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A Reiki Practitioner’s User Manual – Part 2

When I studied Reiki, Mary Ruth Van Landingham’s classes and handouts were  my user’s manual.  They didn’t even begin to approach all the things Reiki can do for us all.   I think Mary Ruth Van Landingham did that intentionally  because we each write our own user’s manual.

Reiki is a unique and individual  experience for each of us.  Our attunements are the user’s manual for each of us.

I learned to practice Reiki on my massage therapy clients.  Each one got a 10-minute Reiki boost at the end of the massage therapy session.  Because Reiki was still unknown  in my area, none of them had ever heard of Reiki.  Their introduction to Reiki came during the last ten minutes of  a massage therapy session so it came at a moment when they were blissed out, pain free, and totally relaxed.  Needless to say, they all loved their Reiki.

This was good for me also because I was new to Reiki and was fearful about the results.  It took a while for me to  become accustomed to how Reiki worked.

I worried that they might not receive a proper introduction.  So, what happened was that both my clients and I learned together.  For starters, we  learned to recognize  my warm hands  when I introduced Reiki into a session.

Over time, I learned that my hands warmed up whether they were on another person’s body, or my body, or a plant, or a car.  Or whatever.

I learned to trust Reiki.  This was a huge life lesson for me.  I suspect it is also an important lesson for others as well.  Many people go through life never learning to trust people, places, or things.

When I teach Reiki, I don’t think I even mention the word  trust.  The word floats above the classroom like a gorgeous cumulative cloud.  It’s there for all to see.

A wonderful thing to do is practice self-Reiki  to experience a regenerative sleep, easy your headache pain, feel comfortable in your body, or simply feel grounded.

Actually, it’s not necessary to do anything with Reiki.  Just enjoy having received your Reiki attunement(s).  Rest.  Heal.  Let Reiki be with you.

You do not give up anything to learn Reiki.  Reiki does not  test you in any way.   Reiki is not a cult.  It does not come between you and your religious beliefs.  You do not need to change any of your core beliefs.

Instead, Reiki opens doors and windows of learning, opportunity, and enlightenment for you…if that is what you want.  For some, changes are apparent,  immediate,  and outward.  For others, changes are slow, careful, discreet.  It all depends on you, your situation, your life path.

Some students, after receiving their attunements, internalize their new skills.  Reiki is private, intimate, internal.

Other students  use their newfound skills,  practice Reiki and give sessions at every opportunity.

Neither way is better than the other.  In all cases, Reiki assists you on your path.  For me, there is nothing more beautiful than to travel one’s life path.

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Thurman Greco

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