom line is that anything that can change your body for the better can also change it for the worse if it’s not appropriate for you, your health issues, your body, your age.

We all need a reason to get up in the morning – every morning.  SMILES are necessary to your good health.


Good quality, nourishing food is essential.  This statement does not promote one diet for all.  The diet nourishing you may not nourish me at all.

The part of the statement, good quality, is the one size for all part.  In order that what you eat does the best for your wellness, health, and physical fitness, it must be good quality.

Pure air and water are essential.

All of us need adequate warmth and shelter.

We each need a reason to get up every day.

Balancing work, play, and rest is important.

Everyone needs a positive sense of self worth.  We all need positive feelings about our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical selves.

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Enjoy your continued good health!

Thurman Greco

Spiritually, your back is your support for life.

Spiritually, your back gives you strength.  It honors you.  Your spine contains your central system and your central blood supply.  You register every experience, feeling, impression, and thought in your spine.

Your lower back holds financial support and your core beliefs.

Your middle back supports your move forward in life as you release the past.  Your middle back holds love.

Your upper back deals with your emotional support of others and self.  It deals with guilt, shame, fear, anger, resentment.

Back aches are spiritual events.  What may offer relief for one person may not work for another.  In spite of all the modern, 21st century techniques, cures, and therapies available for back injuries and health injuries, you may respond positively to reflexology, Reiki therapy, and Chakra healing.

Lifestyle changes will help if you discover physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual causes of your discomfort.  When that happens, you can make adjustments to get rid of the pain.  Then, you can figure out what you need to do to keep the pain and discomfort from returning.

These changes may include things like developing a posture encouraging spinal alignment.  You may learn specific exercises offering you relief.

Several times throughout your day, talk to your back.  Is it in pain?  Does stretching help?  Are your shoulders scrunched up against your neck?

As time passes, you’ll find you are learning the language of your spine.  Once you learn this, you can listen to what your spine says to you and follow its instructions.

To avoid back pain, respect your spine and don’t overwork it.  The three basic rules of respect include proper lifting techniques, exercises to build strong back muscles, and proper fitting low heeled shoes.  Following these three guidelines, you’ll prevent accidents and reduce spinal alignment stress.

When you consult with a physician about your back pain, select a person who gives you confidence.  If you seek a massage therapist, acupuncturist, physical therapist, schedule your appointments so they’re 24 to 48 hours of one another to take advantage of synchronicity.

Yoga helps.  I’m fortunate that there are many yoga teachers in my area.  Through the years, I’ve found two teachers who know about spinal health and focus their classes on this specialty.  Carolyn Abedor teaches Iyengar Yoga when she focuses on therapeutic spine health.  Kathy Karey teaches yoga and focuses on repairing injured spines.

Massage and physical therapy are beneficial for chronic pain.  Chiropractors work to improve your condition without adding more strain to the spine.

If you don’t know a yoga teacher, massage therapist, chiropractor or physical therapist, this is a good time to look for one.


Lower back pain focuses on the first chakra.  Middle back issues focus on second and third chakras.  Your upper back deals with fourth and fifth chakras.


nervous system, muscular system, urinary system, skeletal system, sciatic nerve, liver and solar plexus


basil, clove, cypress,  eucalyptus, fennel, ginger, lavender, marjoram, nutmeg, peppermint, ravinsara, Roman chamomile, rosemary, spearmint, thyme, vetiver


Throughout your day, check your posture, your seating positions, and the height and angle of your work surfaces.

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Thanks again.

Thurman Greco

Eczema – a skin condition we all need to know more about

Spiritually, if you have eczema, you have a negative attitude toward unpleasant events in your life.

Eczema is a fairly common skin condition  becoming more and more common.  Your skin becomes inflamed as it  reacts  to soaps, detergents, household chemicals, food, house dust, and other irritants.

Itching, red, inflamed skin is the first step.  It’s followed by flaking skin and a rash  appearing on legs, hands, face, neck.

In children, eczema likes the inner knees and elbows.

If the condition doesn’t improve within a week, you need to see a medical professional.

Looking at the bigger picture, eczema is also a reaction to stresses in and around you.  And, we can probably all agree that life is becoming more and more stressful.

The best way to treat eczema is to identify, remove, and avoid the allergens.  Your goal is to control and relieve  symptoms.

Looking beyond the emotional, mental, and spiritual  stress, we are all more and more stressed by the chemicals we come in contact with daily.  The soaps we clean with and the food we eat are becoming more and more laden with more and stronger chemicals as time goes by.

Eczema begins as itchy blotches on your skin.  The redness begins later.  The three culprits here are allergies, stress, and immune system overload.

These  three situations respond positively to regular reflexology, Reiki therapy and chakra healing sessions.

An important first step in treating eczema beyond regular  sessions is for you to identify the triggers which set off your bouts of eczema.  These may be animal dander, anger, cleaning products, drugs, foods, fragrances, poor circulation, house dust, .

All is not lost.  You’ll benefit from a little sun every day.

Because eczema is a situation resulting from immune system overload, a clean environment is critical.  This includes  your air, body, car, home, work place, water.

When toxins are cleaned out, your health will have a chance to improve.  Then, your reflexology sessions will be able to more effectively manage eczema’s side effects.

Eczema responds to conventional medical treatments as well as mind-body therapies.  In addition to reflexology, Reiki therapy, and chakra healing, meditation helps.

Although this may seem like  a daunting task, cleaning up your body and the environment is easier than you might think.  For starters, throw out all your cleaning supplies and cosmetics and replace them with non-toxic products which won’t exacerbate the problem.

A good next step is to clean up the diet by cooking and eating only the foods which have no artificial colors, flavors, additives.

It has been said that health begins and ends in the colon.  A colon cleanse followed by a liver cleanse is in order.  When  your environment is cleaned up and your body cleaned out, it will be easier to  cope with stressful situations.


Eczema is a fourth chakra issue.


immune system, nervous system, lymphatics, digestive system, circulatory system, liver, solar plexus


bergamot, frankincense, geranium, helichrysum, juniper, lavender, myrrh, neroli, peppermint, sweet orange, tea tree, yarrow,

EFFECTIVE FIELDS OF HEALING:  Conventional Medicine,  Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbalism

PREVENTATIVE MEASURES:  Keep damaged skin moist using an oil-based cream.  Apply emollients liberally and frequently.

TREATMENT GOAL:  If you can avoid the itch-scratch-itch cycle  and avoid potential infection, your situation will be much better.

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Thurman Greco

Woodstock, New York