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Healing Music – an important part of your toolbox – Part 5

Music is an important component of healing because everything has its very own musical component.

When we speak to one another (or to ourselves), our voices transmit a unique spiritual music.  Each person’s voice is individual.

When we move, our bodies send a tempo representing our feelings at the moment.

Everything around us is musical because we are all composed of energy.

When we offer reflexology or Reiki therapy or chakra healing or any number of other healing modalities, each one has it’s own music.  But, that doesn’t mean that an added layer of healing music isn’t important.  The healing music you play while you heal a person contributes to that person’s wellness.

I have known healers who used only one or two musical selections for everyone.  Other healers had stacks and stacks of cd’s to choose from.

I have also known client partners who preferred a specific song.  One  client partner wanted only a  special song playing when she entered the healing room.  She wanted nothing more.  For her, healing began when she heard the music she chose.   Her choice:  “Nada Himalaya” by Deuter.  New Earth Records produced this CD.

My thoughts on this:  Whatever works for your client is the right choice.

The important thing is not whether I like the music or not.  My preferences don’t matter.   The important thing is that the person who needs and receives the healing responds positively to what she hears.

I have client partners who only want to hear chants.  Others dislike the chants and don’t want to hear them.  My job is to discover what music each client prefers and have it playing during each session.

If you don’t know what to offer, you can’t go wrong with some quiet Bach or Pachelbel.  Music by Steven Halpern or Deuter have been staples in healing rooms for decades.

But, whatever you select, your choice is important, very important.

Not long ago, I lost a client because of the music I selected.  This woman was a recent regular client – coming to my table weekly.  She appeared to be happy with my services and healing modality environment.

She enjoyed a variety of music and I had enough CD’s to offer a different selection at each session.  Then, one day, she walked into the healing room and immediately went on alert.  She was even a little fearful.  I didn’t know why.

Before the end of the session, she commented to me that I was playing her “favorite song”.  The musician was not well known and only had one CD out.   She revealed  me that this love for the music we were listening to was a deep dark secret that she had never shared with anyone.

I had, inadvertently, invaded a  private space she was not prepared to share.

Do I need to tell you what happened to this client?

Every client has a private space where no one can be invited in.  One of the jobs of a healer is to find the  door, make sure it’s locked, and throw away the key.

The music you share in your healing space is as intimate as the work you do.

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Thurman Greco